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heart door knocker


Three words that harness immense power. While saying or hearing someone say, “I love you,” is far from banal, there is a way to release more of the energy that creates worlds; simply by turning the pronouncement of love into an action, a flow; rather than a passive reflection of a feeling.

How about, I LOVE, LOVING YOU!

Or, the equally heady, I LOVE BEING LOVED BY YOU!

What was initially an expression without movement, has become fluid. We have breathed life into our Love; and now, with this quantum upgrade, our Love is alive, ready for a fuller expression of itself.

So Creator, on this new day, I am here to shout out to the world, I So Love, Loving You~*



my feet

The View From My Favorite Warm Weather Writing Spot



So here’s the skinny Creators. two days ago, while foraging through files on my old Apple Computer, I “happened” upon a book I had written. That’s right, a book. Hahaha. Truth be told, I’ve written two books, one of which I remember, but this one, I wrote and then promptly forgot about. I began reading some of the chapters and I’m happy to report, I was impressed! They’re really good, and really funny. I read a chapter out loud to my embedded critics, Lily and Jason, and they loved it too!!

The subject matter is stories from my childhood. You see, I was raised by The Last of the Mohicans, that generation of Manhattanites where drinking was not only fun, it was de rigeur with ALL activities, save a nap. Smoking was not frowned upon, it was applauded and lauded. And fun was the operative word! My people were a bit crazy, no, they were completely crazy! And that coupled with me being an only child, means I was raised in a world of over-the-top adults with over-the-top experiences! As my parents used to say, “It’s easier to take you with us, then leave you at home!” And there’s no place that I wasn’t taken.

Case in point, I saw my first outrageously sexy, I mean sexy, Lesbian Show in a club in Quartier Pigalle, Paris, when I was 14! My mother said my mouth was open the whole time. And to complete my initiation, my father invited the star to our table to share a bottle of champagne. My memory of this woman’s beauty still travels across the decades, you know that je ne sais quoi that only French women have? She was a stunner; legs for days, short dark hair, deep red lips, a see-through, black silk top that revealed the perfect set of breasts (before they could be store bought). And then, when she sat down next to me and kissed me on both cheeks, I experienced my first swoon. Ooh la la!

After uncovering this book, I was a bit amazed that I had completely forgotten that I had written it.  And then, I realized that the timing was right, NOW. That my vantage point was spot on, NOW. That the cooperative components were ready, NOW!! That’s why this archaeological discovery happened, NOW!

So, armed with the understanding that the time is nigh, the next logical step was to locate a Literary Agent; which means it’s time to unleash my Universal Concierge. I typed “Literary Agents” in Google Search and the first one to pop up was a couple in San Francisco who hail from NYC – fucking perfect. They’ll get me and my sense of humor and after all, they’ve been vetted by LOA, so look no further.

They also wrote a book on how to submit your work to an agent, publisher. I thought it might be prudent to buy said book, to be sure I crafted my submission according to their requirements. As my good ole Irish Grandma Alice used to say, “If the cat wants liver, give it liver!” So liver it will be….

Last night, while I was reading this delightful book (the literary agent is funny and open, the perfect person for me to work with), I found myself not only focusing on the chapter dealing with submission details, e.g., font, spacing, chapters required, etc., but swam in deeper, getting caught up in the tentacles of the author’s advice on the copious amount of work (not the inspired kind) and effort that is required to become the most prolific, published, best paid, top-dog author that this world has ever seen. IOW, Advice For The Reality Based Human.

The first rule of thumb that was highlighted was, Know Your Competition. Well, that might work for others, but we Abers know that there is no competition, there is only Alignment, LOA and Abundance. It doesn’t serve me to write any more of the advice that was proffered, but what reading it did for me and the understanding of who I am, was perfect.

So, I’m scripting MY GAME PLAN of an author looking for an agent, from her high-flying disk. Here goes:


  1. Submit my work
  2. Script how this whole book thing is going to play out
  3. Pet my cat
  4. Pet my kid
  5. Pet my boyfriend
  6. Dream about the possibilities
  7. Wait for the phone call when they are dying to meet me
  8. Realize that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time
  9. Know that I have been planning/dreaming of this stream of events, this “next logical step,” from the moment I crafted my first story, “Mr. & Mrs. Pickle!” in the 2nd grade. (I remember thinking that it was pure genius! LOL)
  10. Make love to my delicious man
  11. Dance
  12. Walk my happy, bouncy, enthusiastic dog, Bogart
  13. Focus wheel
  14. Write lists of appreciation
  15. Visit my friends on facebook
  16. Go to the movies
  17. Eat yummy food
  18. Sit in my backyard, as I am doing now, listening to the birds sing, the golfers swear, and the planes fly overhead.

You see Dear One’s, WE KNOW THE REAL DEAL! We KNOW that the entire process of a delicious life unfolding, in its grandest fashion, is entirely up to us and our ability to Focus! We get to ignore the lists of “shoulds” and rather, Focus on what makes us feel good; using the Law of Attraction to our supreme advantage. IOW, Deliberate Creation.

I’ll keep you posted as to how this part of my life unfolds. It’s going to be lots and lots of fun, I can just feel it. And, because my life is already full and brimming with love and this experience is just more icing on my angel food cake, I know that the results are going to be superlative! Why? ‘Cause Creator, that’s just how we roll~*


iron man flying

Earlier today I “found myself” in such a state of misalignment that I was desperate for an answer. Luckily Source found a sliver of non-resistance with which to download an Abe quote that I had read earlier in the week, “How far are you willing to pull back into General to get away from Wobbling?”

My answer, “As far as it takes for relief and then a few feet more, just to be safe!”

Felt like a great idea, but even Going General seemed like a tough assignment in that moment, then another thought form came whizzing in… This time of me strapped into a jet propulsion device! Genius! Now the next time I find myself roiling around in Dante’s 6th Canto of Hell, I could just hit engage and voila, next stop The Balmy World of Generality! The visual that my imagination was running was so darn funny, that I laughed out loud!

After which I took solace in hauling out every Abe saying I could remember, in an attempt to douse myself in relief:  “Hang on, this will all be over soon.” “Everything always works out for me.” “Wow, just imagine the bounce when I get on the other side of this?” “Just hang on and this will be over soon.” “Other people have been where I am and have found their way out.”  HAHAHA, years of Abe has given me a monumental amount of reference material to sort through, when necessary.


lavender field


Fast forward 24 hours…  I’m happy to report that I’m on an vibrational up-tick, Thank The Gods, and I’ve decided to call Tony Stark and book my fitting. I’d like my Super Suit to be the color of a Lavender Field in France and Bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals. After all, if I’m going to streak across the sky toward my happy place, I might as well put on a show~*















Question: How does a Creator stay Creative or Become More Creative?

Answer: A Creative Creator is Consistently Curious (and overly alliterative it seams LOL)!

But really folks, you know what kills the human zest for life? A Lack of Curiosity, that’s what! Also known as – Boredom! The hum-drum, the day after day, ho-hum of a life not lived fully! 

In order to spark your daily content, you must add the necessary ingredient of inquisitiveness! Make today a day where you don’t do things “in their proper order!” Ruffle up your routine: brush your hair before your teeth; order something new at Starbucks (I like to listen in on other people’s orders, there are some really great ones out there, make one yours today); take the subway to work, not your car (or vice versa); if you always take the train, park in an entirely new area, where red lipstick instead of nude; smile at strangers; find a different musical genre to explore; sprinkle your speech with foreign words and phrases; smell things before you eat and drink them. Be kooky, Be Crazy, Be Creative for Christmas Sake!

In other words: SHAKE IT UP! You didn’t come here to hit the reply button, day after day! You came to scan new vistas, meet new people, discover new opportunities, to sift and sort yourself into unique Creative Endeavors!

In the immortal words of James Tiberius Kirk (with a wee bit of editing and poetic license) “Your earthly mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no human has gone before.”

There you have it – from One Galactic Explorer to Another – Warp Speed Mr. Sulu – Engage~*



plane flying


Listen Up Creator – This is THE Essential Nugget of Deliberate Creation…… Birth a Desire and then….. FALL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOUR DESIRE! In other words: Preen for Your Desire, Dance for Your Desire, Cook for Your Desire, Buy Sexy Lingerie for Your Desire, Take Your Desire on Long Walks, CheerLead for Your Desire, Whisper Sweet Nothings in Your Desire’s Ear.

The Universe responds to Your Vibration and if you Flow the Love that is YOU toward that which You Desire. In other words, you will create a Runway of such Vibrational Splendor, that Your Desire can’t help but land at your feet.

Time to get about the business you came here to do – and STAT! Listen, I have it on The Highest Authority that there are a plethora of Your Desires Stacked in a Holding Pattern, awaiting Your Approval to Land. Focus that Love Deliberate Creator and then, watch The Universe trip over itself in response to your LOVE.

Thank you for flying – Frisky, Focused, & Feelin’ Good Airways. Once you fly us, well…. there’s no going back. And really, who’d want to? Love Loving YOU~*

reaching for the stars

Creator, have you ever heard Abraham say, “YOU’VE BARELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE.” with regard to this life’s experience? I have, on the Alaskan Cruise two years ago, when they blasted out the phrase acrosss the auditorium. And then, just to rub it in and in keeping with their teaching style, they continued to say it over, and over again. I was at first incredulous thinking, “Are you kidding?” Because honestly, my life since discovering The Teachings of Abraham, had gone from good to GREAT! I was feeling pretty darn good about mostly feeling pretty darn good. I had no complaints as everything was unfolding nicely, and now Source was telling me/us that we were far from what we could achieve! Say what?

They were goading us, chiding us… So you think this is good? HA! You’ve Barely Scratched the Surface Human! Time to put your big boy and big girl pants on, ’cause there is more fun to be had, there are way more delights to be unearthed, more of everything to be experienced. They were issuing us a challenge against our becoming vibrationally complacent, as they pushed us to understand that this was never our goal; but rather, we knew that we as Deliberate Creators had to keep up-leveling, to nurture a consistent desire to move, to reach ever forward, if we were ever to realize consistent happiness.

And this brings me to what I want to talk about today… How does one go about moving to the next level of Creation?  Easy, you begin by focusing on upgrading your conscious participation of Deliberately Creating your life experience. What I mean is, IT’S TIME TO REACH FOR MORE, all day long!

Look, WE KNOW that we are Creators, that we are Eternal, and that we never get it done.  And WE KNOW that what feels good today, is not going to be as interesting a week from now, 6 months from now, a year from now, that is if we don’t add some hot sauce and keep spicing it up.  This goes for everything: Relationships, Work, Play, Passions, Dreams, EVERYTHING!  And in order to satiate our neverending desire for flowing more vibrational juice, then we must continually reach for more. IOW, mine our daily experience to its depths.

Here are 4 Simple Steps to achieving a life of never-ending joy and consistent, conscious expansion:

1. Begin your day in a State of Appreciation, either by making lists (this is the most effective form for me), or just laying in bed and reciting what you love about your life, that moment, your pillow, the morning, the juicy guy/gal next to you (or the one that soon will be, once you get on this assignment!).

This first exercise of the day extremely important, as it sets the tonal quality for what lies ahead! Hey, you wouldn’t leave the house without your pants on, right? Think of this as your vibrational pants. If you were to walk out of your house naked, just imagine how the quality of your day would unfold? Same with starting your day without setting a firm vibrational foundation from which to spring forth.

2. APPRECIATE and Milk EVERYTHING and anything, all throughout your day!  I love talking to myself in the car, appreciating what’s around me, the other drivers, the smooth road, the hills, the trees, my car!  It’s so much fun, and you can feel yourself getting “bigger” vibrationally as you hunt and gather and add to your momentum, building up your muscle of Deliberate Creation.

3. Be constantly on the look out for upgrades. IOW, look about your house, your  job, your relationships. Every part of your life is available for a full promotion to a new level, no exceptions. Dig into it, dream, formulate, investigate, inquire, be curious, unearth and then unleash your imagination on these things, creating the life beyond your wildest dreams. And finally,

4. Have fun with all of  it! After all it’s a practice Dear Creator, nothing more, nothing less. And once you have established your Up-Level Vibrational Beach Head with your new practiced habit of appreciation and the continuous milking of your day, your contrasting experiences will reward you by becoming less onerous. You will experience contrast as more of “a bit of sand in your shoe” type of feeling rather than the POW, right in the  kisser!  kind of contrast with which we are all familiar. Which happily results in more time spent in your Vortex and less time with your face pressed up against the glass, hoping someone will take pity on you and let you in. LOL!!

And the double bonus is you will notice areas in your life, that you formerly hadn’t been giving much attention too, begin to shine more, to sparkle. And those parts that were once not quite what you wanted, suddenly become exactly what  you want, as they morph into more of what you desire! All areas of your life will rise to the occasion, no exceptions! Just imagine the possibilities!

So, what do you think? Are you up for a life that continues to unfold beyond your wildest dreams? Are you ready to feel really, really good, most of the time?  To go beyond what you think you know and move into playing at the level of The Gods? I am, and as such, have issued myself a challenge, to take my life firmly by the scruff of the neck and steer it toward all my hopes and dreams. To see my world through the Eyes of Source, mostly (after all we are human, so we must be prepared to give ourselves a break!); to feel more joy than pain; more happiness than sorrow; more of what is possible as opposed to what isn’t.

I am so up for this kind of focus, as I can feel my Inner Being, my Broader Aspect doing a happy dance as she and I prepare to take flight beyond the constraints of old thought patterns and complaceny, as we remake, re-invent my life to reflect the God that I am.

You with me? Oh, I certainly hope so…~*


thoughts become things


Creator – I have an idea… How about we begin our sentences with The Vibration of Where We Hope To End Up? Rather than the “I used to.., I was always…, It wasn’t easy… opening line. Cause guess what?! The only value of those adventures is that they brought you here, into this Delicious, Now Moment. And what we know is, This Moment is the Vibrational Set-Point of what our next moment is going to feel like, and the next, and the next. It’s our jumping off point, so why begin in the basement of Vibrations (which is only a ploy we use to Validate how we got here!), when you can begin from the Penthouse of Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations and move up and out from there?

There is NEVER a need to describe the experiences that brought you here, unless they are funny and uplifting. It doesn’t matter where you were, that’s so old school. Begin your TALE WITH NOW! THE HERE AND NOW! So tell me Creator, Where Are You Now? And more importantly, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Now that’s a story I’m interested in…..~*


My all time favorite tool from Abraham’s quiver of teachings, is The Focus Wheel! If u want more from ANY area of ur life, creating a Focus Wheel around said topic, will upgrade the vibration through focus and the resulting increased, positive momentum.
The absolute coolest part is when you feel the energy start to move. U’ll know it when it happens. It always makes me feel excited and then my ideas around the topic get clearer, smarter, more intuitive and in tune. I feel at that point that I wish I knew shorthand, as the ideas start to flow with a power and intensity previously untapped.
Know this Creator, there isn’t any subject that The Focus Wheel can’t handle. No matter how stuck you might feel now, give it a go and get ready to feel yourself turning in the direction of equanimity and alignment. Oh and the super, double bonus. It feels really, really good!!
Here’s a link to Abraham describing The Focus Wheel Process:


fractal human










The other day I read an Abe quote, and one of the lines really stuck with me…

“We’re asking you to think with the Whole of Who You Are, rather than with a fragmented version of who you are.”

WOW! So I changed it up a bit and inserted my physical body as a metaphor for the whole of me. And then I asked myself, “If I were to leave a part of me home today, which one would it be? An arm, a leg, a toe, my nose, what?” Well, you can see the dilemma right?

I am guessing that’s exactly what we do when we don’t flow and utilize the Fullness of Who We Are. Can you imagine the possibilities if we were actually steaming through our day, all burners on high, FULLY receiving the impulses of our non-physical cadre as they guide us on the path of least resistance? The brilliant downloads that would be zooming into our minds, directly from Source (you know those, “Gods, I am such a genius” moments you have from time to time?). Now imagine those moments strung together, Genius becomes your dominant vibration, your point of attraction, and now, as you bip through your day, you do it from your Genius Vantage Point. Clarity is your middle name, inspiration is your catalyst, rendez-vous’ of all types are actually seen and experienced by you. Why? ‘Cause Creator you’re living, breathing, thinking, experiencing, frolicking through this life with The Whole of Who You Are!

And how does a Deliberate Creator Flow the Fullness of Who You are? Through ALIGNMENT, that’s how. And how does a Genius, Deliberate Creator attain and sustain Alignment? There are a myriad of ways, here are few of my favorites:

1. Appreciation of anything and everything uttered at all points throughout your day: verbally, written or through thought – all equally as potent as it is the highest Vibe in the Universe;

2. Meditation – Abe’s Meditation CD is the only one that really does the trick for me, I turn the reins over to them and sink back into my Knowing for 15 glorious minutes;

3. Milking the good stuff;

4. Steering clear of the bad stuff – thinking, writing, or speaking it. You must shut that shit down Creator, if you want to soar with the Gods; and finally,

5. Focus Wheels to get those stuck spots, unstuck.

Listen, anyone can drag limbs around through this life’s experience (think Quasimodo); that’s not interesting or fun and you’ll never get yourself into the Diamond Lane of a Movin’ and Groovin’ Life. What Abraham is asking from us is to Up-Level, to Flow the Fullness of our Mighty Being through us and out the other side, into this glorious world.

I am uber inspired to take my WHOLE, darn, delicious body (toes and all, LOL) out and about with me today. To utilize the Fullness of Me, to mine my day for pockets of gold and gems. To bang into other delightful, fully embodied creatures who are also out for a good time! You with me Creator? Great! See you in the Diamond Lane~*

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