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Life is easier when you know the cheat codes

Creator, we know the Cheat Codes, do we not? We know that the key to a life of Ease, Flow, and never ending Prosperity is based on our Vibrational Point of Attraction. Upon our Daily Dominant Vibration. Upon our Ability to Align and Allow the richness of life, to flow into us and from there, out into the world.

We understand that our Emotions are The Key to This Code! That by our gaining and owning the clearest of understandings, that “Where We Are Emotionally” (our Point of Attraction), sets the foundational tone for our next Now Moment, and our next, and our next. IOW – the links that create our Eternal Chain of Creation and Existence. We feel and flow the sureness of this, and the certainty, the hope, that lives in this type of Supreme Knowing.

You and I have asked, with the fervor of The Gods that we are, how we can Be More, Love More, Create More, have more Fun, Laughter, Freedom, Growth and Joy? How we can be of the highest service; first to our Own Eternal Expansion and then, to share that mighty love with the world? How we can craft a life based on our passions, on what makes our toes curl, rather than caving into The Zeitgeist and social milieu of “What Is.”?

And Now, here we are, Cheat Codes and all. So I ask you… Creator, how are you using your knowledge, your passion, your new understanding of what life is supposed to feel like, taste like, smell like? Are you reaching for more with every breath? Are you pivoting from that what doesn’t serve (habits, thoughts) and holding your beautiful face toward the sun, beckoning more good feelings, inspired thoughts, and opportunities to unfold? And if you cannot answer yes to all of my queries than I must ask, “Why not?”

All it takes to change your life from one of not-enoughness, of rote, and the rut of an interminably, banal routine, is “To Want It To Be So” enough, that you make the changes that will open the floodgates of Allowing and Receiving all that you desire!! It’s that simple, really. I am here to attest to it. And although, as the ancient adage reminds us that, “Rome was not built in a day,” our building of this New Vibrational Foundation feels good, every step along the way, no exceptions.

I leave you now, hopefully having imparted even the smallest of guidance that somehow titillates and beckons you forward. After all, one of my greatest pleasures is sharing what I Know. Because, as we all can fully attest, “It ain’t crowded on the leading-edge.” Haha! And although our Crowd of Deliberate Creators might be sparse numerically, we are Vibrationally¬†Exponentially Righteous! We are the Funnest, Happiest, Lovingist group of folks that I have ever had the pleasure of romping with. And the more you and I Know, and we put that Knowing to work, the better life will be for us all. There is great, grand, bodacious love here for you Creator. Can you feel me? Oh, I certainly hope so..ūüėé~*

It might look like I'm doing nothing

Creator, I must share my delight at this being the 4th morning in a row where I have awakened with a blissfully quiet mind. Rather than the moment of bliss I usually encounter upon awakening, which is disrupted by thoughts soon thereafter, I now am finding myself enveloped in a dreamy Sea of Silence. And not only that, it remains that way for longer and longer periods of time into my day!

I equate waking up shrouded in this pervasive sense of Well-Being, to the Loving Work I’ve been engaged in. Here’s my Daily Practice, Abe Style…

-Take those first moments in bed to milk and appreciate everything you can think of.

-Soon after awakening, A morning meditation from Abe’s Meditation Series (You want to take advantage of your quiet mind from your sleep state in order to extend this feeling as long and as deep as possible.)

-A morning practice of writing lists of appreciation, creating focus wheels, & pre-Paving my day.

-Pre-Paving the heck out of each daily segment.

And how do I remember to do that? Easy, I have created reminders (3×5 cards with Pre-Pave written on them) at my kitchen sink, the dash board of my car, my bathroom mirror, and sprinkled all around the house, to tee me up To Create This Next Experience to the highest vibration possible!

-Listen to Abe videos daily! (There are always genius nuggets of information to be found in everything that they say, and the funny thing is, it always seems directed at me. Perfect timing coupled with the perfect information.)

-Milk everything, until there’s nothing left. Laugh with abandon, ¬†and take NOTHING seriously.

This Alignment/Allowing Game isn’t a “once you’ve got it, you done son!” kinda deal! Haha! Hardly! Rather, it’s a garden that requires constant, focused commitment and care to create the fertile soil where LOA can bring to you all that you desire. And if you’re doing it LIKE A BOSS, then Yesterday’s High Vibe can serve as your jumping off point of today; meaning, You keep building a momentum of Well-Being that only The Gods can dream of!

So darlings, have you committed to taking the quality of your life’s direction in hand? Are you carving out the time at the beginning of your day, to make all the difference in the world? The big payoff of getting discipline around your Daily Practice is not only do you feel really, really good, but you will be blown away by the rewards of seemingly so little work, with an outta-site, exponential payoff!

I must be off now, there are adventures waiting, fun people and rendez-vous’, cool Synchronicities, and groovy feelings to ride upon! I hope to see you on my journey. You’ll know it’s me as I am wearing a smile as wide as the sky, indicating that I’ve discovered the secret of living and thriving, and guess what? I have! Thanks to The Teachings of Abraham and my being a kick-ass, on it, committed student!

Yup, that’s how we roll here on THIS, The Most Leading-Edge of Thought in the whole darn Universe!! Over and out My Homies…~*

The View From a Broader Perspective

Yesterday, I was attempting to find the proper terminology for my increasingly canny pinpointing of The Moment when I’m feeling resistance. And my newly found, delightful skill of melting it, once I become aware of its presence. And let me tell you, the process of identifying the resistance, then deciding to thaw it out, feels amazing.

I imagine that said resistance is an ice cube which I place in the sun, so that it gently melts away. What a rush that thaw produces, coupled with a keen sense of accomplishment which propels me – Whoosh, straight into My Vortex.

So, as I was saying, I was attempting to find a phrase, the perfect phrase, to describe my newly reawakened skill of melting old man resistance. My first thought was, “I’m getting so much better at‚Ķ”

Nope, sounds too wishy-washy. Needs more punch. Then I thought what about, “I have gotten so good at‚Ķ”

Hmmm, still not powerful enough. How’s this one, “I’m on the road to Mastery.”

Jeeze, it sounds like I’m never arriving. I mean, when does the road end? Well, the answer to that we know for double darn sure is, Never! That’s right, never, as we are Eternal.

Then I thought about how Abe says that all of Our Power, if properly acknowledged and claimed, is in This Present Moment; AKA, the Expansive, Sensual, Erupting, Eternal Now. And then it hit me, if the Journey is Eternal then so would my Mastery be. I am as much of a Master as I decide I Am, it’s that simple. And so, in that moment of clarity, the phrase, “I am on the road OF Mastery.” was born! Let’s say it again ’cause it feels so good, “WE, YOU AND I, ARE ALWAYS AND FOREVER ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY!”

I guess what I’m trying to convey is, if you don’t believe You Are A Master, and no, not a Master in perpetual training, but a FULL BLOWN MASTER, then neither will The Law of Attraction. And the result? The vibration you are emitting is not up to snuff, not up to the snuff of Master anyway. Law of Attraction will only collate, coalesce, formulate, and deliver to you that which you are vibrationally capable of attracting. Isn’t it time to upgrade our thoughts about who and what we are to match THE TRUTH of it all? We are Gods for goodness sake, and what I notice is, we don’t take credit for our heightened status often enough, if ever.

We came to this planet and continue to be, fully plugged in to Source. The only thing that’s happened between that moment of our birth and Now, is it we’ve gathered some resistance, a bit of light luggage, as we journeyed on our Physical Trail of Life. Isn’t Now the perfect time to start separating the wheat from the chaff, as we allow some of that resistance to melt in the sun? As we boldly embrace our majesty, our power, our might , sagacity, and the clarity that comes with being a Masterful Human here on this most leading-edge of thought?

Yup, that’s what I thought!! Haha! You and I Dear One, are most assuredly, without a doubt, no foolin’, ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY AS WE RECREATE, UPDATE, & FINE-TUNE IT TO MORE, with each glorious moment of our Eternal Expansion.

In closing, let me just say that it’s great traveling with you Masterful Creator. See you at the next stop. Over and out…~*

Not everyone will understand your journey

Creator, if you anything like me, then you’re acutely aware of sharing your hopes, dreams, projects, ideas, the uber cool stuff you’re working on/creating, before YOU ARE VIBRATIONALLY READY TO SHARE!

Birthing a new passion is akin to having a baby; in which case, most prudent folks wait till they’re pregnant for 3 months before sharing the good news! Why? Simple, prevailing wisdom dictates that¬†once you’ve crossed into the second trimester of baking your baby into manifestation, then the odds for a full term pregnancy are more favorable!

Treat your ideas with the same care. Remember – NO ONE IS UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO SEE IT YOUR WAY. Meaning, when you share early or ever, the opinions are likely to fly, some in the good column, some not so favorable, and some downright negative. And the final 2 can cause a mighty wobble for you, drain the wind from your sails and leave you questioning the brilliance of your Idea.

Here’s the thing, although you’re bursting with pride and passion with your latest endeavor, I have found that KEEPING MY OWN COUNSEL is SO MUCH MORE REWARDING! I get to bake my project in my imagination. I line up with it more. I inculcate the fullness of it. In short, over time I come to OWN IT! And then, once you’ve crossed that threshold into the End Zone of feeling Mighty, Unflappable, and Fully Knowing about your latest Brilliant Creation, then by all means, share.

Although, one final word, even if you’re fully aligned and on board with your Creation, NO ONE will Ever be able to see it, feel it, get it, own it with the same degree of Fiery Fervor that you do! No one! Everything’s an inside job, so if something Feels Extraordinary to You, then by all means, go for it. Leave the opinions of others, the peanut gallery, out of it.

It’s a totally new way of living that we Abers have come to embrace. Our new and improved way of understanding the world and our place in it, is the antithesis of what 99.99% of the world around us believes and lives. And we’ve been brought up to take score, gather opinions, and use other people’s reactions to gauge the worthiness of our ideas!

What I know at my deepest level of understanding, is that I’m here for me, for my joy, to explore my creativity and needing someone, anyone else’s approval, mitigates my flow.

So here’s to us, Leading-Edge Groovsters doing it our way and figuring it out, one contrasting moment at a time! 3 Cheers as we move forward toward a deeper Understanding and Knowing of what this life’s journey is all about. We’re the bomb, but let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we? Haha! Over and out my Homies…~*

Cup of Chai and Journal

I’m spending this Sunny Saturday morning with My Divine Inner Being as I sip a cuppa delicious Oregon Chai and write Positive Affirmations & Lists of Appreciation to raise my Vibe to the Level of The Gods.

I love acknowledging my Soul Sista, My Inner Being, My Bestest Buddy, Playmate, Mentor, Guide, and Eternal Other through the Gift of Writing. As Abe says, our connection with Non-Physical as opposed to our Human to Human Connections, is more subtle; IOW, not as overt and in your face, as our 5 Senses World. So accessing this fecund playground requires a more subtle approach.

I call upon my Inner Beloved by using my Super Power of Focused Thought, as I scribe Feeling Words that beckon her out of The Shadows and plants her firmly in My Now Moment. Gods it feels grand to Consciously Play and Co-Create with Non-Physical. And as I spend more time here:¬†I can access this Blessed Field of Play more readily, with ease and alacrity; I remember that This Oasis of My Heart is Always Available to Me and I stop in and say Hello more often; I Feel her knocking on The Door of My Heart asking me to come Up and Play; I Feel her Whispering Sweet Everything’s into my ear; and I feel loved and taken care of, no matter the circumstances!

I read An Abe Quote this morning that said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Your Inner Being NEVER has a negative thought about You! Ever! Never!!!”

So why wouldn’t we want to evoke this Vital Stream of Love into our lives? I know, it can be a bit overwhelming to Allow yourself to be Loved and Flow Love like that, but hey, isn’t it time to let that Lovin In? To let It enfold you? To swim in the Effulgence of Source?

So go ahead Creator, stick your toe into The Stream of Love and Well-Being, take a moment – at least 68 seconds worth – to Focus Your Mind by Appreciating Anything and Everything. Write it, think it, but whatever you do MILK IT ’till there’s nothing left. And keep doing it again, and again, and again!! All day, on into the deep night and beyond. Instantly, you’ll Feel the difference in how you Feel, and see the results of this work, through the manifestation of the caliber of the people, places, and events that are drawn to you!

I’m off Now, My Beloved and I have some exploring to do. I’ll meet you later Creator, on The Corner where Divine Knowing meets Our Heart’s Desire. Where once you get there, you’ll realize that You Never left. Up, Up, Up and Away…~*

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