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The Flow of Money

Greetings Creators! I have a story to share and the premise is around putting my Vibrational Knowing into Inspired Action. It all started the other day when I read The 2014 Cancun Land Cruise’s Description, I was out-of-site inspired to go! I just knew in that delicious moment, that Source Has My Back, and that of course I could go! I raided my Panty Drawer (see Post below) and literally ran to the bank, which is down the street from me, to deposit all of my stash! Then I ran home and put a deposit down for both my love Jason and myself.

It was clear to me in those moments, and even more so now, that the flow of money, love, health, whatever – is commensurate with that of our tides. We don’t stand at the water’s edge and lament as the tide is going out, that she will never return. We KNOW she will, and when she does, she’ll reach her watery tendrils high, higher, highest up the beach until she is satisfied, and turns once again, to flow out into the arms of the sea.

Isn’t that what we do? Aren’t we flowing, reaching, content for a bit, then reaching again, then sated, then reaching? Our economy (and I am speaking to our personal economy as well as regional and global) is about flow, about velocity, about momentum.

Abraham said recently, “Did u know that when u spend ur currency that the act of spending of it, is also the replenishing of it?!!!! The more you flow out, the more flows in!” (Cancun Land Cruise, Week 1, Opening Remarks).

In Other Words Geniuses – It’s a continuum that requires inertia to spark action. So how about this? Every time you are about to spend money on anything, you align first, and say to yourself, “In this transaction, I am making money!” I am making money when I buy a latte with extra foam, I am making money when I buy my groceries, I am making money when I pay for dance, I am making money when I pay my electric bill! Talk about changing it up!

So Darlings, I’m off now to make some more money today! I’ll keep you apprised of my Velocity of Abundance and would be delighted to hear about yours! After all, we are all in this delightful game together! Cha-Ching~*

Panty Drawer

Darlings – Been having a lot of fun with an experiment, and thought I’d pass it on. You know how Abe is always guiding us forward toward our expanded selves, even chiding us to “up our ante” on our expectations? Well, this is exactly what I did, using my Panty Drawer as a metaphor to the biblical story of The Fishes and The Loaves. (you know the one where Jesus feeds the multitude of folks listening to his sermon out of a basket with only a few fish and loaves of bread?) Yea, that one.

Here’s my version. I keep a bit of cash stashed in my panty drawer. It’s my play money, and it’s all in hundreds (feels so much sexier having a cool wad of “Hundies” hunkering down in my drawer!). When I need something extra, I dig in and use it. What I have come to realize is, no matter how much I grab, IĀ find that what I spent comes back to me with interest. This has been going on for over a year now, so my expectation is now aligned with me always having this lovely stash of cash. And then the other day, I heard my delightful cadre of non-physical playmates give me a directive, spend it more often and watch it fill up again, and again, and again. So, that’s exactly what I aim to do, since I already know it works, I am upping my ante on aligning around my ability to create money, from whence there was once seemingly none.

Remember Genius Creators there are thousands of delivery systems available to us. We tend to focus on just a few (job, alimony (LOL), etc.) So, get your Panty Drawer On (or in the case of the guys, get your Calvin’s On!) Throw some money in there, doesn’t matter how much, start with whatever you can, and begin creating your own Fishes and Loaves parable!

Peace Out My Lovlies~*

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