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Star Ship Enterprise

Question: How does a Creator stay Creative and Become More Creative?

Answer: A Creative Creator is Consistently Curious, and overly alliterative it seems LOL!

But really folks, you know what kills the human condition? A Lack of curiosity. Also known as – Boredom! The hum-drum, the day after day, ho-hum of a life not lived fully!

In order to spark your daily content, you must add the necessary ingredient of inquisitiveness! Make today a day where you don’t do things “in their proper order.” Ruffle up your routine: brush your hair before your teeth; order something new at Starbucks (I like to listen in on other people’s orders, there are some really great ones out there. Make one yours today); take the subway to work, not your car (or vice versa); if you always take the train, park in an entirely new area, where red lipstick instead of nude; smile at strangers; find a different musical genre to explore; sprinkle your speech with foreign words and phrases; smell things before you eat and drink them. Be kooky, Be Crazy, Be Creative for Christmas Sake!

In other words: SHAKE IT UP! You didn’t come here to hit the reply button day after blooming day! You came to scan new vistas, meet new people, discover new opportunities, to sift and sort yourself into unique Creative Endeavors!

In the immortal words of James Tiberius Kirk, with a wee bit of editing and poetic license, “Creator… Your earthly mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no human has gone before.”

There you have it – from One Galactic Explorer to Another! Warp Speed Mr. Sulu – Engage…~*


Creator… Take a seat and set your timer for 15 minutes. Start to breathe deeply: 3 counts in, 5 counts out. With every exhale sink deeper into your chair, relax your jaw, your tongue, your eyes, your shoulders, your legs, arms, feet, hands. Begin the dream you want to realize, take yourself by the virtual hand and guide yourself through the hallowed halls of your imagination to places that don’t require effort, only focus. To stratas of life filled with abundance and fecundity. See yourself, your job, your state of mind as nothing but radiant and carefree. Take yourself on a virtual tour of your desires, allow yourself to get excited about what you’re imagining, all the way into the finish line of enthusiasm.

And once your timer welcomes you back to this world, you will feel refreshed and renewed and guess what the super duper double darn bonus is? You will have succeeded in creating a momentum around your desires that is equivalent to 10 years of effort! Say What? Haha! Can it be that easy? Yes, it’s as easy as TAKING THE TIME to dream yourself forward into the next phases of the life you want to create!

I’m going to put my computer aside for now and do what I suggested above. I want to feel the feelings that course through me when resistance is held at bay by my breath and desire. I want to feel light, free and fluffy with anticipation. I want to come into the fullness of who I am and all I have to do is sit, be quiet and breathe. Yeah, I can do that. How about you?…~*

Life of alignment

Finding The Teachings of Abraham when my daughter Lily was in 1st grade was a win/win for both of us! I was always outta da box anyway, but Abe gave me the tools to sustain my groovy feelings and Allowed Me To Allow My Delightful Kid to flourish in her own, unique way!

When people ask me about parenting, my answer is succinct and never prevaricates, “First and foremost, DO YOU with aplomb! Show your kid what it’s like to be a righteous happy joyful fun interesting curious Creator on the leading edge.”

And then they say, “I asked about parenting and you told me about you.”

And my answer, “Haha, exactly!”

‘Cause what we know in Abe Land is the most effective parenting is teaching by YOUR example! The method of teaching with which most of us are familiar is one way and comes in the form of speeches, dictates, dictums, decrees, and directives and sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher… blah blah blah ditty blah blah. And guess what? It never, never, never fucking worked.

Rather than a sermon or a soliloquy, show your kids that they have all the tools necessary to be, do, or have whatever they desire by you the parent, living the life of your dreams!

Start with your Alignment first Homies, and then the parenting literally takes care of itself, no fooling…~*

For you Creator…

horse coming through fog

Miriam Sweeney,

In The State of Grace known as Alignment, we move into a quantum state of beingness, breaking through the fog of disconnection and into the light of All That Is, All That Ever Was, and Will Ever Become…~*

“The Unified Field is a state where you feel connected to the entire universe — where you no longer feel separate from other people, but you feel that all people are part of one another and can share a global consciousness. You feel connected to the earth, the air you breathe, the animals and plants and “things,” as well as the intangibles, such as spirituality and time. You no longer experience time as just a linear thing chugging ever forward, but you know there are pieces of yourself in history as well as in the future, all over the world. You stop worrying about not having enough time, because you know that time is malleable, and you don’t have to accept the stopwatch mentality driving most of the world. You trust that you are already in the right place at the right time and that you will continue to grow toward the life you are meant to have.”

“The Remembering Process,” by Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett

humphrey bogart

The intonation of my father Clyde’s speech and character were infused with the essence of two distinctive worlds: part old school New Yorker and part shipyard worker. Clyde was born, bred and raised in a powerful family in Brooklyn, New York. As a kid and under an alias, he had worked the docks of the shipyard that his grandfather founded, so that he might learn about the business and become friends with the men, without their being aware of his family connections.

He was 6’2” tall, barrel chested, and had the posture of a marine, although he was never in the armed forces. He was a Man’s Man, brimming with self-confidence and at total and complete ease in his skin. He was powerful, generous, open, curious, spontaneous, witty, gregarious and all with his de rigeur cigar planted firmly between his teeth. His DNA reeked of being a New Yorker; bold, brash, the best of the best, although without being cocky. He was King of all he surveyed and everyone wanted to bask in the umbra of his magnanimity; the women all wanted to sleep with him and the men wanted to be his best friend.

He wasn’t classically handsome rather, he had a strong resemblance to Humphrey Bogart, which only added to his appeal. He exuded the good breeding and manners that one would expect of a millionaire’s grandson coupled with street smarts: cunning and smooth. He was a man who had never smelled fear or defeat and was sure of his place in this world… front row center.

Clyde had a plethora of sayings that peppered his speech. There were the ones that came straight from the docks, my all time favorite being, “I wouldn’t piss on his leg if it was on fire!”

And some that could be categorized as truisms, describing life as he saw and lived it. One in particular has played a large part in my life and is the catalyst behind this story,

“Walk in like you own the place kid, and no one will stop you!”

I have conjured up this phrase and used it to cross thresholds into unknown situations, board rooms, parties, job interviews, negotiations, anything that required that I take the next step armed with the self-confidence of The Gods. I have pulled it out in storms when I needed a boost and in calm seas, when I was formulating a plan to do it “My Way,” and wouldn’t take no for an answer. It is my suit of armor although it is not constricting, rather its essence is one of absolute freedom of thought, word and deed. Of standing in my Power and owning it, not with bravado or flashiness, but with the kind of style that oozes from the inside out and cannot be forged.

I have been thinking a lot about Clyde lately and in particular about the ramifications and positivity of the phrase, “Walk in like you own the place kid.” I have been appreciating his unusual parenting style as he took me to places and introduced me to people who dwell and thrive “way-oh-way” outside of the mainstream. He opened my eyes, mind and heart to the whole world, not just the class that breaths rarified air, but all the stratas of air that are available for us to sample, while appreciating the gifts that each offers.

As I type my thoughts, I am feeling a tremendous amount of pride and love surging forth from Clyde in his non-physical playground. The headiness of his love is mingling with the love, admiration and appreciation that I feel for myself. I have lived what one friend described as “a very big life.” Big in emotion, big in adventure, big in never following the rules but rather, heeding the call of my “True North,” no matter the consequences. I have never blended, which come to find out is a blessing. I used to think otherwise, looking at those folks who seemed so at home in “normal.” Who had their lives mapped out from childhood, who didn’t make waves. But hell, what fun is there in that? After all, we didn’t come here to blend, to regurgitate, to vacillate, to legislate, to obfuscate, to stand outside of our “true nature” and allow for anything less. We came to boldly and confidently stride forth, to Create from the lofty perch of our unique vantage point. In short, we came to

“Walk This Earth Like We Own The Place!” 

And when we do, when we are true to our intentions, our passions, our desires, there isn’t one person or a million, who can distract or dissuade us from our heading of True North. This stance of Being In Our Power feels like we are breathing rarified air, but in this case, it’s the air of Our Personal, Singular Strata of Knowing and Intention. Now I ask you Creator, what is sexier than that?

I must be off now, to stride forth on this earth, like I own the place. To plant my flag on each spot that my feet touch, my mind reaches, my hands caress, my lips kiss. To take ownership of each unique experience, in its fullest and most complete capacity. To firmly, eternally, and unabashedly embrace my place in the unfolding and artful becoming of this, my precious life…~*

The Placemat Process Redux…~*

placemat process

So the other day, I wasn’t feeling IT! You know IT, that groovy place that feeds your soul? Yea well, IT had left the building. And as I had sufficiently twisted myself around my own axle, I knew I needed help, so I searched out my Love Jason​ and asked him to stand in as Abe for me!

I took my position in the Hot Seat and shared my blah-blah (Because we know that’s all that negative thoughts are anyway, blah-blah LOL) with him and the cadre of Non-Physical Beings that I know must gather at times like this, calling out to one another, “Hey guys, over here, come and check this one out! It’s going to be another comedy show!”

Right? Can’t you just feel what they feel about us from their perspective? They must be busting up about our penchant for piling up and living with resistance.

Jason listened with grace, don’t know how he does it, and pronounced that I was taking The Entire Weight of My Life on my shoulders. That I was thinking that I had to do it all, be it all, get it all done, lickity damn split, or else! He suggested that this would be the perfect time to perform Esther and Abe’s Placemat Process, as I seem to be sticking everything under my column and leaving The Benevolent Universe with nothing to do.

I took his sage advice and grabbed my newest, favorite, big ass pad, and my new, favorite, big ass pen and created The Placemat Title Page. If you aren’t familiar with the process, I will post a link to a video below, but in a nutshell it goes like this:

You take a piece of paper, divide it into 2 sections, 1 entitled: My Job and the other entitled: The Universe’s Job. And then you put in your side only those things that MUST be done; i.e., picking up the kid from school, kind of things. As for the other side, dump your entire load of heavy lifting on The Universe, after all, that’s her job and she can handle it with a lot more grace and efficiency than you ever could.

I have done this process many times and always felt relief in doing so. On this day, the coolest thing happened. I sat down and couldn’t think of anything to put into my column, save one word – ALIGN! And then, when I went to the other column, “The Universe’s To Do List” I wrote: Everything Else! hahaha! Right? It’s always the same answer to any question: Align and then…. Never deviates, never prevaricates, never ever!

So my darlings on this delightful day, we have a new, updated, leading-edge version of our Placemat Process and as with all things on the leading-edge, it’s slicker and easier to follow!

Align and leave the driving to The Universe! Sounds and feels really good to me! Vroom Vroom…~*

Click here for a link to Abraham explaining The Placemat Process.

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