The Art of Receiving~*

Greetings Darlings of all things Expansive and Knowing – I so appreciate that we get to spend this time together. As I write, I imagine all of you here with me, each of us pouring our unique blended-ness into the soup that is this luscious life experience. So what’s got me sharing today? The Art of Receiving, that’s what. Most of us have grown up with the axiom – It’s Better To Give Than To Reveive. Well, I know, as do you, that spreading appreciation to anyone within earshot, is amazing and totally reciprocal. And, as Abers, we have become Gold Medalist Appreciators. So now, I want to turn our attention and focus on being a receiver, a genius receiver, an unabashed receiver, a receiver extraordinaire!

I read this wonderful book a few years back by Annie Sprinkle on Tantric Sex. The section that affected me the most, was on giving and receiving. We are amazing givers, it comes easily and mostly it averts the attention from ourselves. Some of us find it difficult to receive the accolades we so richly deserve, the compliments, the atta-girl/atta-boy shot in the arm. When Annie spoke of giving and receiving, she was referring to the sexual union, and how we are not as comfortable in the role of a receiver. I realized that I can fall into that category – and have since put into practice her brilliant suggestion to become a genius receiver. Here’s the cool part – not only will your sex life improve dramatically, but also that of your partner. As givers, we can feel it when someone is not completely relaxed and comfortable, so, when the giver feels you surrender into unabashed receiving, it becomes extremely gratifying for both partners. Yummy squared…..

Now that we’ve got our sex lives percolating, let me ask you a question. How do you receive compliments? Do you allow them to wash over you like the wave of love they are meant to be? Or are you the great deflector, throwing the compliment back at the issuer with caveats added, yea buts, you look great too’s, etc.? I thought so, it’s really a pandemic – this habit of downplaying our gifts, our grandeur, our nobility. Well, you know what I have to say about that – Enough Already! Or in the words of Abe – Just Stop It! That type of behavior is beneath your station – you are a God for Christmas sake. You know what makes Gods, Gods? I’ll tell you, they are not humble about it! No sir – they strut their stuff with their heads held high. They have a Knowing, not an out-of-the-Vortex, egotistical, Cock of The Walk thing, but a Divine Knowing! There is a HUGE difference. You can see it in their eyes, their mien, the way they carry themselves – the feeling of I AM WORTHY literally pulsates off of them.

So Dearest of All Friends, what do you say we make this International Receiver’s Day? Let’s receive everything around us as though it was made for our pleasure, our excitement, our basking, our delight, our entertainment, our self-indulgence – because it was and is!!!!

Self-love is often the most challenging to realize. It’s so darn easy to love others, to appreciate their gifts, to espouse our love of their majesty and might. Let’s take today, and each day forward, and begin to appreciate all that we are; The Leading Most Extension of Source in Human Form, who has made a commitment to love herself, to like himself, to appreciate her gifts, and to cheer himself on. After all, who is more worthy than You and me of this? No one. And why the heck wouldn’t we take the time to sooth our own souls, to caress our own hearts, to bask in our own goodness?

I’m a righteous giver, got that one covered. Now, I want to become the best receiver in the Universe. It isn’t a secret that I Love Loving all of you; and now, from this moment forward, I am going to Love Loving Me too!

In Love, Always~*

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