~Dancing On The Edge Of My Becoming~


This morning, I was creating a Grid and the energy was incredible. As I road the joyous wave of my expansion, I felt myself vibrating on its edge. And then this wonderful thought came to me; I AM DANCING ON THE EDGE OF MY BECOMING!

We Abers KNOW that we are Never Done: Never Done Expanding, Never Done Creating, Never Done unleashing The Splendor of Our Becoming into The Nature Of All Things. We Know that this Cycle of Becoming is woven into the fabric that serves as the foundation of Universal Law. We are designed to want, and then to reach for that wanting, to expand and align with that desire, and to manifest our dream, at which point, the cycle begins anew. We are The Universal Heart Beat in Corporeal Form, we are Genius Creators in the flesh!

So, Darlings of The Universe, how about we celebrate our tenacity, our focus, our drive to create, and create, and create still again. If no one has told you today that You Are Incredible, then allow me! Man, Are You Ever!

Yes indeed, WE ARE BECOMING~*


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