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Greetings Creator, want to play a word game with me? Good, the Word of The Day is CONTRAST. This word, along with Allow, Alignment, and Vortex, is one of the most predominant in our Teachings of Abraham Lexicon. No matter how Abe tries to spin it, Contrast just seems to invoke a negative connotation, e.g, “I had some whopping Contrast today, but I made it through in one piece.” LOL!

This feeling of resistance lead me to dig a little deeper into the etymology of Contrast and I found that it’s roots are Latin, contra = ‘against’ + stare ‘stand.’ Hmmm. Not exactly uplifting.

My next stop was to check into synonyms that one might use in it’s place, and here’s the first 4 that popped up:

CONTRAST = comparison, contradiction, disagreement, disparity.

While they are all not completely negative, CONTRAST and her sister words, don’t engender a feeling of fun or ease. So it feels like it’s time for an upgrade. Why not turn this whole action of Contrast around by substituting a word that feels more uplifting? My favorite? CHOICE!!!! And here are some synonyms that go with my NEW Word of The Day:

CHOICE = alternative, decision, election, favorite, opportunity, option, preference, variety!

Don’t these words feel better, freer, more expansive, fun? They actually spell out what it is we’re doing here as Deliberate Creators:

“Each moment, of each hour, of each day we are shown oodles of ALTERNATIVES, in order that we might make our highest and best DECISIONS, by ELECTING our FAVORITE CHOICE, giving us tons of OPPORTUNITIES and OPTIONS to streamline our PREFERENCES through the offering of VARIETY!”

Wow! Now THAT feels really, really good to me. The Universe is constantly offering us CHOICES and when I think of it like that, there is NEVER a downside. Contrast on the other hand, has a bit of resistance attached and I believe keeps us turning toward what we don’t want longer than suits us.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my Universal Shop Keeper, Ibrahim. He delights in showing me choices, variety, options. His sole job is to present me with opportunities, so that I may CHOOSE what are the highest and best DECISIONS for me.

In the morning, even before I open my eyes, I can feel him nudging me awake with these words, “Creatrix, I have a whole new marketplace of variety to show you today. Won’t you get up now so that I can surprise and delight you?”

Here I come Ibrahim…. Can’t jump out of bed fast enough to sift and sort my way through the unending, expansive, creative choices The Universe is offering up FOR ME!

Genius Creator, want to meet me at the nearest Bazaar? We will shop til we drop, touching all the fabulous fabrics, smelling the spices, sipping the coffee, rolling about on the sumptuous carpets. Won’t it just be too much? Yes, indeed. That’s what a life of Choice does for you~*

reaching for the stars

Creator, have you ever heard Abraham say, “YOU’VE BARELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE.” with regard to this life’s experience? I have, on the Alaskan Cruise two years ago, when they blasted out the phrase acrosss the auditorium. And then, just to rub it in and in keeping with their teaching style, they continued to say it over, and over again. I was at first incredulous thinking, “Are you kidding?” Because honestly, my life since discovering The Teachings of Abraham, had gone from good to GREAT! I was feeling pretty darn good about mostly feeling pretty darn good. I had no complaints as everything was unfolding nicely, and now Source was telling me/us that we were far from what we could achieve! Say what?

They were goading us, chiding us… So you think this is good? HA! You’ve Barely Scratched the Surface Human! Time to put your big boy and big girl pants on, ’cause there is more fun to be had, there are way more delights to be unearthed, more of everything to be experienced. They were issuing us a challenge against our becoming vibrationally complacent, as they pushed us to understand that this was never our goal; but rather, we knew that we as Deliberate Creators had to keep up-leveling, to nurture a consistent desire to move, to reach ever forward, if we were ever to realize consistent happiness.

And this brings me to what I want to talk about today… How does one go about moving to the next level of Creation?  Easy, you begin by focusing on upgrading your conscious participation of Deliberately Creating your life experience. What I mean is, IT’S TIME TO REACH FOR MORE, all day long!

Look, WE KNOW that we are Creators, that we are Eternal, and that we never get it done.  And WE KNOW that what feels good today, is not going to be as interesting a week from now, 6 months from now, a year from now, that is if we don’t add some hot sauce and keep spicing it up.  This goes for everything: Relationships, Work, Play, Passions, Dreams, EVERYTHING!  And in order to satiate our neverending desire for flowing more vibrational juice, then we must continually reach for more. IOW, mine our daily experience to its depths.

Here are 4 Simple Steps to achieving a life of never-ending joy and consistent, conscious expansion:

1. Begin your day in a State of Appreciation, either by making lists (this is the most effective form for me), or just laying in bed and reciting what you love about your life, that moment, your pillow, the morning, the juicy guy/gal next to you (or the one that soon will be, once you get on this assignment!).

This first exercise of the day extremely important, as it sets the tonal quality for what lies ahead! Hey, you wouldn’t leave the house without your pants on, right? Think of this as your vibrational pants. If you were to walk out of your house naked, just imagine how the quality of your day would unfold? Same with starting your day without setting a firm vibrational foundation from which to spring forth.

2. APPRECIATE and Milk EVERYTHING and anything, all throughout your day!  I love talking to myself in the car, appreciating what’s around me, the other drivers, the smooth road, the hills, the trees, my car!  It’s so much fun, and you can feel yourself getting “bigger” vibrationally as you hunt and gather and add to your momentum, building up your muscle of Deliberate Creation.

3. Be constantly on the look out for upgrades. IOW, look about your house, your  job, your relationships. Every part of your life is available for a full promotion to a new level, no exceptions. Dig into it, dream, formulate, investigate, inquire, be curious, unearth and then unleash your imagination on these things, creating the life beyond your wildest dreams. And finally,

4. Have fun with all of  it! After all it’s a practice Dear Creator, nothing more, nothing less. And once you have established your Up-Level Vibrational Beach Head with your new practiced habit of appreciation and the continuous milking of your day, your contrasting experiences will reward you by becoming less onerous. You will experience contrast as more of “a bit of sand in your shoe” type of feeling rather than the POW, right in the  kisser!  kind of contrast with which we are all familiar. Which happily results in more time spent in your Vortex and less time with your face pressed up against the glass, hoping someone will take pity on you and let you in. LOL!!

And the double bonus is you will notice areas in your life, that you formerly hadn’t been giving much attention too, begin to shine more, to sparkle. And those parts that were once not quite what you wanted, suddenly become exactly what  you want, as they morph into more of what you desire! All areas of your life will rise to the occasion, no exceptions! Just imagine the possibilities!

So, what do you think? Are you up for a life that continues to unfold beyond your wildest dreams? Are you ready to feel really, really good, most of the time?  To go beyond what you think you know and move into playing at the level of The Gods? I am, and as such, have issued myself a challenge, to take my life firmly by the scruff of the neck and steer it toward all my hopes and dreams. To see my world through the Eyes of Source, mostly (after all we are human, so we must be prepared to give ourselves a break!); to feel more joy than pain; more happiness than sorrow; more of what is possible as opposed to what isn’t.

I am so up for this kind of focus, as I can feel my Inner Being, my Broader Aspect doing a happy dance as she and I prepare to take flight beyond the constraints of old thought patterns and complaceny, as we remake, re-invent my life to reflect the God that I am.

You with me? Oh, I certainly hope so…~*


My all time favorite tool from Abraham’s quiver of teachings, is The Focus Wheel! If u want more from ANY area of ur life, creating a Focus Wheel around said topic, will upgrade the vibration through focus and the resulting increased, positive momentum.
The absolute coolest part is when you feel the energy start to move. U’ll know it when it happens. It always makes me feel excited and then my ideas around the topic get clearer, smarter, more intuitive and in tune. I feel at that point that I wish I knew shorthand, as the ideas start to flow with a power and intensity previously untapped.
Know this Creator, there isn’t any subject that The Focus Wheel can’t handle. No matter how stuck you might feel now, give it a go and get ready to feel yourself turning in the direction of equanimity and alignment. Oh and the super, double bonus. It feels really, really good!!
Here’s a link to Abraham describing The Focus Wheel Process:


The Flow of Money

Greetings Creators! I have a story to share and the premise is around putting my Vibrational Knowing into Inspired Action. It all started the other day when I read The 2014 Cancun Land Cruise’s Description, I was out-of-site inspired to go! I just knew in that delicious moment, that Source Has My Back, and that of course I could go! I raided my Panty Drawer (see Post below) and literally ran to the bank, which is down the street from me, to deposit all of my stash! Then I ran home and put a deposit down for both my love Jason and myself.

It was clear to me in those moments, and even more so now, that the flow of money, love, health, whatever – is commensurate with that of our tides. We don’t stand at the water’s edge and lament as the tide is going out, that she will never return. We KNOW she will, and when she does, she’ll reach her watery tendrils high, higher, highest up the beach until she is satisfied, and turns once again, to flow out into the arms of the sea.

Isn’t that what we do? Aren’t we flowing, reaching, content for a bit, then reaching again, then sated, then reaching? Our economy (and I am speaking to our personal economy as well as regional and global) is about flow, about velocity, about momentum.

Abraham said recently, “Did u know that when u spend ur currency that the act of spending of it, is also the replenishing of it?!!!! The more you flow out, the more flows in!” (Cancun Land Cruise, Week 1, Opening Remarks).

In Other Words Geniuses – It’s a continuum that requires inertia to spark action. So how about this? Every time you are about to spend money on anything, you align first, and say to yourself, “In this transaction, I am making money!” I am making money when I buy a latte with extra foam, I am making money when I buy my groceries, I am making money when I pay for dance, I am making money when I pay my electric bill! Talk about changing it up!

So Darlings, I’m off now to make some more money today! I’ll keep you apprised of my Velocity of Abundance and would be delighted to hear about yours! After all, we are all in this delightful game together! Cha-Ching~*

Lion in Focused Thought 2

Morning Genuises! How about today, we put our minds to the act of Pure, Positive Focus? Let’s work that focus muscle till it’s the six pack of muscles – sexy, strong and a complete show off (crop top anyone?).  Let’s set about Deliberately Creating through The Power of Our Minds; Setting Intentions, Creating Grids; Pre-Paving – The Works!!!  You in?  Thought so….~*


Polar Bear in Recline with Tire

Listen Up Creative Geniuses!

Question: Do you know when you do your best work?

Answer:    When you’re at play, that’s when!

And, by the looks of things, today is going to be a VERY productive day~*



This morning, I was creating a Grid and the energy was incredible. As I road the joyous wave of my expansion, I felt myself vibrating on its edge. And then this wonderful thought came to me; I AM DANCING ON THE EDGE OF MY BECOMING!

We Abers KNOW that we are Never Done: Never Done Expanding, Never Done Creating, Never Done unleashing The Splendor of Our Becoming into The Nature Of All Things. We Know that this Cycle of Becoming is woven into the fabric that serves as the foundation of Universal Law. We are designed to want, and then to reach for that wanting, to expand and align with that desire, and to manifest our dream, at which point, the cycle begins anew. We are The Universal Heart Beat in Corporeal Form, we are Genius Creators in the flesh!

So, Darlings of The Universe, how about we celebrate our tenacity, our focus, our drive to create, and create, and create still again. If no one has told you today that You Are Incredible, then allow me! Man, Are You Ever!

Yes indeed, WE ARE BECOMING~*


Welcome to the present moment...Pema Chodron

I love the notion of welcoming this moment, and the next, and the next, as though we invited it in to our world, because guess what? We DID! Our Vibration invited this moment and we get to welcome it, to allow it, to play with it, to love it, or to leave it – All Our Choice! We can take this moment and use it as a jumping off point to our next playful moment, all the while building on the momentum of our vibration. We get to discern how our guest makes us feel? Will we issue this one another invite? Or should we upgrade this guest and work on a higher, juicer vibe?

If you feel as though this guest has crashed your party, then it could be a situation akin to “don’t shoot the messenger,” although in this case it’s “don’t shoot the guest.” He is here because of us, making himself at home, feet up on the coffee table, spilling crumbs on the couch, belching his way into the evening as we stand by and wonder how the hell we get him out of our house. Simple really, You and I are Deliberate Creators and we have the tools available to us to change up our Vibration. Oh, I can hear you now, “Well then,” you might ask, “if we are Deliberate Creators, then how did this troglodyte wind up in my present moment?”

Easy answer is you created him through default, the exact opposite of Deliberate Creating, it’s what Abraham refers to as lazy focusing; the “I don’t how this happened to me” creating. The “I would never create anything like this for myself” creating.  It is a direct result of you randomly going through your day reacting to this reality, that situation, this person, that moment; effectively creating Grids of less than stellar vibrations to attract situations akin to our party crasher.

The quickest and easiest way to turn this situation around is to Deliberately Create a Grid of a Higher Vibration and that is done in 3 Easy Steps. Shall we?

1. What do I want?

Answer: I want relief from feeling poorly.

2. Why do I want it?

Answer: Because it feels good to feel good and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

3. How will it feel when I achieve a state of Relief?

(Before you dive into the answer, I’d like to ask that you take your time to feel the words that I am laying before you; play with them, repeat them if they feel good to you; chew on them, savor them like that first sip of coffee or bite of dark chocolate, get the most out of them, because it is their vibration that is going to bring you to a better feeling place. Ready? Good, let’s rumble….)

It’s going to feel like relief feels; easy……, smooth……., comforting……… I’m going to feel soothed……., invigorated…….., and energized……… I can feel it already, the energy flowing through me, enlivening me, lighting me up from the inside out. I love this feeling, of changing my point of attraction from unwanted to wanted. I love Knowing I can feel any way I focus on feeling, it’s just a matter of taking the time to focus, to prepare a Grid proportionate with the Divine Being that is ME! Can’t you just feel the momentum? I’m picking up speed as I feel myself opening to newer, higher, richer, more sublime vibrations of love and appreciation. I feel joy……., I feel powerful……, I feel receptive to all the love The Universe is flowing to and through me. I feel sublime……, sure……, strong…..  I feel Love, juicy, sideways, liquid, over the moon love!  Wow!  All is Well~*

Now how about that Boys and Girls? Do you feel as good as I do? Are you riding the wave we just created, The Grid we just established? Was it as good for you as it was for me? Oh, I certainly hope so. Hey, wait a minute. Who’s that sexy man on my couch? Gods he’s smiling at me and beckoning me over. Must act cool, nonchalant. Is this the caliber of Now Moment I can expect when I up my Vibe? If so, I’m in, in, in. Well, musn’t keep Mr. Delicious waiting, after all I did invite him and as the consummate hostess, it is my duty to make him feel welcome :-).

Love to all of you. Thanks for playing with me, it’s always a pleasure. Oh and…… don’t wait up~*

Allower in Orange Mist 1

Darlings of The Omniverse! I am filled up and brimming over with Love and Appreciation for you today! So much so, that I just had to share. Appreciation is calling to me – she is such a party girl – always wants to be out on the town, being heard and shared. And, who am I to say no? Does she ever disappoint? Never! Does she ever become too much? Never! Does she ever not deliver more than originally promised? Never! And Why not? Because that’s her inherent nature – she just can’t be less than who she was meant to be! She is the direct conduit to Source. She is the Red Phone to Knowing and Love. She is the bullet train into Source’s Soul. She is the highest decorated of our Emotions. She is gentle and yet brazen. She is delightful and brash; she is bold and sometimes a bit shy. She is childlike in her innocence. She is madd with love, crazy with love, adorned with love, over-the-moon with love. Her’s is the most efficient delivery system the Universe has ever devised to get the word out – to spread joy – to bring love into the moment!

And she has a two-fold purpose – one you might yet not be familiar with. She is reciprocal. That’s right – what you let fly, let loose, let pour from your heart and lips, comes back to you and not only does it return – like a boomerang – but it arrives festooned with more sparkles, more abundance, more love, more light, more joy, more, more, more! She’s just that way – love goes out with wings, on her flight plan from your heart to another’s, and when she returns to you, in the nano second it took for her to do her job and come home to mama; she is brighter, more luminescent, better dressed, wearing higher heels and showing more decolletage :-), she’s saucier, mightier, happier, clearer, she’s love squared, she’s turbo charged and she lands straight into your heart – amping up your life, your Love Moment. And then, this energetic sonic boom, becomes your fuel; as you move forward into the next love moment, and the next, and the next.

Because, Dear Delicious Ones – we all know that this Life is a string of moments, much like a sting of pearls and if we’re doing it right, if we’re living like the Gods We Are, our pearls have to be wrapped around our heads several times, so we don’t trip on them, after a lengthy day of Loving! And of course, we all have those days where we only have a pearl or two dangling from our throats – no matter, make a pair of stud earings from those and move on, because we always have tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, to glorify our love! This game never ends, these love moments are always available to us. We the tenacious, righteous, delicious Co-Creators dancing on the Leading-Edge of thought.

Can you feel how important YOU are to all things? Are you clear that you playing here, you appreciating, you applauding You, is what makes the Universe explode in quasars of love and light? That the Gods sing songs of your majesty and might? That every in take of breath, tinged with love and appreciation, expands the boundaries of this boundary-less Universe? Can you believe it? We’ve all felt small before – but that was because we had cut ourselves off from our largess! WE ARE ANYTHING BUT SMALL! We are the baddest asses in the Universe and it’s time we took out our best party outfit and began strutting about the place. It’s time we cast off the cloak of unworthiness and replaced it with a Cape of Swarovfski Crystals so that anyone gazing upon our beauty, would have to wear shades! It’s over due this self-love, this fete of self-appreciation. Really – screw being humble, being less than, being nothing short of all that you are. Because, you know why that NEVER works? As Abe says, you can’t get sad enough to help those that are sad; you can’t be poor enough to help the poor; and you can’t get downtrodden enough to help the downtrodden. If it is in your blood and bone to serve up and dish out the Love, as it must be, we are God’s of Love and Light after all – then get your party on! Become free with yourself. Allow yourself to dance on the head of a pin and revel in it! Because the more you Know you’re the coolest of the cool – the more you and those around you, will benefit! Heck – the world will benefit! The Universe will benefit!

So, when someone queries as to your occupation, what you do all day and night – tell them this! I am the Arbiter of Love and Appreciation in The Universe. My happiness has a direct correlation to every aspect of my life; therefore, I give it my full and complete attention. I do nothing, NOTHING that will keep me from aligning with the broader, richer, juicier part of all that I am. I am God – I am Knowing – I am the furthest most extension of source displaying herself in the Universe, I am God playing at humanity, I am invincable. And, all this before my first cup of coffee………. and what is it you said you do?

That ought to quiet the nay-sayers! And, if not – who gives a fig! I used to wonder what to say to the folks that live in the real world of poverty, crime and pollsters – now I delight in giving my version of life to them. And, when their eyes cloud over – I just smile, because I know how good I feel, I know how good my life feels, I know how deep and deliriously fecund my relationships are! These things I know – and the only person that can rob me of feeling delightful is me!

So, Darlings of All That You See and Meet – I must be off – off to dance with the Gods at one of my favorite venues in Oakland. Ready to take my bad self on to that dance floor and shake what my Mama gave me for all, or none to see! Doesn’t matter, because I know how good I feel! I am sending you tankers filled with love and appreciation. Because if there was no You, how could there be a Me? If I didn’t have you to bounce off of, to Love, to Appreciate – how would I know I am even here. Thanks for playing with me – tag your it!






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