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OK Creator, today I want to play with you on the topic of Self-Love and Orgasm. It has come to my attention that many of my Homies who are currently without a lover, have forfeited the joy of self-pleasuring because somehow there is the mind set that has you waiting for a partner in order to achieve ecstasy. Balderdash!!!

Listen, I know from first hand experience, if you desire a lover in your bed; then loving yourself physically, creates a fertile and fecund playground of expression and expansion that will speed up the process and, you’ll be having a ton of fun in the meantime.

When I left my husband a few years ago, I was overdue for a sexual upgrade and I wasted no time in achieving this. For the first time in years!!!!! my daughter was away from me for a few days at a time, so that I could just chill, do me, and I mean REALLY DO ME!! I re-ignited the embers that were my sensual side to such a fever pitch, that I had to run home at times to pleasure myself. You might say I was making up for lost time, LOL.

I created an atmosphere conducive to loving myself; I played sexy music, had candles burning, smoked a bit of reefer to allow more flow, bought fun toys, lingerie, the works. I didn’t want a lover at the time, I wanted to discover ME! to uncover ME! to uncork ME! to unleash ME! and that’s exactly what I did.

The effulgence that infused me from this delightful self-love, spilled out into all areas of my life. I FELT sexier, I looked sexier, I walked with a swish to my hips as though saying to the world, “Don’t you just wish you could have a taste of this?”

I also became a walking pheromone, men and women were drawn to me like magnets – I had guys screaming at me on the highway for my phone number (I gave it to them and had some fun dates); men in the grocery store followed me from isle to isle, one even scored my number in the produce section and became my dating partner for a few months. Everywhere I went, I was trailed by sexy humans.

So here’s the upshot… You want Alignment? Have an orgasm. You want to build momentum? Have another orgasm. You want to attract juicy situations/people into your life? Have a delicious go at YOU! Take that body out for a test drive, check out the parts that you haven’t visited for a while, realize that you have this incredible source of pleasure at your fingertips just waiting to be recognized and set free.

I’ll tell you what I tell my teenage daughter, “It only takes one to make a party!”

Isn’t it Time to get it TUNED IN, TAPPED IN, AND TURNED ON Creator?

Yea, that’s what I thought~*


we are walking among our answered prayers

Creator, what if I were to tell you that all your desires have already manifested? You might ask, “Then how come I can’t see them, lick them, touch them, smell them?” Ah, good question. Because they are in your Vibrational Reality being loved up by Source waiting for you to Allow them into your life.

You see this wee game of what seems to be, hide and seek, is designed specifically to respond to your ability to Receive, all that you have Dreamed. That’s right, The Universe can only give you what you will Allow to be shown to you.

Think of your Allowing like a screen that projects images. Most of us are walking around only getting a sliver of what we dreamed, kind of like Receiving your cell phone’s screen worth of goods and services. While others of us are so open and Allowing, that we are like the drive in movie screen version of Allowing – big, bold and in 3D.

In order to Receive, Fully Receive, then Alignment must be your highest priority. And how does one do that? Easy, you do what you love doing. You follow your passions, you imagine, you play, you laugh, sing, dance whatever it is that makes your heart soar.

Whereupon you might ask, “Must I give attention to what I desire in order for it to manifest?” Our answer… Only if you can do that without resistance.

Listen, it might sound crazy, but even your most minute asking, a thought that came and went in a nanosecond, has been logged in, secured, and is waiting in a queue to be unleashed into your life’s experience. The Universe has a prodigious memory where your desires are concerned; so no, you don’t have to be specific unless it feels good. Otherwise, just go about your business of alignment by following the paths of least resistance that are popping up all around you. And then, Prepare Yourself Creator for The Universe To Rain Down Upon You, all that you have ever wanted and dreamed.

I’m not kidding, it’s that easy and fun. Remember Divine Human, you can’t help but walk among your dreams, now the fun part is Realizing them FULLY AND COMPLETELY.

Tag, you’re it~*

shopkeeper Istanbul bazaar


Greetings Creator, want to play a word game with me? Good, the Word of The Day is CONTRAST. This word, along with Allow, Alignment, and Vortex, is one of the most predominant in our Teachings of Abraham Lexicon. No matter how Abe tries to spin it, Contrast just seems to invoke a negative connotation, e.g, “I had some whopping Contrast today, but I made it through in one piece.” LOL!

This feeling of resistance lead me to dig a little deeper into the etymology of Contrast and I found that it’s roots are Latin, contra = ‘against’ + stare ‘stand.’ Hmmm. Not exactly uplifting.

My next stop was to check into synonyms that one might use in it’s place, and here’s the first 4 that popped up:

CONTRAST = comparison, contradiction, disagreement, disparity.

While they are all not completely negative, CONTRAST and her sister words, don’t engender a feeling of fun or ease. So it feels like it’s time for an upgrade. Why not turn this whole action of Contrast around by substituting a word that feels more uplifting? My favorite? CHOICE!!!! And here are some synonyms that go with my NEW Word of The Day:

CHOICE = alternative, decision, election, favorite, opportunity, option, preference, variety!

Don’t these words feel better, freer, more expansive, fun? They actually spell out what it is we’re doing here as Deliberate Creators:

“Each moment, of each hour, of each day we are shown oodles of ALTERNATIVES, in order that we might make our highest and best DECISIONS, by ELECTING our FAVORITE CHOICE, giving us tons of OPPORTUNITIES and OPTIONS to streamline our PREFERENCES through the offering of VARIETY!”

Wow! Now THAT feels really, really good to me. The Universe is constantly offering us CHOICES and when I think of it like that, there is NEVER a downside. Contrast on the other hand, has a bit of resistance attached and I believe keeps us turning toward what we don’t want longer than suits us.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my Universal Shop Keeper, Ibrahim. He delights in showing me choices, variety, options. His sole job is to present me with opportunities, so that I may CHOOSE what are the highest and best DECISIONS for me.

In the morning, even before I open my eyes, I can feel him nudging me awake with these words, “Creatrix, I have a whole new marketplace of variety to show you today. Won’t you get up now so that I can surprise and delight you?”

Here I come Ibrahim…. Can’t jump out of bed fast enough to sift and sort my way through the unending, expansive, creative choices The Universe is offering up FOR ME!

Genius Creator, want to meet me at the nearest Bazaar? We will shop til we drop, touching all the fabulous fabrics, smelling the spices, sipping the coffee, rolling about on the sumptuous carpets. Won’t it just be too much? Yes, indeed. That’s what a life of Choice does for you~*

learn to say no without explaining yourself.

I Double Dare Your Creator, begin right now leaving off the post script to your NO. Can you do it?

It feels really weird at first, simply because we are programmed to defend, explain, update, account for, give a reason for, justify, give an excuse for, vindicate, legitimize…. blah, blah, blah. And it’s all in a effort to placate the Asker while circumventing how we really feel.

When I first began hearing Abraham talk about this, I was a bit frustrated with our non-physical teachers. “Really Abe? How the hell do you just say NO and leave it at that? ”

After a lifetime of my book-ending this smallest of words, uttering the word NO alone felt like half a word, half an answer, naked, missing a limb; like it’s hanging out in space dangling by a thread, begging to be saved by an excuse (usually fabricated!!!).

Well I’ll tell you, its just like anything you want to get good at,  you just “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” and do it. And you’ll find, as with everything you practice, it gets easier and easier. Soon the mirth you will have when the petitioner hears your lovely NO and gets that look of, “Did she just say that?” will carry you through any embarrassment you might initially have of standing in your power.

I started this NO routine when my daughter was still in elementary school. The other moms are geniuses at coercing you into taking on a project you loathe for “the good of the school, the good of the kids, the good of what-the-heck ever.” So I thought, if I can say NO to these woman, I can hold my own with anyone.

Here was my strategy, say it with a smile, NO 🙂 and add pleasantries as a post script – “No, Thank You.” And then, before my tongue could issue any more words, I’d shut my mouth, still smiling and walk away. That way I couldn’t see their incredulity over the nerve of me!!!

And now? We’ll I’ve gotten so good, so at ease, so aligned at issuing my NO response, that I actually stay to watch their reaction. Through practice I’ve become an adept at flowering up my NO by adding some lovely words (truthful and heartfelt) while making it more fun for me.

“No thank you. But I want to say how much I appreciate woman like you who give of themselves so freely”

Because you know what? I do appreciate them, big time. They’re doing they’re thing, and I mine.

So next time someone asks, “Hey Constance, could you make 100 fucking (my add) cupcakes for the class bake sale?” My answer, “No thank you, but I can’t wait to taste yours. Everybody says they’re the best around.”

Yes Creator, flattery will get you everywhere~*



Take a good look at your life Creator, do you dig what you see? Is it ALL to your liking? Is there room for improvement? Of course there is, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, always!

Do you understand that ALL the conditions you are currently experiencing, either wanted or unwanted,  were created by you? And your attention to these conditions keeps them in your experience?  Is it time to create new juice, new story lines in the areas that are lacking and up-level your status on the parts of your life that you enjoy? In other words, Do You Want More Out of This Life?

Good, then now is the perfect time to begin weaving YOUR New Story. Not your mother’s story of you. YOUR Story! Not your friends’ story of you. YOUR Story. Not the story you think others will approve of, or can handle. YOUR Story! The one that you hold deep inside and only dare bring out at night. The one that makes your toes curl, your breath catch, your heart fly! You know the one? The one that is not yet clearly defined; the one that shimmers in the sun like heat coming off hot pavement. The one reserved for your dream state. The one that lurks behind every compromise that you make; every statement that begins with, “Someday…”

Isn’t it time that You Became The Master of Your Story? I’m thinking yes, because really what are you waiting for?  Conditions to improve, people to change? Forget about all that, this story is about you, your desires, your passions, your expectations. And how does one go about the business of telling his/her story? Easy, you start by writing it, speaking it (I love doing this while I’m driving), keeping it simple at first and then, your practice becomes the recitation of it again, and again, and again. Each time adding to it, giving it depth, color, character, dimension, include a musical score, if that pleases you.

Remember, You Are The Author and Your Story can only be as good as you Dare To Dream It to Be.

So how about We get about the business of Dreaming Beyond The Bounds of Rationale and Reason, occupying and creating in that fecund space of limitless and endless possibilities? I’m so ready for this assignment and I’ll tell you what, I’ll meet you on the corner of Passion and Co-Creation and we’ll inspire each other to new heights, we’ll laugh, we’ll dream, we’ll dance the dance of The Gods, you and I. Because you see Creator, I am writing My Story too~*

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