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the life i live is created by the story i tell

Creator, if you’ve been hanging around Abe’s Teachings for a while, you will have heard, numerous times, Abraham chide us that if we don’t like the life we’re living (or certain aspects of it), then it’s time to tell A New Story!

I must have heard this, seen it in quotes, memes, you name it, a thousand upon a thousand times. But yesterday, yesterday? Haha! Something in me shifted. I heard myself, many times throughout the day, dredge up the same old banal, sad, tired ass phrases around one particular subject which had been dogging me and crimping my style for years, and that would be the subject of $MONEY, $Money. $Money!

But then, yesterday happened! I’d had a bit of contrast which set me thinking. And true to how I know to at once soothe myself and shine positivity in my life, I turned to the grandest Co-Creative Duo of Teachers in The Whole darn Universe, Abraham and Esther.

While making dinner, I had Abe’s Latest Australia Workshop playing. I don’t recall a specific trigger, but between listening, inculcating, celebrating, laughing with the hot seaters and audience, finding clarity and then loosing it again, in the interstices, those in-between moments and gaps, I would feel myself going off the rails. Hmmm.

So I became a sleuth, an archeologist, and between bouts of positivity, I began to discern these statements of lack, and there were quite a few of them, all boiling down to the same essential vibration… My grandmother had this issue (lived in a closet), my mother lived in a closet, and it seemed, unbeknownst to me until yesterday, so too was I!

Well My Darlings, in those combined moments of supreme clarity, it became clearer than clear, that of course things in The Money Arena were at a stalemate! These ideas/thoughts of “not enoughness” and the paltry, puny explanations as to why I wasn’t rolling in the dough, where literally acting as chains around the neck of any progress I hoped to see, feel, experience. It was as though someone (Hello Inner Being My Love, yea, I’m talking to you Gurl!), through loving tenacity and perseverance kept the beacon flashing in the hopes that I, the Human Adventurer, would one day create a hair’s breadth of Least Resistance/Allowance where some ideas of lucidity, perspicuity and freedom might penetrate! And it bloody well worked!

I realized that I had been dragging around excuses, victim-type excuses, eek! This is the part that really shocked me! Me, the Mighty Creatrix entertaining thoughts of victim-fucking-hood? Great balls of fire, shoot me now! Haha!

I literally couldn’t wait to go to bed last night, so that today, upon awakening, I could decree this “My Write a New Delicious Story Day!” The intro goes something like this… I love how easily and effortlessly money flows to me. My expectation is that checks, lots and lots of checks, will begin streaming into my mail box! Oh the joy in having to endorse them all in my bold signature! And then to bounce on down to the ATM, where I will feed them into my now swelling bank account! I will begin receiving notices from the bank asking if I want to open money market accounts and put my chunks of money into the variety of mutual funds that they tout. I will receive notices from credit card companies begging for my first class business and how I’ve been pre-approved for their highest yielding, most beneficial cards.

And since I love the Kooky-Krazy and Fun, I am challenging The Universe to bring me wads of money from the most unlikely of sources. Haha! So not only will I receive abundance, but I will revel in the joy of Truly Knowing that My Homie, Source, has a thousand and one delivery systems to gift and entertain me, endlessly, eternally, ad infinitum, and then some!! Haha!!

So My Darlings, I am off now to continue writing, feeling, and milking, My New, Uber-Improved, Sexy Fucking Story of Success! That SUCCESS being the defining (which is not always necessary when changing habits of thought! In this case, my experience rolled out this way) and closing of da Gap of insufficient to Create a Bridge of Plenty!! I can feel the Legions of My Non-Physical Compadres marching, skipping, cavorting by my side as we laugh our way into more Abundance of Thought, Word, Deed, Feeling and Manifestations! I am Beyond Ebullient as is My Posse of Dead Geniuses whom I run with, cheer me on to new heights of plenty! After all, they LOVE TO PLAY with and through me, when I’m at the top of me game!!

Taking The Laurel Wreath of Knowing and planting it firmly on my head, I recognize that in order to maintain this lofty, emotional state, I must create a constancy of focus on this and all areas of my life! Gaps between what I desire and achieving that desire are ALWAYS going to be with me. That’s part of The Creation Game! All I need do to close them quickly, with alacrity and efficiency, is to Focus My Giant Brain and come into Alignment! To Pre-Pave, Mediate. Appreciate and Praise Myself Early & Often for a job well done!

Yup! I’m feeling frisky today! See you on the sunny side of the street Creator and you can leave your wallet at home because I’m buying, the day’s on me, it’s my treat!! Oh The Joy…😎~*

Amun RA Marduk

Greetings Creator, Today I am feeling The Vibration of Not-Enoughness with regard to my finances. I came across one of those quotes that says, “I am a magnet for money” and decided to play around with it by writing a new story with that as my theme. What I discovered is the feelings weren’t matching the words I was scratching onto the page. I was far and away NOT a magnet for money, as a matter of fact, I was so far down the hole of what-the-fuck-ever-ness that I couldn’t find any Vibe to hang my hat on.


Then, I had a plan. I have a plethora of processes that I use regularly to take me from not-feeling-so-good to feeling great, and I whipped them out to begin the process of taking my journey Home to Alignment. What I found was that instead of upping my vibe, I felt frozen in time. I just couldn’t budge because the words I was reaching for, abundance, affluence, plenty, etc. felt like a giant leap. So I changed it up and took a trip into the world of Antonyms where Abundance isn’t top dog, Lack is. Where Opulence holds no sway, as The Vibration of Scarcity rules the day. Where Frugality, Deficiency and Dearth are the triptych of The Dance of Not-Enoughness!


It turned out to be a great plan. There were some words in the list that felt significantly LOWER than where I was Vibing, i.e., poverty, paucity, bankrupt, distress, etc. This was great news! I used those down-and-out words to move my vibration. The upshot was I got jiggy with the lat/long of that quadrant of My Vibrational Universe and then, once that was certain, I could move onward and upward. After all, you can’t program your GPS to take you somewhere if it doesn’t know your starting point. And now, I am crystal clear as to my jumping off place.


I love feeling the energy move around a subject that has been vexing me. I realize that all subjects, all states of being, are energetically temporary and are part of Emotional Guidance System, which consistently shows me where I am Vibing in any moment in time. This exercise of straying into the underworld of emotions strengthened my resolve and set me on the right path. I am NOW standing firm in my KNOWING and I’m ready to change it up, no scratch that, I AM CHANGING IT UP, just by giving my attention to it!


Where I Now Stand with My Vibration To Money is the jumping off point for more of what I desire! I am perpetually, moment by divine moment, on the starting line of having, being, doing anything I desire. IT IS UP TO ME to take charge of My Energy! IT IS UP TO ME to change up what I don’t dig about something that I want to Embrace Fully, Allow Fully!! IT IS UP TO ME and NOW is the perfect time to take the reins of my life and snap my team of steeds to mighty attention, ‘cause we got ourselves some work to do, the work of The Gods! We don’t toil, sweat and grind our way forward, no, that’s so last century and doesn’t work well anyway. Rather, we take our Vibrational Reins In Hand and steer ourselves to new vistas, new vibrations, clarity, ease, relaxation, newness on all fronts!


The Subjects that remain for us to upgrade are our biggest ally! Kind of like those people that drive us mad when we think about or come into contact with them. Why? Because they make us crack our knuckles, flex our muscles and hone our skills, that’s why! Abe consistently tells us that we can be around any situation and remain in Da Vortex, all we need do is Tend To Our Vibration so selfishly that not nobody, not nohow, not any damn subject, has the Power to take us off our Game! Only if WE ALLOW IT, that is!


As I was relishing my new found movement and creativity, I moved into a place where I was having a conversation with the Vibration that brought me here. It just poured out of me and it was so much fun to play with. So Dear Darling Deliberate Creator, here’s my latest, an Ode To Scarcity! And it goes like this…

When we met, I thought we were only going to be together for a short time. Turns out we’ve been riding the dusty trail together for a time now and I’m feeling like I need a bath and a new direction. Perhaps a road that is paved; paved with hope and fun. A road paved with Upliftment and Abundance, Paved with KNOWING and Appreciation. I have enjoyed our time together and realize that nothing is bad, not the trail, not the pace we’ve been keeping, or the company. I have no regrets or sadness that I find myself here today with you, still, LOL, because our time together has only solidified in my Being the KNOWING that my time to move on is nigh. And I am eager, willing, ready and able to hop aboard my new means of transport and take myself up to the high, higher, highest path that I can muster up right now!


You have become a friend of sorts, someone who stays with me, no matter what! I can always count on you to rear up when Lack comes a callin’. And then, that old momentum that we have created together, takes hold and off we go, to places that don’t feel good and where I am bored beyond imagining of re-visiting. You see Friend, this story that we have woven together needs a new beginning and a new ending, the sameness of this, year after year, is a bit off-putting and as they say, enough is enough.


Your place is my life has not been a hinderance to my growth, rather, you have provided me with the perfect Catalyst to My Expansion! In my Vortex, I have a bank account that would make a Sheik take pause. I have expressions of clarity and abundance that will take your breath away. And without you, Dearest of Friends, I NEVER would have Come To Know any of it, because I wouldn’t have been aware of my feelings enough to change them when they were no longer working for me! You are the best of friends actually, never yessing me when I was feeling like pooh, but rather reinforcing that vibe to make it clear that that’s where I was and you weren’t moving out, until I had supplanted you with a more uplifting pal to take your place.  


I appreciate where I am NOW beyond my ability to speak or write it! Seems crazy doesn’t it that I am this fond of finding this Nexus Point of My Own Creativity, through the process of going to places that I don’t dig? Well we KNOW that clarity around what we don’t like, leads us to clarity on what we do. I feel Appreciation for our relationship because I KNOW that everything in my Vibrational World is a temporary condition and is ripe for change, whenever I put my Big Gurl Boots on and strut about declaring it so!


I feel you smiling at me! Haha! You wanted this for me as well! You wanted me to find a new Partner with whom I could create on a higher flying disk. “What’s that? This is your job you say? This is why you are in my life, to cue me to higher vistas through your consistent broadcasting of not so good feelings.”


WOW! You are truly the unsung hero then, are you not? You are a Human Beings ONLY source of KNOWING how we feel in any particular moment, on any subject. You are telling us when to hold ‘em or fold ‘em. When to leave town, or put down roots. When to reach out and engage or go inside ourselves for more fine-tuning on any subject imaginable!


My Appreciation of You and Your Place in The Ranks of My Guidance System is beyond imagining! We are so used to heralding the Top Shelf Emotions that you guys on the lower echelons get the bum rap. As though you are the Enemy, when in effect, you are our perfect Creative Partner! Now, don’t get me wrong, given the choice (which is always available to me) I’ll take Joy to the Dance Floor over Scarcity and Lack any ole day, but when you do enter into my experience through my own lack of attention to my Vibe, I can now welcome your entry, rather than fight it! I can embrace it as a RIGHTEOUS GOD-LIKE KNOWING that I’ve strayed from the Fun House into that old haunted house that everyone in the neighborhood is scared to enter! I can stop what I am thinking immediately, and take an about-face to brighter vistas, sunnier shores, happier everything!


Thank you for your unwavering attention to the details of my Vibrational Countenance! After all, I am only as good as my Vibrational Signals can Indicate, how else will I KNOW that feeling in my gut shouting, “For God’s Sakes Woman, Pivot!” haha! Or when that tired old vibration of Not-Enough-Ness comes a knocking on my solar plexus and let’s itself in for a stay, putting its feet up by the fire of my unrealized dreams and making itself at home! Hell, I don’t blame you one bit, after all, hating you would be akin to shooting the messenger and counterintuitive to my expressed intention to move ever forward to more knowing, more clarity, more of everything good and sweet in this life!


I will sign off Now, as I have Dreams to Create and Manifest and honestly, hanging out with you too long, puts a dent in my Creative Flow! Hey it’s not your fault, it’s what you came to do, you are a catalyst, you were never meant to be a condition. You were meant to be an acquaintance, never a lifelong friend. So let’s look into each other’s eyes and share this moment of clarity. You are doing your job so well, that I am moving on up, which is always what you intended for me anyway. It’s just that we became a little to used to having each other around. And so, I bid you a fond farewell, till we meet again. And when we do, it won’t be for a long chat, rather, it will be more of a nod of recognition, which takes less than 17 seconds for me to execute as I turn this Ship of Knowing around towards shores of Plenty, Abundance, and Opulence. It is with a happy heart that I now part company. Ciao Bella. Onward and Upward…~*


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