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Welcome to the present moment...Pema Chodron

I love the notion of welcoming this moment, and the next, and the next, as though we invited it in to our world, because guess what? We DID! Our Vibration invited this moment and we get to welcome it, to allow it, to play with it, to love it, or to leave it – All Our Choice! We can take this moment and use it as a jumping off point to our next playful moment, all the while building on the momentum of our vibration. We get to discern how our guest makes us feel? Will we issue this one another invite? Or should we upgrade this guest and work on a higher, juicer vibe?

If you feel as though this guest has crashed your party, then it could be a situation akin to “don’t shoot the messenger,” although in this case it’s “don’t shoot the guest.” He is here because of us, making himself at home, feet up on the coffee table, spilling crumbs on the couch, belching his way into the evening as we stand by and wonder how the hell we get him out of our house. Simple really, You and I are Deliberate Creators and we have the tools available to us to change up our Vibration. Oh, I can hear you now, “Well then,” you might ask, “if we are Deliberate Creators, then how did this troglodyte wind up in my present moment?”

Easy answer is you created him through default, the exact opposite of Deliberate Creating, it’s what Abraham refers to as lazy focusing; the “I don’t how this happened to me” creating. The “I would never create anything like this for myself” creating.  It is a direct result of you randomly going through your day reacting to this reality, that situation, this person, that moment; effectively creating Grids of less than stellar vibrations to attract situations akin to our party crasher.

The quickest and easiest way to turn this situation around is to Deliberately Create a Grid of a Higher Vibration and that is done in 3 Easy Steps. Shall we?

1. What do I want?

Answer: I want relief from feeling poorly.

2. Why do I want it?

Answer: Because it feels good to feel good and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

3. How will it feel when I achieve a state of Relief?

(Before you dive into the answer, I’d like to ask that you take your time to feel the words that I am laying before you; play with them, repeat them if they feel good to you; chew on them, savor them like that first sip of coffee or bite of dark chocolate, get the most out of them, because it is their vibration that is going to bring you to a better feeling place. Ready? Good, let’s rumble….)

It’s going to feel like relief feels; easy……, smooth……., comforting……… I’m going to feel soothed……., invigorated…….., and energized……… I can feel it already, the energy flowing through me, enlivening me, lighting me up from the inside out. I love this feeling, of changing my point of attraction from unwanted to wanted. I love Knowing I can feel any way I focus on feeling, it’s just a matter of taking the time to focus, to prepare a Grid proportionate with the Divine Being that is ME! Can’t you just feel the momentum? I’m picking up speed as I feel myself opening to newer, higher, richer, more sublime vibrations of love and appreciation. I feel joy……., I feel powerful……, I feel receptive to all the love The Universe is flowing to and through me. I feel sublime……, sure……, strong…..  I feel Love, juicy, sideways, liquid, over the moon love!  Wow!  All is Well~*

Now how about that Boys and Girls? Do you feel as good as I do? Are you riding the wave we just created, The Grid we just established? Was it as good for you as it was for me? Oh, I certainly hope so. Hey, wait a minute. Who’s that sexy man on my couch? Gods he’s smiling at me and beckoning me over. Must act cool, nonchalant. Is this the caliber of Now Moment I can expect when I up my Vibe? If so, I’m in, in, in. Well, musn’t keep Mr. Delicious waiting, after all I did invite him and as the consummate hostess, it is my duty to make him feel welcome :-).

Love to all of you. Thanks for playing with me, it’s always a pleasure. Oh and…… don’t wait up~*

Abe Vows 1

Darlings, I want to share a vignette about my morning yesterday. It all began when I awoke with a burr under my saddle, sparked by my yard (the gardeners haven’t been doing their job. And yes, I realize that it’s all about my vibration, but come on, sometimes it’s fun to get your rage on!) I sprung from my bed, went into the garage, grabbed the giant hedge clippers and proceeded to stomp around the yard Rage Clipping the bushes and trees, growling and cursing the entire way. When I was done, the place looked great and I had a great big laugh with myself about myself!

There’s something to be said about Rage Clipping! For letting it rip. For core breaches. For a 10 on the Richter Scale of crazy! Not only does it have its merits emotionally and physically, but then, when you’re done and you realize how “coo-coo for cocoa puffs” you just were, its a wonderful launching spot for your next bounce into understanding, love and the realization that we can do it our way, whatever the hell our way is in any given moment! Here’s to rage clipping and the delightful fall out that happens when the God that we are gets her KKKKRAZY ON!

Come, fill me up with your passion

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There's an extravagance to being loved by you

setting the world on fire 4


When China first opened it’s doors in the 1970’s I wrangled myself a trip to China and Romania. I was a teenager and my compatriots were much, much older. The experience was AMAZING and completely life altering! Imagine two deeply, darkly communist countries inhabited by people just like you and me; curious, friendly, kind, but with a pall of fear spread over them. It was palpable.

Upon our return from this Odyssey (I was gone for 6 weeks), our plane flew into NYC over The Statue of Liberty and when the pilot asked us to look out the window, the entire plane erupted into singing God Bless America. And, to a person, we were sobbing. After descending the stairs, I knelt down on the tarmac at JFK and kissed the ground, no kidding (hey, if the Pope can do it!). And the joke which only us Abers will get is, I was GRATEFUL to be home, not appreciative, GRATEFUL!

Abraham’s teachings have allowed me to revel in our Founding Humans’ vision of this great nation without thinking about what’s not working. They have gifted me with the knowledge that I have the ability to focus on what it means to live among a nation of people who all have the ability to live the life of their choosing, without fear of reprisal. Of a land of opportunity and possibilities for all who believe it to be so. And, by the power of focusing in the positive and aligning with the broader part of me – Source- I add to the collective ju-ju of love and inspiration that is the foundation of a nation built on the tenets of freedom, growth, and joy. I saw this photo and it all came rushing back to me, how appreciative I am to be living here, in these States of United purpose and strength.

Hey America, I REALLY love, loving YOU~*

And, as an aside, the title of this piece, “Liberty Has Found A Home,” is a quote from General Lafayette who fought with America to attain her freedom from the English.  When all was said and done and we were victorious, he wrote a letter to a friend with this quote.  I love it.

~Unleash Your Knight Of Deliberate Creation~

Elephant and Birds

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