Be Present Creator, Else You Might Miss The Breadcrumbs…

Something to Ponder Creator… As you are out and about today remember these words of wisdom from Bill Nye The Science Guy, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

Now doesn’t that ratchet up the possibilities and turn what could be considered mundane encounters into mining for gold? Does it not encourage You to Be Present for all your interactions so you won’t miss the gems that are being presented?

I’m going to Abe This Quote Up a bit. We know that our Inner Being is always looking for ways to present The Path of Least Resistance to us. Sooo, what if the kid bagging your groceries, or the receptionist at the dentist, or the customers coming into your store, or the attendant at the parking garage, is ready to Co-Create with you and slip you Your Next Logical Step? Haha! How groovy cool would that be?

This is your cue to pay attention Creator, as the clues abound! You just have to be Aware Enough To Receive Them. Up, Up and Away…~*

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