Upgrading My Vibrational Relationship With Money…~*

the life i live is created by the story i tell

Creator, if you’ve been hanging around Abe’s Teachings for a while, you will have heard, numerous times, Abraham chide us that if we don’t like the life we’re living (or certain aspects of it), then it’s time to tell A New Story!

I must have heard this, seen it in quotes, memes, you name it, a thousand upon a thousand times. But yesterday, yesterday? Haha! Something in me shifted. I heard myself, many times throughout the day, dredge up the same old banal, sad, tired ass phrases around one particular subject which had been dogging me and crimping my style for years, and that would be the subject of $MONEY, $Money. $Money!

But then, yesterday happened! I’d had a bit of contrast which set me thinking. And true to how I know to at once soothe myself and shine positivity in my life, I turned to the grandest Co-Creative Duo of Teachers in The Whole darn Universe, Abraham and Esther.

While making dinner, I had Abe’s Latest Australia Workshop playing. I don’t recall a specific trigger, but between listening, inculcating, celebrating, laughing with the hot seaters and audience, finding clarity and then loosing it again, in the interstices, those in-between moments and gaps, I would feel myself going off the rails. Hmmm.

So I became a sleuth, an archeologist, and between bouts of positivity, I began to discern these statements of lack, and there were quite a few of them, all boiling down to the same essential vibration… My grandmother had this issue (lived in a closet), my mother lived in a closet, and it seemed, unbeknownst to me until yesterday, so too was I!

Well My Darlings, in those combined moments of supreme clarity, it became clearer than clear, that of course things in The Money Arena were at a stalemate! These ideas/thoughts of “not enoughness” and the paltry, puny explanations as to why I wasn’t rolling in the dough, where literally acting as chains around the neck of any progress I hoped to see, feel, experience. It was as though someone (Hello Inner Being My Love, yea, I’m talking to you Gurl!), through loving tenacity and perseverance kept the beacon flashing in the hopes that I, the Human Adventurer, would one day create a hair’s breadth of Least Resistance/Allowance where some ideas of lucidity, perspicuity and freedom might penetrate! And it bloody well worked!

I realized that I had been dragging around excuses, victim-type excuses, eek! This is the part that really shocked me! Me, the Mighty Creatrix entertaining thoughts of victim-fucking-hood? Great balls of fire, shoot me now! Haha!

I literally couldn’t wait to go to bed last night, so that today, upon awakening, I could decree this “My Write a New Delicious Story Day!” The intro goes something like this… I love how easily and effortlessly money flows to me. My expectation is that checks, lots and lots of checks, will begin streaming into my mail box! Oh the joy in having to endorse them all in my bold signature! And then to bounce on down to the ATM, where I will feed them into my now swelling bank account! I will begin receiving notices from the bank asking if I want to open money market accounts and put my chunks of money into the variety of mutual funds that they tout. I will receive notices from credit card companies begging for my first class business and how I’ve been pre-approved for their highest yielding, most beneficial cards.

And since I love the Kooky-Krazy and Fun, I am challenging The Universe to bring me wads of money from the most unlikely of sources. Haha! So not only will I receive abundance, but I will revel in the joy of Truly Knowing that My Homie, Source, has a thousand and one delivery systems to gift and entertain me, endlessly, eternally, ad infinitum, and then some!! Haha!!

So My Darlings, I am off now to continue writing, feeling, and milking, My New, Uber-Improved, Sexy Fucking Story of Success! That SUCCESS being the defining (which is not always necessary when changing habits of thought! In this case, my experience rolled out this way) and closing of da Gap of insufficient to Create a Bridge of Plenty!! I can feel the Legions of My Non-Physical Compadres marching, skipping, cavorting by my side as we laugh our way into more Abundance of Thought, Word, Deed, Feeling and Manifestations! I am Beyond Ebullient as is My Posse of Dead Geniuses whom I run with, cheer me on to new heights of plenty! After all, they LOVE TO PLAY with and through me, when I’m at the top of me game!!

Taking The Laurel Wreath of Knowing and planting it firmly on my head, I recognize that in order to maintain this lofty, emotional state, I must create a constancy of focus on this and all areas of my life! Gaps between what I desire and achieving that desire are ALWAYS going to be with me. That’s part of The Creation Game! All I need do to close them quickly, with alacrity and efficiency, is to Focus My Giant Brain and come into Alignment! To Pre-Pave, Mediate. Appreciate and Praise Myself Early & Often for a job well done!

Yup! I’m feeling frisky today! See you on the sunny side of the street Creator and you can leave your wallet at home because I’m buying, the day’s on me, it’s my treat!! Oh The Joy…😎~*

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