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I heard a fun hot seat segment the other day that has really stuck with me.

The hot seater recounted a story about the man who does the voice-over for the cartoon/game character Mario. Seems our protagonist was having fun chilling at the beach when he got a call from a friend. His pal told him to high tail it to Las Vegas as they were having voice-over try-outs. Our man was a bit perplexed by the nature of the call as he considered himself a “trained” actor, but said, “What the hell.” and went.

When he arrived, he found the interview team packing up. He begged them to stay and give him a try. They acquiesced and told him to just start talking and they’d tell him when to stop.

And so, for the next 30 minutes he rambled on. They finally stopped him, said thanks and that was that. Our pal headed back to the beach thinking he didn’t get the job.

A few weeks later, he got a call. Not only did he get the job, but his was the only voice-over they shared with the client!!

So what’s the moral of the story Creator!?

Go have fun‼️

The Universe knows what you want, boy does it ever, and can only deliver it to you when you’re Vibing High Enough to receive/attract the cool stuff: people, places, things, opportunities, into your life!!

These past few days I’ve been using this Mario Story as my excuse to have fun, to let the laundry continue to marinate in the hamper, and the dust bunnies to scamper and play under the couches and chairs!! Lol! And guess what? The validations of my high Vibe are coming at me fast and furious. And the more I’m laughing and having a good time, the more cool people and situations I’m attracting. It’s one Fast Ball of Fun after the other, rocketing over my High Vibing Home Plate!

So next time your vexed about anything, just ask yourself, “What would Mario do?” Haha!
Over and up, up, up and away Creator…😎~*


yellow eye visionary

Creator… You hold the key to Your Visions, Your Dreams, Your Manifestations. And, how do You keep them Fluid, Focused, and Flowing? Easy, first hold them close, mighty close. IOW – Be mindful of sharing your Creation! That is until You’re Vision is so darned solidified in your system, that wild horses couldn’t keep you from Creating it.

And when you do decide to offer your Vision to someone, remember this – What they think, their opinion, has absolutely NOTHING to do with your Vision (good, bad, or indifferent). Why? Because it’s Yours and it’s not supposed to make sense to others, at least not while it’s in its gestation period.

So Dream away, Focus Fiercely, Feel the Dream in all its splendor unfolding in your mind and imagination. Your job, should you choose to accept and embrace it, is to feel your Dream, take her for long walks, pamper her, uplift her, dance with her, and feel, feel, feel your Vision unfolding in your body and right before your mind’s eye!

We, as Leading-Edge Deliberate Creators, are among the few who have the tools available to us that allow us to Create Freely and Unabashedly, thanks to The Teachings of Abraham. And The Winning Formula is quite simple: Focus, Align, and Allow. Period. No work, no struggle, no stress, no kidding!

I for one can’t wait to see what delights you birth this year! What amazing leading-edge, cool, groovy ideas you have up your sleeve. And you know what I say? Go For It, that’s what! Take no prisoners, have at it, run don’t walk – straight on into Your Vortex of Creation! Where all your dreams reside, waiting for you to Align and Allow!

Tally Ho Creator, Tally Ho…~*

Oh, and here’s the quote from Abe that lit me up and prompted me to write this post. Much love…~*

“You have Sole Ownership of Your Vision. And The Universe will give you what you want within your Vision. What happens with most people is that they muddy their vision with “reality”.Their Vision becomes full of not only what they want, but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too. Your work is to clarify and purify your Vision so that they Vibration that you are offering can then be answered.”

The Joy In The Journey

Creator are you jiggy, are you clear, are you up to speed with why YOU came to the planet? Do you get that The Fun, The Supreme Satisfaction IS The Journey from the “not having” place to the “Having” Place? The Aligned Place? The Allowing Place?

The Energetic Journey begins when you recognize what isn’t working and turn your attention to what is. And then, VOILA, like magic (although it isn’t LOL), your world becomes filled with color, you feel better, cooler people arrive in your energy field and you say to yourself, “Wow, that thing that was bothering me isn’t anymore! And, what WAS that Thing anyway?”

Yes My Darlings, that’s it, that’s why You and I came… for The Joy of The Journey! For the ride from the not-feeling-good-place to up, up, up and away! So, when you’re down, know that Contrast IS The Catalyst for greatness. It’s the yeast in your dough! After all, we are Gods For Christmas Sake, and, and, and – your power is ALWAYS available to you, except when you focus on what’s not working, or engage in negative talk, and thoughts. Lamenting is not what we are here to do, unless, and this is a big UNLESS, you are poking at it to find The Solution.

If you find that something isn’t going as swimmingly as you would like, then stop thinking about it. Stop talking about it. Stop typing about it! Stop, Stop, Stop! And then, turn your attention to what is working, and milk the heck out of that and feel your vibration begin to ascend, to shift, to up-tick to the realm of higher-vibrational, quality feelings! The MOMENT you begin this process, you become a beacon for extremely groovy shit to come your way; up-leveled feelings, righteous downloads from your non-physical posse and more!!!

Think of it like this… You have a garden in your back yard. One side is filled with weeds, dead grass, and funky, slithering critters that only come out at night. And the other side? Oh, that side is filled with fragrant flowers, humming birds; busy buzzy bees; soft, plush grass; moss so deep you can swim in it…. You get the picture. Now, which side of the garden do you want to give you attention too? Which one do you want to cultivate? To nurture? To show folks that come by for a cup of coffee? Ex-Fucking-Xactly!

My wish is that all of us, all of us, all of us – get this! As this wee bit of knowledge IS The Key To Your Kingdom of personal satisfaction, success, feeling really good and triumph! This is why we came…. I know, that story got a bit lost over time, but you’re here now and you can change on a dime! Isn’t it time to dump the old, flea worn, dank and dusky and put on your best threads and let this life rip for all it’s worth?

I’m so excited about the infinite possibilities that are swirling and twirling, beckoning us to give them our attention, to play with them, to engage with them. They are close as the nose on your face, even closer actually! This is The Work of The Gods, that can ONLY happen from the inside out. Isn’t it time to put on your Big Girl and Big Boy Boots and Step, Skip, Sashay into The Sunshine of Your Life? I’m thinking YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Oh, and finally, I thought my love Jason’s, Abraham’s, Esther’s and My song entitled, “Don’t You Just Love Being Physical?” is the plu-perfect accompaniment to this missive of hope and glory! Hit the title above and turn it up loud Creator, as they are talking to you!

To The Infinity and Beyond…~*

P.S. – The quote below is what set me on fire this morning. I got it from one of our FB Abraham-Hick’s & You Members, David Tftu‘s Website, Thoughts Become Things…  It’s so much fun to visit any old time and hit the button – Receive Your Thought – that brings up a pertinent quote that’s perfect for you. Another Delightful, Deliberate Avenue for LOA to swoop in and have it’s way with you!

“Are you supposed to reach your pinnacle of creative power and be able to deliberately manifest a material reality completely aligned with your utmost desires overnight? Of course not. You are here to grow into that power, in steps and stages, by going on a journey.

The journey to become your desires by aligning your beliefs with them is the real treasure of human existence. You are here to unfold and expand into full enlightenment of who and what you really are — a part of the quantum field who is learning to more intentionally align her beliefs with her desires so she can contextually create a more pleasing material reality.”

Greg Kuhn


Greetings Creator… Are you familiar with the term, “I Serve At The Pleasure of The Queen, or The President, or whomever?”

I really like how these words flow, as it shows an unconditional kind of service by the person who issues the statement. So who do YOU serve at the pleasure of? Your job, your relatives, your lovers, your kids, boss, friends, society, religious institution, all of the above? If you answered yes to even one of these examples, then you are missing the whole point that Abe consistently and lovingly brings to us daily. You, my dear, delicious, downright fabulous and sexy Creator are here to Serve at Your Own Pleasure! Your Singular Pleasure, Your Plu-Perfect Pleasure, Period.

“But, how can that be?” you might be asking. “I have kids, animals, a job. How do I Serve Me and all of that at the same time?”

So glad you asked, here’s how it goes. You know when you’re flying and the flight attendant demonstrates the proper procedure with the oxygen masks? The order of tasks for securing your mask goes like this, YOU FIRST and then….

That applies to EVERYTHING! EVERYONE! in your life. If you aren’t flowing and blowing, or let’s take it down to more reasonable terms, if you aren’t feeling good, then how are you going to achieve anything fun and fulfilling in your life? The answer is simple, “You’re not!”

Sure you’ll schlep along, taking sips here and there of good feelings, but it’s drudgery, a grind, toil, struggle, certainly not the inspired action and outcomes that Abe tells us about.

Well then, I also know that you’re thinking, “Yea that sounds good, but the practical application of it is something else.”

That’s only because that’s how you choose to view it. If you want to feel good most of the time, then you have to take the time to do it. As my daughter Lily would say, “Man The Heck Up!” Only You can change the tenor, the frequency, the tonal quality of your life, only You!

What works for me is to wake up a bit earlier than the rest of my house and claim a sure footing on my day, with meditation, focus wheels, lists of appreciation, playing here with all of you, and the like. Creating this small change lays a firm foundation from which I can launch myself into my day, and more importantly it gives me unfettered access to The Energy That Creates Worlds; thereby, ALLOWING SOURCE to Co-Create right along with Me!

Here’s what I KNOW about Source, Law of Attraction and our Cadre of Non-Physical Beings that swirl and twirl around us endlessly. They, My Dearest of Friends, are ALL here to SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF US, YOU, ME! That’s right, Unconditionally, without restraint, without end, eternally. How about that? God is your Concierge! LOL!!! That’s right! And you don’t even have to be a big tipper to ensure proper service! They just love you, and that’s enough.

So give them something to Serve for goodness sake. They are poised, ready, willing and able to give you whatever your heart desires. They are here to steer you toward cool rendez-vous, uncover qualities in yourself you might have not known existed, manifesting feeling of abundance and such superior quality, you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

Isn’t it time to Be Served Creator! By all means, let’s make today a day of Service to Ourselves. And don’t use any excuses, i.e., it’s Thanksgiving, or Thursday, or when I loose 10 pounds, or find a lover, or loose a lover… NO, start right the heck now Serving You! It feels so good to put yourself at the front of the line and take the biggest slice of pie because simply because you want to!

I’ll be there right next to you, taking the biggest, baddest, most outrageous bite out of this life that is available to me right now. And when I’m done chewing and swallowing, I’m going to look for another, and another, and another pleasing situation to savor. Cause, guess what? If you can dream it, then The Universe MUST Deliver it to you. All you need to do to make your life cherry, is to PUT YOURSELF FIRST! Can you do that? Yea, you can do that, I know you can…~*



Greetings Creator, I wanted to let you in on a 30 Day Challenge that my bestest friend Patty and I have recently embarked on. Ready? Set? Go…..


My girl and I did this challenge when we were just starting out with The Teachings of Abraham, and it changed our lives, COMPLETELY! The Universe just couldn’t stop raining down cool stuff upon us and we couldn’t stop appreciating and dancing in the effulgence of the juicy space that is created when negativity is ceased!

So, here are the tools you need – Awareness, Vigiliance, Consistancy and A Sense of Humor. We all have those right? Exactly. So, how do you handle the situations that are negative?

1. Walk away
2. Hit end on your phone
3. Unfollow that person that brings that negative stuff to your doorstep
4. Say, “Wow” or “OK” – they are both your friends and then be silent.
5. Swallow, swallow and then, swallow some more.
6. If your’e a smoker, take a drag of whatever you’re smoking and allow the moment to pass.
7. If you’re drinking something, keep sipping and swallowing.
8. Tell ’em you don’t speak The English! LOL

I’m not even kidding here when I say that this wee bit of personal observance will serve to bring you more joy, more space to play and create like never before, more uplifting thoughts and people, more of what makes your toes curl!

I’m on day 3 and I have been in a place of such grace for these last two days. It’s as though I’m on vacation from that which doesn’t serve. Hey, it’s never a bad idea to revisit the basics, especially since inculcating these Abe Teachings into our life is a practice; a daily practice, sometimes hourly and sometimes were hanging in there minute by minute.!

Abe is constantly telling us that the key to living lives of freedom, growth and joy is all in the ALLOWING! And you can’t Allow when your spouting or writing smack! Ain’t gonna happen! Conversely, designing this fecund space of Allowing by ceasing negative talk, creates a mighty landing field of ALLOWING! Now The Universe has somewhere to touch down and dispense all the Krazy Kool Stuff you’ve been dreaming of creating and doing!

So, who’s in? After all it’s a lot more fun when we all play and expand together…~*


a smooth sea

Creator, I had a whole lot of whoppin’ contrast and grand realizations this past Friday Night, that I want to share with you! Here’s some not so deep background, to give my story context:

My love Jason and I, have taken over the stewardship of a weekly dance in Berkeley CA. As with any new project, it is front end loaded with much “to-do’s” and reality based work and tasks that must be completed. Over the course of these last 3 months, we have artfully managed to remain in alignment and flourish with the process, a majority of the time. Good on us, right? And, we have seen where we get “hung up” with old habitual, knee-jerk reactions, and subsequently, turned these moments around, pivoting our faces turned towards the shining sun of knowing. Then, when the dust settled, laughing at ourselves and our old habits of thought, and at how quickly we jettison what doesn’t work for us, as we up-level those contrasting moments, into moments of clarity.

Alright, you have the preamble, now on the latest revelation. Let’s do it Abe Style (what would formerly been referred to as the Socratic Method, was Socrates an early Aber? Hmmmm…) of Q&A:

Do you believe that we came here to expand and create? I certainly do.

And, do you believe that we would want and are consistently asking The Universe to provide us with the quickest and easiest route to said expansion and creation? Yesirree, I do.

And, do you believe that The Universe can and will heap upon you a whole whoppin’ dose of contrast, over the course of the evening because:

A. It’s what you desire.
B. You can handle it. And
C. It’s the quickest and most effective way to keep the trajectory of your desire moving forward, by offloading/fine-tuning “in bulk” what is necessary to make your creation big, bigger, biggest energetically and in terms of manifestation?

Yes, Yes, Yes, I do!

Well my darlings, this is ex-fucking-actly what happened to us on Friday Night. What could go “wrong” did. What wasn’t working, REALLY wasn’t working, in heels and dancing backwards. But, but, but – we had the perfect people present at the perfect time to handle a few “mishaps” that showed up. We had solutions present themselves before the problem manifested, so when they did, it was handled efficiently, safely and with aplomb. And then, Jason and I had, in the aftermath, the GRAND OPPORTUNITY to sift through the evening, taking each incident apart one by one, and deciding there and then, how we want to progress forward.

In other words, we got to fine-tune, cull, separate the wheat from the chaff, on a whole host of issues at once, instead of piece meal over the course of who knows how long. Because guess what? We are NOT here to create in the slow lane, who has the time or inclination? Not I, because that is not who WE are! We are GODS (You and I) and as such, isn’t it about damn time we stepped into our Super-Suit-Of-Knowing as we get this show on the proverbial road of limitless possibilities?

And, doesn’t it make perfect sense that everything would show up at once, giving us the grand opportunity to change it up, STAT? To Up-level immediately, thereby making way for more creativity and expansion? Hell-To-The-Yea it is!

So Creator, next time you find yourself facing a contrasting moment, or string of them, how about this for a thought, “YOU asked for it.”

Excuse me? I asked for it?

That’s right, you asked for it, and The Universe (you’re Larger Aspect) KNOWS you can handle it; all the while keeping your momentum moving forward, toward all you desire and more. And, why not take it all in bulk (think Costco), so that you can energetically clean house on a larger scale, sweeping clean the slate, and starting from a new energetic level and Point of Attraction? 

HAHAHA, doesn’t that make perfect sense? And, isn’t it funny that Contrast, what was formerly “the enemy,” we can now embrace as our Partner, our cooperative component, our co-creative catalyst in this life’s journey?

I just love The Teachings of Abraham, which is exactly why I began this blog, and my Abraham Hicks & You page on Facebook (, so that You and I together, could herald our triumphs and clarity. So that we could see this life’s experience for what it is; one of expansion, not one of contraction. So that we could use the brilliant tools that our Teachers have lovingly given us, to grease the skids of our Creative Process; thereby making ALL SITUATIONS; the good, the bad, and the ugly, useful in our expansion and alignment process.

I’m off now, to see what this day has in store for me! To take it all in, to inhale the contrast, and exhale the solutions. To not miss a step or a beat, as I skip down the lane of Unlimited, Sexy, Unbridled, Passion Filled Moments! Oh, the sweet joy of another Success, Me Lining Up With Me, Co-Creation at Its Best~*

the closer you are to alignment

Creator, don’t you know this to be true? It’s a funny thing when something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, suddenly shows up and sits at your feet. You’d think that your response would be to strike up some John Phillip Sousa, take out a press release, treat yourself to a spa day, or something of that magnitude.

My experience with “big” manifestations has been one of a quiet calm, a feeling of “but, of course,” that washes over me as I realize that all the planning, the dreaming, the alignment, the tweaking, the allowing, has brought me to a moment in time that can best be described as “The Next Logical Step.”

I do believe that is why Abraham cautions us to not go for “The Prize,” because the fun is not about the “getting of” whatever it is your hoping for, but rather in the enjoyment of the myriad of moments that it took to arrive at your steady and consistent state of alignment. Which makes the phrase, “It’s all in the journey” take on more meaning.

So you might be asking, “What’s the best way to speed things up and have fun in the process, when it comes to a manifestation or desire?” That’s easy, milk the heck out of it, that’s how.

When you align with your dreams; taste them, drink them in, take them out for long walks under the moonlight,whisper sweet nothings in their ear, compliment them, all of the above. Then this joyful play between You and your desires, becomes You developing a kinship with them, a complete holographical feeling of knowing what it will feel/be like, when they do manifest!

And then, in the not so distant future, you’ll happen to look down, and there, sitting calmly at your feet will be the manifestation of very thing you have been dreaming of. And you my Dear Creator will say to yourself, “Ha, it’s just as I imagined it would be!”


my feet

The View From My Favorite Warm Weather Writing Spot



So here’s the skinny Creators. two days ago, while foraging through files on my old Apple Computer, I “happened” upon a book I had written. That’s right, a book. Hahaha. Truth be told, I’ve written two books, one of which I remember, but this one, I wrote and then promptly forgot about. I began reading some of the chapters and I’m happy to report, I was impressed! They’re really good, and really funny. I read a chapter out loud to my embedded critics, Lily and Jason, and they loved it too!!

The subject matter is stories from my childhood. You see, I was raised by The Last of the Mohicans, that generation of Manhattanites where drinking was not only fun, it was de rigeur with ALL activities, save a nap. Smoking was not frowned upon, it was applauded and lauded. And fun was the operative word! My people were a bit crazy, no, they were completely crazy! And that coupled with me being an only child, means I was raised in a world of over-the-top adults with over-the-top experiences! As my parents used to say, “It’s easier to take you with us, then leave you at home!” And there’s no place that I wasn’t taken.

Case in point, I saw my first outrageously sexy, I mean sexy, Lesbian Show in a club in Quartier Pigalle, Paris, when I was 14! My mother said my mouth was open the whole time. And to complete my initiation, my father invited the star to our table to share a bottle of champagne. My memory of this woman’s beauty still travels across the decades, you know that je ne sais quoi that only French women have? She was a stunner; legs for days, short dark hair, deep red lips, a see-through, black silk top that revealed the perfect set of breasts (before they could be store bought). And then, when she sat down next to me and kissed me on both cheeks, I experienced my first swoon. Ooh la la!

After uncovering this book, I was a bit amazed that I had completely forgotten that I had written it.  And then, I realized that the timing was right, NOW. That my vantage point was spot on, NOW. That the cooperative components were ready, NOW!! That’s why this archaeological discovery happened, NOW!

So, armed with the understanding that the time is nigh, the next logical step was to locate a Literary Agent; which means it’s time to unleash my Universal Concierge. I typed “Literary Agents” in Google Search and the first one to pop up was a couple in San Francisco who hail from NYC – fucking perfect. They’ll get me and my sense of humor and after all, they’ve been vetted by LOA, so look no further.

They also wrote a book on how to submit your work to an agent, publisher. I thought it might be prudent to buy said book, to be sure I crafted my submission according to their requirements. As my good ole Irish Grandma Alice used to say, “If the cat wants liver, give it liver!” So liver it will be….

Last night, while I was reading this delightful book (the literary agent is funny and open, the perfect person for me to work with), I found myself not only focusing on the chapter dealing with submission details, e.g., font, spacing, chapters required, etc., but swam in deeper, getting caught up in the tentacles of the author’s advice on the copious amount of work (not the inspired kind) and effort that is required to become the most prolific, published, best paid, top-dog author that this world has ever seen. IOW, Advice For The Reality Based Human.

The first rule of thumb that was highlighted was, Know Your Competition. Well, that might work for others, but we Abers know that there is no competition, there is only Alignment, LOA and Abundance. It doesn’t serve me to write any more of the advice that was proffered, but what reading it did for me and the understanding of who I am, was perfect.

So, I’m scripting MY GAME PLAN of an author looking for an agent, from her high-flying disk. Here goes:


  1. Submit my work
  2. Script how this whole book thing is going to play out
  3. Pet my cat
  4. Pet my kid
  5. Pet my boyfriend
  6. Dream about the possibilities
  7. Wait for the phone call when they are dying to meet me
  8. Realize that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time
  9. Know that I have been planning/dreaming of this stream of events, this “next logical step,” from the moment I crafted my first story, “Mr. & Mrs. Pickle!” in the 2nd grade. (I remember thinking that it was pure genius! LOL)
  10. Make love to my delicious man
  11. Dance
  12. Walk my happy, bouncy, enthusiastic dog, Bogart
  13. Focus wheel
  14. Write lists of appreciation
  15. Visit my friends on facebook
  16. Go to the movies
  17. Eat yummy food
  18. Sit in my backyard, as I am doing now, listening to the birds sing, the golfers swear, and the planes fly overhead.

You see Dear One’s, WE KNOW THE REAL DEAL! We KNOW that the entire process of a delicious life unfolding, in its grandest fashion, is entirely up to us and our ability to Focus! We get to ignore the lists of “shoulds” and rather, Focus on what makes us feel good; using the Law of Attraction to our supreme advantage. IOW, Deliberate Creation.

I’ll keep you posted as to how this part of my life unfolds. It’s going to be lots and lots of fun, I can just feel it. And, because my life is already full and brimming with love and this experience is just more icing on my angel food cake, I know that the results are going to be superlative! Why? ‘Cause Creator, that’s just how we roll~*


Panty Drawer

Darlings – Been having a lot of fun with an experiment, and thought I’d pass it on. You know how Abe is always guiding us forward toward our expanded selves, even chiding us to “up our ante” on our expectations? Well, this is exactly what I did, using my Panty Drawer as a metaphor to the biblical story of The Fishes and The Loaves. (you know the one where Jesus feeds the multitude of folks listening to his sermon out of a basket with only a few fish and loaves of bread?) Yea, that one.

Here’s my version. I keep a bit of cash stashed in my panty drawer. It’s my play money, and it’s all in hundreds (feels so much sexier having a cool wad of “Hundies” hunkering down in my drawer!). When I need something extra, I dig in and use it. What I have come to realize is, no matter how much I grab, I find that what I spent comes back to me with interest. This has been going on for over a year now, so my expectation is now aligned with me always having this lovely stash of cash. And then the other day, I heard my delightful cadre of non-physical playmates give me a directive, spend it more often and watch it fill up again, and again, and again. So, that’s exactly what I aim to do, since I already know it works, I am upping my ante on aligning around my ability to create money, from whence there was once seemingly none.

Remember Genius Creators there are thousands of delivery systems available to us. We tend to focus on just a few (job, alimony (LOL), etc.) So, get your Panty Drawer On (or in the case of the guys, get your Calvin’s On!) Throw some money in there, doesn’t matter how much, start with whatever you can, and begin creating your own Fishes and Loaves parable!

Peace Out My Lovlies~*

Interpretors of Energy

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