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I'm a traveler of both time and space

I am a Creator of Worlds. I am a pure, unadulterated, sexy extension of Source energy. I am the molder of the clay. I am a Badd Ass Manifester. I am a righteous Allower, a bold Deliberate Creatrix, a formidable Focuser of Energy, an uplifter, a student, a teacher, a God in high heels, a dancing fool, a Genius, a channeling vixen, a dreamer of dreams, a bawdy broad with nothing but music in her heart and a deep, throaty laugh.

I am a Lover of animals and people. I am learning more each day. I am a Master of My Life. I am the Captain of my Soul. I am a traveler of both time and space. I am the leader of my unfolding. I am constantly Becoming More, Feeling More! Exuding More! Playing more. Getting “It” more. Understanding more. Aligning, allowing, receiving, expanding, catching up more, more, more!

I am you and you are me and man, we are mighty cool! That I KNOW for triple darn sure! Creator, we are da bomb!! All for one and one for all my Homies…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

I've learned so much from my mistakes...

We in Abe Land don’t refer to our Choices as mistakes; rather, we choose Contrast to define the vicissitudes in our life. A much better vibe, don’t you think? Mistakes intimate that we’re doing something wrong, but we know that we can’t get it wrong, and that’s why we choose the word Contrast.

So Creator, how about you get yourself out there in the world today, make blunders, trip over yourself, fall down, mix it up, screw up, choose the wrong door, ’cause ALL DOORS, ALL ROADS, ALL CHOICES serve us mightily. Let yourself off da hook. Have a good laugh when you totally screw the pooch and then, dust yourself off and get back into the ring.

But, whatever the hell you do, don’t play it safe! What fun is there in that? Aren’t the funniest of stories always around our giant mishaps? Yes! And why is that? Because we so Know that All Is Well, that we can allow ourselves the joy and freedom to reach beyond our ken, sometimes resulting in funny life blunders, that’s why.

I’m off now to turn up the heat on my Pot of Life, to give it a mighty stir and see what I can spice up, up, up today!! If all goes as planned, It’s gonna be a hot, spicy, sinus clearing, kinda day! After all, if the choice is a saltine cracker life or a jalapeรฑo life, I’m grabbing that hot pepper and dancing out the door!! Hasta Luego Mis Amigos…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

You don't have to pull strings to get what you want...

This quote reminds me of one of my father Clyde’s favorite aphorisms, “Walk in like you own the place kid, and no one will ever stop you.”

I’ve used it to get myself into some of the swankiest parties, sans an invitation, in my bold late teens/early 20’s period; On board various yachts; Into beautiful hotels worldwide with the expressed purpose of finding and using their loo; Into the Dean’s Office of a world class University to talk with the Dean (he overheard me talking to his secretary, came out and invited me in. After a lovely chat, he admitted me to U of Michigan, after the admission date had passed and without trans scripts, no kidding!); To running Harvard University’s Commercial Real Estate Portfolio without either an undergraduate or graduate degree (unheard of at the time, I was A First!!). And those examples aren’t even the half of it, no kidding!

I am bold and brash in my Knowing and Expectation and always have been, but now, now with The Teachings of Abraham, I realize it’s not just my moxie alone that opens doors and makes miracles happen, it’s the consistent and true help of my Wing Man (My Inner Being), My Emotional Guidance System’s unwavering steadfastness of keeping me turned toward my Eternal Heading of True North; and My understanding the nuances and machinations of The Law of Attraction and using them to my advantage.

I’ve got a leg up, an inside line to Knowing and so now, what I know for triple darn sure is, Source wants me to succeed, to have fun, to have my myriad of manifestations along with the kooky krazy stories of their fruition, to accompany them. Source is my cheerleader, my Homie, my badd ass side kick who quietly stands by, holding the course, tickling my solar plexus, conveying to me exactly when to hold ’em or fold ’em.

Given what we Now Know Creator, the old adages are no longer appropriate or germane. Rather, it’s our purposeful stride toward the sun, the next logical step, dreaming the unencumbered dream, opening fully to receive and allow, that are our “Now Mantras.”

So Darlings, on this fine day and all the days to follow, might I suggest you embody your Knowing fully, hold you head high, look ’em right in the eye when you make your move, and never ever shy away from your grander purpose and dreams. Walk this earth like The God you are and your path will be littered with assistance and interesting interactions.

We; You, Source and I, are The Game Designers. We Know The Codes because We Created Them! You are a God having a righteous, human experience, all while increasing the boundaries of this Boundaryless Universe in the process! Puff up your chest and your Knowing and let it rip. After all, where’s the fun in holding back? Of feeling less than? Of settling for less? Exactly.

I’m off now, let’s rendez-vous again soon shall we? I so love our talks. Sharing my Knowing with you gives me more insight and a deeper understanding into my own life! I so love how it all works. All for one and one for all my Homies…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

No one else knows you reason for being...

Now Hear This Creator… No one; not your mama, nor your daddy, nor your best friend, priest, coach, PTA, Imam, teachers, society, politicians, co-workers, neighbors, kids, not even your lover, Know what your Bliss is. So unless you allow yourself to dream, allow your imagination to take flight; you, my dear, darling friend, will be looking for love and guidance in all da wrong places mon!!

Release yourself from other people’s opinions and find your own True North! Open up that engine of Inspired Knowing and get about the business of crafting a life that is uniquely your own. No one else can do it for you.

It’s akin to climbing a mountain, take one joyous step at a time and don’t think about the summit, cause there isn’t one! You Eternal Reacher For More You! Make the Joyous Journey your ultimate pay off. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t look down! We Gods live in the lofty heights of the heavens, and looking down or back only gives us vertigo.

Forward, ever forward Creator, One Inspired Step, Skip, Sexy Saunter, and Sashay at a time! Now grab those crampons and let’s start climbing, shall we?…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

Dear Self, This is going to be the year I dust off my shitkickers...

So how do you make triple darn sure It’s Your Year? Oh that’s simple, but maybe not easy because…

You must be more Positive Than Negative. You must be more Allowing and less Resistant. You must Dream More and Complain, not at all. You must be open to Delight and Change and Closed to NOTHING! You must take the time to Meditate for only 15 minutes daily, no excuses, no exceptions! You must err on the side of Passion and Allow the stagnation to fall away. You must cease negotiating against Your Success (the amount of Joy you feel) and Create a Fecund Playground of Endless Possibilities. You must put an abrupt end to your FICTIONAL LIMITATIONS and begin Supporting Your Eternal Fabulosity!!!

In short Creator, you must set aside all the B.S. Blah Blah about why you can’t and begin scripting, speaking, thinking, formulating, FEELING ALL THE BILLIONS OF REASONS WHY YOU CAN! Yup! That’s the winning formula yo!! All you need do is DO IT!! Get it? Got it? Good! Over and out…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

You are creator, your thoughts become reality

Be mindful of your Self Talk Creator, as you are conversing with The Universe!

Nothing happens in a vacuum, rather you, Genius Creator God that you Eternally Are, through your thoughts and feelings is emitting a signal, much like a homing beacon, that pings out into deep space your personal coordinates. Eek!

So who and what experiences are your thoughts inviting? Will your party be filled to the brim with fun, creative, happy humans or the down-in-the-dumps model? Will they be dancing to the coolest tunes, or rolling around on the floor bemoaning their plight? Will there be Masterminding taking place all around, or sad sack commentary and a full blown pity party? Haha! The choice is always yours.

It’s comical the kind of playground we oft times prepare, due to our resistance and our unhealthy habits of thought and word. But now that we have The Teachings of Abe to show us the How-To’s, we never have to throw a shitty ass party again! You can always be the consummate host! Proud of who and what you’ve attracted into your experience!!

I’m off now to plan my next party. The Universe knows what I like, so my job is to be positive, think pleasant thoughts, appreciate everything and anything, and then, wait for the Universe to deliver the next Sweet Package of Delightful Manifestations into my life! It’s that easy. Gods I so love Knowing this. Over and out…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

It take 2.4 seconds to go from...

This used to be me, B.A., Before Abraham. I thought it was due to the fact that I’m Irish and could turn any serene moment into a Fourth of July flare up. Or that I grew up in Manhattan, the Mecca of Reactionism. But then I met Abraham and they taught me that it’s none of the above. That’s just the bullshit blah blah I told myself, which completely took any responsibility for my actions off of me and laid it squarely on my DNA, and the Lat/Long of my upbringing.

When I attracted The Teachings of Abraham into my life, they grabbed me by the gut and heart, in a nice way lol. They showed me that habits aren’t chronic; rather, they’re as ephemeral as we choose to make them.

Well, that’s a relief, but how do I retire my pugilistic tendencies for a calmer life of equanimity and ease?

Abe’s go-to answer refers to the subject of Deliberate Creation, and the B-Side to that which is, Sloppy Focusing. Hmmmm. So what’s the difference?

Deliberate Creation is just what it sounds like it is, Deliberately Creating and Focusing on what makes you feel good. Sloppy Focusing is when you allow all your thoughts to flow unchecked; the good, the bad, and the ugly. And since most of us have been sloppy focusers all our lives, those crappy thoughts have built up quite a head o’ steam (momentum) and soon very soon, no matter how great we felt at one point during the day, they take hold of us and wrestle us to the ground.

So how does one become a Supreme Deliberate Creator?

It’s as easy as inculcating a new habit into your daily routine. The morning routine Abe espouses, and this is also Esther’s daily routine, is to take the time each morning to firmly establish the foundation of your day by Appreciating Immediately Upon Awakening. Then, before you open your email or start a spate of conversations with anyone about anything, MEDITATE for 15 minutes. Thus stretching out the re-calibration time that you amassed while sleeping. After which, when you’re in that lovely, post meditation bliss, grab a fave notebook and pen and begin Writing Lists of Positive Aspects, Lists of Appreciation, Create Focus Wheels, Write The Story of Your Life as you’d like it to play out, Create the day you’d like to unfold before you. etc. In other words, do whatever you can to give depth and breadth to that glorious, In-da-Vortex Feeling…๐ŸŒ€

My reaction time, B.A., used to be so fast that I’d lament, “How the hell can I not react, or stop mid-reaction, when I don’t even know I’m reacting until it’s all done?” Haha!

But Now, with my new Happy Habit of Deliberately Creating like The Badd Ass Human I’ve come to be, I can feel myself start to turn to the dark side, so I can easily and gingerly pivot toward the light and fluffy side of the street. No harm, no foul! Just straight up Edifying, Electrifying, Emancipating, Exhilarating, Clarifying, Deliberate Creating!!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it Creator. And I know you’ve heard these words before, but I really, really mean it, “If I can do it, anyone can!!”

Change only happens when you commit to it. And isn’t a life of freedom, good feelings, and fabulous manifestations worth a half hour a day? I’m thinking, that’s short front end loading to achieve the life of your dreams. You with me…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

The most valuable skill or talent you could have is directing your thoughts toward what you want

It has been my experience that 2 of the oft most underestimated Practices are Yoga and Focusing. They actually go hand in hand, after all, you can’t maintain a challenging balancing pose if your thinking about your dinner. I should know! Lol

Yoga has been a Passion of mine for quite some time; I love how it makes me feel, centered, strong, flexible and clear. Now I’m adding The Practice of Focusing to my list.

When I’m Present, I mean Really Fucking Present, the results are intoxicating. I see more clearly and with considerably more depth perception. I hear more layers of sound around me, notice more of the landscape I’m moving through or sitting in, my body relaxes and feels more at ease. And the super bonus? Man does it ever feel good.

Abraham constantly and consistently teaches us that Focus is Our Super Power and yet, how many of us are proficient? And if we are not and we’re wondering, “Where’s my stuff, my dude, my rockin’ health, my what-ever?” it just might be that your Power of Focus ain’t as “All That” as you thought.

But not to fret, all you need do is PRACTICE. One Great Focus Exercise is to attempt to Remain Present (without your mind wandering, even a little bit) while listening to someone talk. See how long you can do it. And when you find out that your mind is more like a Monkey, swinging from vine to vine (yogis call it Monkey Mind), that’s cool, welcome to the club, and just try, try again.

You know how Abe talks about Holding a Focused thought for 17 Seconds? Begin there. Set your Phone’s Stopย Watch and start Your Practice of Presence. And the minute the monkey starts swinging in another direction, check the time. Your goal, Delightful Creator Human, is to reach the Valhalla of Goal Lines, the 68 Second Mark. According to Abe, every Successive 17 Second Marker; 17, 34, 51, 68, is more Vibrationally Robust and Supercharged.

So what are you waiting for? Have a go, or two, or three and see if the Practice of Focused Thought doesn’t deliver as promised. After all, isn’t it time to manifest even some of The “Ask and It Is Given”ย Desires that are currently cooling their heels in Your Vortex, waiting for you to contain your Wobbles and Allow Focus to Become your Jam? I’m thinking Hell Yes It Is!…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*


I heard a fun hot seat segment the other day that has really stuck with me.

The hot seater recounted a story about the man who does the voice-over for the cartoon/game character Mario. Seems our protagonist was having fun chilling at the beach when he got a call from a friend. His pal told him to high tail it to Las Vegas as they were having voice-over try-outs. Our man was a bit perplexed by the nature of the call as he considered himself a “trained” actor, but said, “What the hell.” and went.

When he arrived, he found the interview team packing up. He begged them to stay and give him a try. They acquiesced and told him to just start talking and they’d tell him when to stop.

And so, for the next 30 minutes he rambled on. They finally stopped him, said thanks and that was that. Our pal headed back to the beach thinking he didn’t get the job.

A few weeks later, he got a call. Not only did he get the job, but his was the only voice-over they shared with the client!!

So what’s the moral of the story Creator!?

Go have funโ€ผ๏ธ

The Universe knows what you want, boy does it ever, and can only deliver it to you when you’re Vibing High Enough to receive/attract the cool stuff: people, places, things, opportunities, into your life!!

These past few days I’ve been using this Mario Story as my excuse to have fun, to let the laundry continue to marinate in the hamper, and the dust bunnies to scamper and play under the couches and chairs!! Lol! And guess what? The validations of my high Vibe are coming at me fast and furious. And the more I’m laughing and having a good time, the more cool people and situations I’m attracting. It’s one Fast Ball of Fun after the other, rocketing over my High Vibing Home Plate!

So next time your vexed about anything, just ask yourself, “What would Mario do?” Haha!
Over and up, up, up and away Creator…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*


Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace

No one story, person, event, or the like, has the Power to get under your Vibrational Skin. That is, unless YOU Allow Them Access to your Internal Kingdom of Peace and Tranquility by Focusing Your Attention there.

In sailing parlance, when someone wants to board your vessel, they query, “Permission to come aboard?” And it’s up to me, as Captain of My Ship and Soul, whether or not I grant them access.

So next time you see, hear, witness a low hanging vibe, ask yourself, “Do I want this in my life? Am I willing to compromise my good feelings because decorum dictates that I can’t just turn and walk away from this person/conversation (yes you can), or hit delete on my phone (yes you can), or radically change the subject (yes you can), or turn off the offensive news, show, whatever?” Yes! Yes! Bloody well Yes! You Can!!

You want to feel good mostly? To thrive? To tap into, Align and Flow the Energy That Creates Worlds more readily, consistently and for longer and longer periods of time? Great! Then it’s time to Focus on what gives you joy, period. That’s It! That’s all you need do.

It’s simple, maybe not easy at first, as habits good or bad can seem like old friends. But soon, very soon, after a bit of practice and gleaning the positive results of your Independence, you won’t hesitate to deny permission to anything or anyone who isn’t up to your Vibrational Standard.

So Creator let’s set a new course today. The heading? Well Freedom, Growth, and Joy of course. The weather’s on our side, so let’s weigh anchor and Sail Beyond The Sunset! You with me? Oh I certainly do hope so…๐Ÿ˜Ž~*

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