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Greetings Creator… Are you familiar with the term, “I Serve At The Pleasure of The Queen, or The President, or whomever?”

I really like how these words flow, as it shows an unconditional kind of service by the person who issues the statement. So who do YOU serve at the pleasure of? Your job, your relatives, your lovers, your kids, boss, friends, society, religious institution, all of the above? If you answered yes to even one of these examples, then you are missing the whole point that Abe consistently and lovingly brings to us daily. You, my dear, delicious, downright fabulous and sexy Creator are here to Serve at Your Own Pleasure! Your Singular Pleasure, Your Plu-Perfect Pleasure, Period.

“But, how can that be?” you might be asking. “I have kids, animals, a job. How do I Serve Me and all of that at the same time?”

So glad you asked, here’s how it goes. You know when you’re flying and the flight attendant demonstrates the proper procedure with the oxygen masks? The order of tasks for securing your mask goes like this, YOU FIRST and then….

That applies to EVERYTHING! EVERYONE! in your life. If you aren’t flowing and blowing, or let’s take it down to more reasonable terms, if you aren’t feeling good, then how are you going to achieve anything fun and fulfilling in your life? The answer is simple, “You’re not!”

Sure you’ll schlep along, taking sips here and there of good feelings, but it’s drudgery, a grind, toil, struggle, certainly not the inspired action and outcomes that Abe tells us about.

Well then, I also know that you’re thinking, “Yea that sounds good, but the practical application of it is something else.”

That’s only because that’s how you choose to view it. If you want to feel good most of the time, then you have to take the time to do it. As my daughter Lily would say, “Man The Heck Up!” Only You can change the tenor, the frequency, the tonal quality of your life, only You!

What works for me is to wake up a bit earlier than the rest of my house and claim a sure footing on my day, with meditation, focus wheels, lists of appreciation, playing here with all of you, and the like. Creating this small change lays a firm foundation from which I can launch myself into my day, and more importantly it gives me unfettered access to The Energy That Creates Worlds; thereby, ALLOWING SOURCE to Co-Create right along with Me!

Here’s what I KNOW about Source, Law of Attraction and our Cadre of Non-Physical Beings that swirl and twirl around us endlessly. They, My Dearest of Friends, are ALL here to SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF US, YOU, ME! That’s right, Unconditionally, without restraint, without end, eternally. How about that? God is your Concierge! LOL!!! That’s right! And you don’t even have to be a big tipper to ensure proper service! They just love you, and that’s enough.

So give them something to Serve for goodness sake. They are poised, ready, willing and able to give you whatever your heart desires. They are here to steer you toward cool rendez-vous, uncover qualities in yourself you might have not known existed, manifesting feeling of abundance and such superior quality, you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

Isn’t it time to Be Served Creator! By all means, let’s make today a day of Service to Ourselves. And don’t use any excuses, i.e., it’s Thanksgiving, or Thursday, or when I loose 10 pounds, or find a lover, or loose a lover… NO, start right the heck now Serving You! It feels so good to put yourself at the front of the line and take the biggest slice of pie because simply because you want to!

I’ll be there right next to you, taking the biggest, baddest, most outrageous bite out of this life that is available to me right now. And when I’m done chewing and swallowing, I’m going to look for another, and another, and another pleasing situation to savor. Cause, guess what? If you can dream it, then The Universe MUST Deliver it to you. All you need to do to make your life cherry, is to PUT YOURSELF FIRST! Can you do that? Yea, you can do that, I know you can…~*



Greetings Creator, I wanted to let you in on a 30 Day Challenge that my bestest friend Patty and I have recently embarked on. Ready? Set? Go…..


My girl and I did this challenge when we were just starting out with The Teachings of Abraham, and it changed our lives, COMPLETELY! The Universe just couldn’t stop raining down cool stuff upon us and we couldn’t stop appreciating and dancing in the effulgence of the juicy space that is created when negativity is ceased!

So, here are the tools you need – Awareness, Vigiliance, Consistancy and A Sense of Humor. We all have those right? Exactly. So, how do you handle the situations that are negative?

1. Walk away
2. Hit end on your phone
3. Unfollow that person that brings that negative stuff to your doorstep
4. Say, “Wow” or “OK” – they are both your friends and then be silent.
5. Swallow, swallow and then, swallow some more.
6. If your’e a smoker, take a drag of whatever you’re smoking and allow the moment to pass.
7. If you’re drinking something, keep sipping and swallowing.
8. Tell ’em you don’t speak The English! LOL

I’m not even kidding here when I say that this wee bit of personal observance will serve to bring you more joy, more space to play and create like never before, more uplifting thoughts and people, more of what makes your toes curl!

I’m on day 3 and I have been in a place of such grace for these last two days. It’s as though I’m on vacation from that which doesn’t serve. Hey, it’s never a bad idea to revisit the basics, especially since inculcating these Abe Teachings into our life is a practice; a daily practice, sometimes hourly and sometimes were hanging in there minute by minute.!

Abe is constantly telling us that the key to living lives of freedom, growth and joy is all in the ALLOWING! And you can’t Allow when your spouting or writing smack! Ain’t gonna happen! Conversely, designing this fecund space of Allowing by ceasing negative talk, creates a mighty landing field of ALLOWING! Now The Universe has somewhere to touch down and dispense all the Krazy Kool Stuff you’ve been dreaming of creating and doing!

So, who’s in? After all it’s a lot more fun when we all play and expand together…~*


“The reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire. That is the only reason – ever! So now, the only thing you need to do is gently and gradually, piece by piece, release your resistant thoughts, which are the only disallowing factors involved. Your increasing relief will be the indicator that you are releasing resistance, just as your feelings of increased tension, anger, frustration, and so on, have been your indicators that you have been adding to your resistance.”


Well Creator, here’s one of those – POW! Right In The Kisser Quotes -from our favorite teachers. I chose the accompanying photo because I believe it mirrors our resistance perfectly.

You and I are on the side with the water spurting through The Crack of Least Resistance. And yes it’s enough for a nice life, but then, take a look at the other side – that would be our Vortex! Say What? See all that water just sitting there waiting to be unleashed? Exactly!

So what the hell are we waiting for? Christmas? Of what year? When our kids graduate? When we find a lover? Loose 20 pounds? Get a better job? Travel to Paris? Jesus to show up on our door step? Last time I heard those 2 jokers were still “Waiting for Godot!” Isn’t it about damn time we loosed the cork of our inner resistance, our habits of thought, our ingrained BS and relax and allow? I’m thinking, yes, yes it is!

I’m feeling mighty frisky about this because, as I can only speak for myself, I’m thinking if not now, when? I didn’t come down here to pussy foot around. I came to expand and to reap the rewards of that expansion and the resultant clarity!

I’m off now, to live my life with as little resistance as possible. Think I’ll bring a can of WD40 along with me, sometimes a bit of silicone helps to loosen things up a bit!

Sending love, love and more kkkkrazy love your way…~*


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