Building A Grid of Well-Being! Tray Tables Up – Prepare for Lift-Off!

This exercise is a result of a question posed to me by a reader, who wanted more clarity around Grid Building after reading my post, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Grid Building, And Then Some!”   on The Abe Forum ( –!&p=581405&posted=1#post581405

“I have a question about this. It concerns #3, the question. Doesn’t saying “How will I feel when I “get it?” infer “lack of”? IE, “when” means “I don’t have this now”?  Would it not be better to ask #3 in such a way as you already have it? Like, “This is how it feels?”  Or am I reading too much into this. I have to admit since Abe some things have me scared to think them, and instead of going general (as is always stated) when I’m feeling negative…I have the tendency to say to myself “Shut up, all is well, everything always works out. You know that, so don’t go there”.

The dentist is in!!! More drilling down needed here I see! My absolute favorite thing to do – create more clarity around a subject. I so understand your question and the resultant “other end of the stick” feeling that sometimes reveals itself, when we are asking for something not yet delivered in the physical realm.

If I were in our physical shoes, I would start my grid building with two ideas in mind: first, have fun with it – it’s not the SATs :-); and second, take something that isn’t so “big” for you to begin with. Remember the wonderful world of generality that is always available to you? Let’s go there for a moment, shall we? How about we build a Grid around Well-Being?

What do I want?
I want to feel well-being in all aspects of my life.

Why do I want it?
Because it will bring me relief in every area of my life.

How will it feel when I get it?

Oh Gods, where do I begin? Well, I can feel it already. It feels smooth, eeeeeasy, calm, deep, resonant, fulfilling, dreamy, pure, open, available, big. It feels like this is always with me, this feeling of empowerment and joy. It feels like an old friend, so happy that I have made my way to this vibrational playground once again to frolic, sing, jump and play! It feels like home. It feels like I never left. You know why? Because I didn’t leave, and IT never left me! How funny! I’ve been so darn serious around all this and just think, it’s all a game! A game of my choosing, a game where I create the attractions and rides, a game were I get to interact with people, situations, opportunities on my terms, on my timing, on my point of vibration! Good grief, I feel like I’m flying, but unlike Icarus – I can never be too close to the sun. I am radiant, pulsating, sending forth the delicious vibration of Source! Wow – This grid building is crazy good! I can see now how easy it can be when I let go of my resistance and let Source Mind, my Broader Aspect flow through me! My vibration is sky high, and then some. And, you know what? If this was the only Grid I ever built – and I kept this vibration flowing – all other aspects of my life that are not seeming to flow, will rise to the occasion – IT IS LAW!! Keeping things general is a wonderful place to play! I love playing, I love creating! I am Creator and I am FREEEEE!!

WOW – there you go – hope that was as good for you, as it was for me! I feel terrific! Thank you so much for the question, it made my day co-creating with you on the answer!

Love, love and more sideways, liquid, Grid LOVE!!



One comment on “Building A Grid of Well-Being! Tray Tables Up – Prepare for Lift-Off!”
  1. joypassiondesire says:

    Brilliant!!! Thank you. ♡♡♡

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