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A Broke Mentality

Greetings Creator: The video I am sharing here on “the broke mentality,” by Lewis Winfield, is so freaking funny and spot the heck on that, I had to share! I love those, “Pow, right in the kisser” type of talks, either by Abe, or a human who gets it, which in this case is Lewis.

I have heard Abraham say, that in order to turn around the poverty mentality, you must: 1. Appreciate what you do have, no matter how seemingly small. And,

2. Start spending money, even if it’s on little things. Get the momentum rolling of: Easy In, Easy out, Easy In, Easy Out!

I remember when I was swimming in a “less than” mentality about money and kept dreaming of a German paring knife. Haha, right? Anyway, when I was in my kitchen and reached for a knife, I would think, “I wish I had that knife, it would be perfect to cut this _______!”

I don’t remember how long this went on, until, one fine morning, I awoke and said to myself, “What the fuck Constance? Why are you denying yourself anything and a bloody paring knife? Gods.”

So I grabbed the kid, threw her in her car seat, and off we went to the fancy cooking store, where some months back, I had seen said knife. I vividly recollect standing at the check out counter, so damn proud of myself, as I paid the $67.50 for my knife.

That day, that purchase, that inspired action, broke the spell of lack in my life. And for days, weeks, months after, when I would grab my perfect, little knife to embark on slicing into something, I would recall and appreciate Me breaking the strangle hold of this negative mental habit.

So My Homies of all things good and sweet, if your denying yourself something, figure out a way to change it up. Freedom from self-imposed limitations is lurking just below the surface, around every corner, right in front of your nose. And all you have to do to bring Personal Manumission into your life, is change up your thoughts!! That’s it, and in this case, reach in your wallet and set yourself free!!

Now go and have yourself a listen to Lewis. He’s speaking from his heart on the scarcity mentality, and it’s funny as all get out! (you need a Facebook Account to view the video).

Wishing you a day, a week, a lifetime of Knowing that yes indeed, money certainly can and will grow on trees. If you think it’s so, that is…~*

meditation triptych

Creator, If you’ve been listening to Abe for a while, then I know you’ve heard them talk about the Triptych of Habits that will make you feel better, raise your vibration, improve your point of attraction, etc. In short, the 3 most efficacious tools to aid you in Creating a Yummy Life. And they are: to breath deeply; drink more water (according to what feels good to you, not that 8 glasses a day stuff that is supposed to work for everyone, Feel your way through that and find what feels best for you); and finally, The Grand PoohBah of all Great Habits – MEDITATION!!!!

I wrote a post a little over a month ago on my Abraham-Hicks & You Facebook Page, about my commencing a consistent, daily Meditation Practice. My idea was to purchase a Planner, whose sole mission was to record my daily meditations and chronicle my time in The Vortex (so I couldn’t fool myself that I was IN more than I was out), and just get me in the habit of making a daily Meditation a routine part of my life.

The results of this now 35 day Mediation Experiment (using the brilliant 15 minute Abraham Hicks Meditations) have been amazing… Rendez-vous’ that knock my socks off; incredible opportunities revealing themselves; a feeling of supreme Knowing coursing through me daily; relationships that were so-so, now taking on a new patina (all because of my New and Improved Point of View, of this I have no doubt); my dancing and yoga practice have reached new levels of groovy cool, so much so, that sometimes when I am moving to the music, I can feel others playing in my body, moving me in ways I have never considered; my love making is on par with The Gods (and now hear this, it was outta-site before, but has taken on a new level of Supreme Pleasure), MY EVERTHING is smokin’ hot!!!

So, as we know, words don’t teach, but if I could, I would shout it out to all of you to GIVE MEDITATION A GO CREATOR!I Because the efficacious results that are produced as a part of this practice, will speak for themselves. And then, I can cease shouting. LOL!!

You see My Homies, I have a “Share Thang”, which is the reason I began my Facebook Group and this Blog in the first place. When I find something that works for me, I hasten to find a way to share it with all of you! Why? ‘Cause it makes me feel good and why the heck not? If you’re playing here in Abe Land, there must be a reason. And for me, that reason is moving forward, consistently, learning more, uncovering more, allowing more, creating more fluidly. You get the picture.

And so, I entreat you here and now, to commence a Daily Meditation Practice, and to keep track of your meditations using a planner, the notes section in your phone, or whatever works best for you. To hold your feet to the fire, so that you eventually you create a momentum where you are excited to take your 15 minutes to turn your Vibration Volume Up, Up, Up, without prompting. Which is where I find myself now.

And, if you need more carrots a danglin’, remember that Abe tells us that Esther meditated every day for 9 months, before she was ready to Allow Abe to Flow Through Her! And, it doesn’t have to be a 9 month gestation period for you, it’s tuned to your desire, your allowing, your ability to make a commitment to yourself and stick to it, no matter what!

Meaning, get up 15 minutes earlier, if that is what it takes. Go to be 15 minutes earlier. Take a delicious time out for expansion any ole time during your day, whatever works for you.

Prior to finding Abe’s Mediation CDs, I would attempt to “sit” and Meditate and often found, especially when my Monkey Mind was super, wound up, that quieting my mind felt more like a struggle, eventually leading to frustration. And hey, I’m a student and teacher of yoga, so I know about this stuff. Still, it wasn’t a flow. And with Abe, I just sit and hit play, as I have the meditations in my Itunes folder on my phone, so they go where I go. I mediated the other day in the car while waiting for my daughter at the dentist! She got her teeth polished and cleaned and I did the same with my Vibe! Brilliant right?

I have included the link here to The Introduction For The Meditation Series from Abraham, that comes with their book and CD on mediation. You’re going to love them, they prompt you on when to inhale and exhale, they speak to you about the wonders of equanimity and upping your vibe, they give you constant uplifting messages. Win bloody Win, I say!!

I believe that Abe always says it better than I do, so if you’re wondering about benefits, just take a listen, and then, either purchase the book and CD from their website, or head on over to YouTube and look up their Mediations.

In closing, if your life is all that you have ever desired it to be, if it can’t get any better than it is now; well then, ignore this missive. However, if you crave more consistent grand feelings, relationships, abundance, creativity, time in The V; then by all means, take a seat, and hit play! You will blow your own mind, I promise…~*

woman with sword

…Source, my muse, awakens me as the sun crests the hill. The day beckons, my heart yearns, creativity is crackling with the bird’s first song. I feel the depth of my vortex of treasures swirling around me, yearning to be brought forth. I rise to the call…

I am Witch, Alchemist, Mighty Smith conjuring from the ether the timeless elements of nature. I capture that which cannot be tamed, and thrust them deep into the fires of earth, forging over the eternal flame. I beat the metals, sparks fly, worlds are born as I fold them into each other; heating, folding, beating, over and over again, the shape and strength of my blade slowly revealed. I murmur the words of The Gods, imbuing my sword with the deep magic of the ages.

I know in this moment why I chose to be born… To Create with endless passion and joy. To unearth and unleash the pure potentiality of what it means to be a fully realized human. To conjure up the elements, to shape them in my unique fashion, to reap the joy of being Creator.

And what is it I say to The Universe as I stand atop Mount Olympus, sword held high? Oh, Dear Divine Gods do tell… How does it get any better than this? I am waiting…~*

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