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Creator, It is imperative that we Stay On The Bright, In The Vortex, In the Zone of Positivity, if we want to Create a life of ease and flow, joy, clarity and creativity. It is imperative that we do not default to negative thoughts that don’t serve us, if we want to feel good. It is imperative that we become aware of where our mind is wandering, if we want to be successful Deliberate Creators.

Staying Positive is akin to avoiding potholes when driving, so too can we avoid the potholes of judgement and negativity, swerving our thoughts to the smooth pavement, to the less bumpy terrain, to the sunny side of the street.

If I'm not feeling good mostly and experiencing consistent, positive validations, then My Story must be upgraded to match the life I want reflected before me. My whole fucking story, not just pieces here and there. The story of my personal success at looking on the bright side and being in The V Mostly and Allowing A Lot. My Super Charged Story of grand physicality, strength of limb, of focus, flexibility of muscles and tendons. My Story of unlimited abundance; abundance of love, creativity, funds, clarity, sensuous moments, the works! My Story concerning the others that are in my life, how I choose to interact at the highest level and if that can not be obtained, then not at all. How I see and interact with my tribe, do I buoy or criticize? Do I praise or nitpick? Do I uplift or tear down?

And of course I can turn this microscope on to me, do I judge or praise myself? Do I uplift and Appreciat all that I have Become and am Becoming; or do I remain in the pooh, choosing to focus on what's not currently working and whipping that Vibration up, up, up until I feel strangled and suffocated by my own negative thoughts?

Make no mistake Creator, when The Eagle has been your wingman. When The Gods, The Colossai, have chosen you to converse and dream with. When the forces of nature seemingly bend the knee in acquiescence to all that You Desire, then finding oneself playing pinochle in the gutter with the great unwashed of thoughts, feels like and is, a definite step down, down, down into the denser energy of our lower, more base emotions.

So what's a Genius Creatrix to do when she realizes that she isn't living a Step 5 experience anymore? (Step 5, I paraphrase: Being cool with being OUT of the V because you know it's temporary.) Rather, she's turned OUT of The V into a forwarding fucking address? Well I'll tell you, she makes a new game plan for herself. One that she has used before and has served her beyond well.

I awoke this morning sick of my own thoughts and determined to up the ante. I can clearly see that it was and is all my own creation, one created by 2 words: Sloppy Focusing! That's it. And then I realized how delicious it's been that I've been OUT like this for the past week or so because that means I have launched mega-rockets of desire. I have expanded way beyond where I am now. And the reason I feel like shit is because I'm not catching up to that incredibly open, flowing, creative, knowing, Expansive Me!

So here's my pledge to myself and to my fellow Creators, on this day and all the days unfolding before me, I will do what I know feels good. I will awaken and meditate. I will then sit with my delicious book and write lists of positive aspects. And will scribe my New Story in all areas of my life: Money, Health, Passions, Relationships, Dreams, the whole fucking shibang. Once I feel good and juicy and I believe the foundation of my day, and my life is set, I will embark upon the business of the day awash in positive expectation.

Yup! That's what I'm going to do. I am putting a moratorium on Negativity. I am shutting down that train and all the stations she usually frequents. I am blessing this time out, ‘cause I know I'm not doing anything wrong, it's just the opposite really as I can Feel that I'm gearing up for such big shit, (The Empire that I have been Creating and is knocking on my door to be realized), that I needed to have this time so that I could really look at, hone, and fine-tune my Super Power Skill of Focus.

This Life’s Game is set up so perfectly, usually when you fuck up you get punished. But not us Gods, rather, we get rewarded with Becoming More, with More Expansion, with More Knowing, Clarity, bigger ideas, sure footedness, and with feeling that fabulous movement of energy as we climb up the emotional scale towards all that we desire! It's like water in the desert, when positive momentum finally takes hold and we find ourselves Flowing The Vibration That is Our Desires.

So Darlings of All That is Good and Sweet, who's with me? Who's ready for More on such a grand scale that it will make your head spin and your toes curl? Who, like me, wants to know what Abraham is talking about when they say, "You have barely scratched the surface."

I’m off now, there is so much to be mined from this day and I’ve got a Renewed Sense of Purpose that is burning a hole in my pocket, wanting to be spent. And spend I shall, like a drunken sailor knowing that Source has my back and I can't ever get it wrong or done! Yay for us! Intrepid, fearless, forward feeling Explorers who came here and for a little while, forgot how the game is played, but now that we know, that we remember, there isn't any going back. Haha! Thank Goodness. Full steam ahead my darlings, until next time…~*

You are creator, your thoughts become reality

Be mindful of your Self Talk Creator, as you are conversing with The Universe!

Nothing happens in a vacuum, rather you, Genius Creator God that you Eternally Are, through your thoughts and feelings is emitting a signal, much like a homing beacon, that pings out into deep space your personal coordinates. Eek!

So who and what experiences are your thoughts inviting? Will your party be filled to the brim with fun, creative, happy humans or the down-in-the-dumps model? Will they be dancing to the coolest tunes, or rolling around on the floor bemoaning their plight? Will there be Masterminding taking place all around, or sad sack commentary and a full blown pity party? Haha! The choice is always yours.

It’s comical the kind of playground we oft times prepare, due to our resistance and our unhealthy habits of thought and word. But now that we have The Teachings of Abe to show us the How-To’s, we never have to throw a shitty ass party again! You can always be the consummate host! Proud of who and what you’ve attracted into your experience!!

I’m off now to plan my next party. The Universe knows what I like, so my job is to be positive, think pleasant thoughts, appreciate everything and anything, and then, wait for the Universe to deliver the next Sweet Package of Delightful Manifestations into my life! It’s that easy. Gods I so love Knowing this. Over and out…😎~*

Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace

No one story, person, event, or the like, has the Power to get under your Vibrational Skin. That is, unless YOU Allow Them Access to your Internal Kingdom of Peace and Tranquility by Focusing Your Attention there.

In sailing parlance, when someone wants to board your vessel, they query, “Permission to come aboard?” And it’s up to me, as Captain of My Ship and Soul, whether or not I grant them access.

So next time you see, hear, witness a low hanging vibe, ask yourself, “Do I want this in my life? Am I willing to compromise my good feelings because decorum dictates that I can’t just turn and walk away from this person/conversation (yes you can), or hit delete on my phone (yes you can), or radically change the subject (yes you can), or turn off the offensive news, show, whatever?” Yes! Yes! Bloody well Yes! You Can!!

You want to feel good mostly? To thrive? To tap into, Align and Flow the Energy That Creates Worlds more readily, consistently and for longer and longer periods of time? Great! Then it’s time to Focus on what gives you joy, period. That’s It! That’s all you need do.

It’s simple, maybe not easy at first, as habits good or bad can seem like old friends. But soon, very soon, after a bit of practice and gleaning the positive results of your Independence, you won’t hesitate to deny permission to anything or anyone who isn’t up to your Vibrational Standard.

So Creator let’s set a new course today. The heading? Well Freedom, Growth, and Joy of course. The weather’s on our side, so let’s weigh anchor and Sail Beyond The Sunset! You with me? Oh I certainly do hope so…😎~*

The View From a Broader Perspective

Yesterday, I was attempting to find the proper terminology for my increasingly canny pinpointing of The Moment when I’m feeling resistance. And my newly found, delightful skill of melting it, once I become aware of its presence. And let me tell you, the process of identifying the resistance, then deciding to thaw it out, feels amazing.

I imagine that said resistance is an ice cube which I place in the sun, so that it gently melts away. What a rush that thaw produces, coupled with a keen sense of accomplishment which propels me – Whoosh, straight into My Vortex.

So, as I was saying, I was attempting to find a phrase, the perfect phrase, to describe my newly reawakened skill of melting old man resistance. My first thought was, “I’m getting so much better at…”

Nope, sounds too wishy-washy. Needs more punch. Then I thought what about, “I have gotten so good at…”

Hmmm, still not powerful enough. How’s this one, “I’m on the road to Mastery.”

Jeeze, it sounds like I’m never arriving. I mean, when does the road end? Well, the answer to that we know for double darn sure is, Never! That’s right, never, as we are Eternal.

Then I thought about how Abe says that all of Our Power, if properly acknowledged and claimed, is in This Present Moment; AKA, the Expansive, Sensual, Erupting, Eternal Now. And then it hit me, if the Journey is Eternal then so would my Mastery be. I am as much of a Master as I decide I Am, it’s that simple. And so, in that moment of clarity, the phrase, “I am on the road OF Mastery.” was born! Let’s say it again ’cause it feels so good, “WE, YOU AND I, ARE ALWAYS AND FOREVER ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY!”

I guess what I’m trying to convey is, if you don’t believe You Are A Master, and no, not a Master in perpetual training, but a FULL BLOWN MASTER, then neither will The Law of Attraction. And the result? The vibration you are emitting is not up to snuff, not up to the snuff of Master anyway. Law of Attraction will only collate, coalesce, formulate, and deliver to you that which you are vibrationally capable of attracting. Isn’t it time to upgrade our thoughts about who and what we are to match THE TRUTH of it all? We are Gods for goodness sake, and what I notice is, we don’t take credit for our heightened status often enough, if ever.

We came to this planet and continue to be, fully plugged in to Source. The only thing that’s happened between that moment of our birth and Now, is it we’ve gathered some resistance, a bit of light luggage, as we journeyed on our Physical Trail of Life. Isn’t Now the perfect time to start separating the wheat from the chaff, as we allow some of that resistance to melt in the sun? As we boldly embrace our majesty, our power, our might , sagacity, and the clarity that comes with being a Masterful Human here on this most leading-edge of thought?

Yup, that’s what I thought!! Haha! You and I Dear One, are most assuredly, without a doubt, no foolin’, ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY AS WE RECREATE, UPDATE, & FINE-TUNE IT TO MORE, with each glorious moment of our Eternal Expansion.

In closing, let me just say that it’s great traveling with you Masterful Creator. See you at the next stop. Over and out…~*

Sometimes I want to be alone

Oh Oh Oh, this is sooo me! I Adore Being Alone! Really! Always have and by the looks of things, always will! I am an only child, born of 2 only children in The City of Manhattan. My life was always solitary, which might seem counter to being a City Kid, but knowing what I know, you can be more blissfully alone in a City than anywhere else on the planet.

There was a code when I was growing up in NYC that you give each person a wide berth, no unusually long eye-contact (more than a nano second), and no prying into other people’s affairs. After all, that’s what the doorman was for haha! Rather, You Kept Your Own Counsel and that my friends is where the power lies.

Keeping your own counsel. Hmmm, what does that mean anyway? To me it means seeing how I feel about a particular subject before jumping into a “group on” about it. It means honoring the tacit arrangement that although we are living on top of one another, literally, we can give each other privacy and space. It means keeping my opinions to myself! Bingo, there’s the big one, KEEPING MY OPINIONS TO MYSELF!

Through the constant and consistent practice I have adopted of inculcating The Teaching’s of Abraham into the marrow of my bones, I have come to the delightful realization that my opinion is just that, mine. And that my way of seeing something is again, my way and perhaps not at all germane to the person whom I’m focused upon.

Do I know their story? Do I have a clue about what they’ve lived, their desires, their gaps, their dreams, anything? NO! Not even my own kid! I don’t have a bloody clue, ’cause guess what else I know? That sometimes I don’t even know what’s best for Me, so why oh why would I take my Super Power of Focus and use it frivolously? Why not turn that Focus back on me? How am I feeling? What’s brewing and stewing in my life? What do I want more of? Less of? How do I want to Create today?

Although now my home is situated smack dab in a suburban landscape, I still live by my NYC code of honoring everyone’s space. It’s in my blood and now that I KNOW the benefits of Keeping My Own Counsel, or as my father Clyde used to say to me when I would weigh in on a subject, “Tend to your knitting back there!” (Usually it was when I was doing hard time stuck in the back seat of my dad’s sport’s car while he smoked cigars and my mom her cigs! Haha)

So Creator, how about this? Let’s make today a Tend To Your Knitting Day. Tend to Your Vibration Day. Tend to Your Wants and Desires Day and leave other people to tend to theirs? I’m thinking that’s a genius plan.

I’m off now to knit one, pearl two on this delightful day. And if I drop a stitch or two, so be it. I can always recalibrate, pivot, hit the reset button on my focus and vibration. After all WE ARE MASTERS for Christmas’ Sake and that means EVERYONE! Not just us guys and gals who like to swath ourselves in The Knowing That The Teachings of Abe afford us! EVERYONE! Leave them to find their connection in their way and let’s tend to ours lovingly and with care!

You with me My Homies?

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