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Dear Self, This is going to be the year I dust off my shitkickers...

So how do you make triple darn sure It’s Your Year? Oh that’s simple, but maybe not easy because…

You must be more Positive Than Negative. You must be more Allowing and less Resistant. You must Dream More and Complain, not at all. You must be open to Delight and Change and Closed to NOTHING! You must take the time to Meditate for only 15 minutes daily, no excuses, no exceptions! You must err on the side of Passion and Allow the stagnation to fall away. You must cease negotiating against Your Success (the amount of Joy you feel) and Create a Fecund Playground of Endless Possibilities. You must put an abrupt end to your FICTIONAL LIMITATIONS and begin Supporting Your Eternal Fabulosity!!!

In short Creator, you must set aside all the B.S. Blah Blah about why you can’t and begin scripting, speaking, thinking, formulating, FEELING ALL THE BILLIONS OF REASONS WHY YOU CAN! Yup! That’s the winning formula yo!! All you need do is DO IT!! Get it? Got it? Good! Over and out…😎~*

The most valuable skill or talent you could have is directing your thoughts toward what you want

It has been my experience that 2 of the oft most underestimated Practices are Yoga and Focusing. They actually go hand in hand, after all, you can’t maintain a challenging balancing pose if your thinking about your dinner. I should know! Lol

Yoga has been a Passion of mine for quite some time; I love how it makes me feel, centered, strong, flexible and clear. Now I’m adding The Practice of Focusing to my list.

When I’m Present, I mean Really Fucking Present, the results are intoxicating. I see more clearly and with considerably more depth perception. I hear more layers of sound around me, notice more of the landscape I’m moving through or sitting in, my body relaxes and feels more at ease. And the super bonus? Man does it ever feel good.

Abraham constantly and consistently teaches us that Focus is Our Super Power and yet, how many of us are proficient? And if we are not and we’re wondering, “Where’s my stuff, my dude, my rockin’ health, my what-ever?” it just might be that your Power of Focus ain’t as “All That” as you thought.

But not to fret, all you need do is PRACTICE. One Great Focus Exercise is to attempt to Remain Present (without your mind wandering, even a little bit) while listening to someone talk. See how long you can do it. And when you find out that your mind is more like a Monkey, swinging from vine to vine (yogis call it Monkey Mind), that’s cool, welcome to the club, and just try, try again.

You know how Abe talks about Holding a Focused thought for 17 Seconds? Begin there. Set your Phone’s Stop Watch and start Your Practice of Presence. And the minute the monkey starts swinging in another direction, check the time. Your goal, Delightful Creator Human, is to reach the Valhalla of Goal Lines, the 68 Second Mark. According to Abe, every Successive 17 Second Marker; 17, 34, 51, 68, is more Vibrationally Robust and Supercharged.

So what are you waiting for? Have a go, or two, or three and see if the Practice of Focused Thought doesn’t deliver as promised. After all, isn’t it time to manifest even some of The “Ask and It Is Given” Desires that are currently cooling their heels in Your Vortex, waiting for you to contain your Wobbles and Allow Focus to Become your Jam? I’m thinking Hell Yes It Is!…😎~*

Not everyone will understand your journey

Creator, if you anything like me, then you’re acutely aware of sharing your hopes, dreams, projects, ideas, the uber cool stuff you’re working on/creating, before YOU ARE VIBRATIONALLY READY TO SHARE!

Birthing a new passion is akin to having a baby; in which case, most prudent folks wait till they’re pregnant for 3 months before sharing the good news! Why? Simple, prevailing wisdom dictates that once you’ve crossed into the second trimester of baking your baby into manifestation, then the odds for a full term pregnancy are more favorable!

Treat your ideas with the same care. Remember – NO ONE IS UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO SEE IT YOUR WAY. Meaning, when you share early or ever, the opinions are likely to fly, some in the good column, some not so favorable, and some downright negative. And the final 2 can cause a mighty wobble for you, drain the wind from your sails and leave you questioning the brilliance of your Idea.

Here’s the thing, although you’re bursting with pride and passion with your latest endeavor, I have found that KEEPING MY OWN COUNSEL is SO MUCH MORE REWARDING! I get to bake my project in my imagination. I line up with it more. I inculcate the fullness of it. In short, over time I come to OWN IT! And then, once you’ve crossed that threshold into the End Zone of feeling Mighty, Unflappable, and Fully Knowing about your latest Brilliant Creation, then by all means, share.

Although, one final word, even if you’re fully aligned and on board with your Creation, NO ONE will Ever be able to see it, feel it, get it, own it with the same degree of Fiery Fervor that you do! No one! Everything’s an inside job, so if something Feels Extraordinary to You, then by all means, go for it. Leave the opinions of others, the peanut gallery, out of it.

It’s a totally new way of living that we Abers have come to embrace. Our new and improved way of understanding the world and our place in it, is the antithesis of what 99.99% of the world around us believes and lives. And we’ve been brought up to take score, gather opinions, and use other people’s reactions to gauge the worthiness of our ideas!

What I know at my deepest level of understanding, is that I’m here for me, for my joy, to explore my creativity and needing someone, anyone else’s approval, mitigates my flow.

So here’s to us, Leading-Edge Groovsters doing it our way and figuring it out, one contrasting moment at a time! 3 Cheers as we move forward toward a deeper Understanding and Knowing of what this life’s journey is all about. We’re the bomb, but let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we? Haha! Over and out my Homies…~*

Go 24 Hours Without Complaining

Short and Sweet Creator! You want to feel good? You want to manifest uplifting emotions of power and majesty? You want to wear clothes with a better thread count and fly first class around the world? Haha! Well, no problem.

All you need do is shut it! Cease talking about what’s not working and praise what is! Cease speaking negatively about Anything, Anyone, Everything! Begin your New and Improved Story from this fresh Starting Line and Vibrational Vantage Point! IOW, this Now Moment, Forward.

News Flash: How you got here, recounting the trials, tribulations and circumlocutions of your life’s journey only serves to slow things way down!! What things? Oh joy, merriment, alignment, allowing, you name it!

Begin right Now to Focus like the Genius Creator you are to only harbor thoughts and words that are if not uplifting, at least general and neutral. Throw away the old script, no one cares how you got here (it’s really not that interesting anyway. lol), you’re here Now, and that’s all that counts.

And then, just you wait Henry Higgins, your life will take on a patina of such brilliance that it will take your breath away! Promise. Ready? Grand. Set Timer and begin, T-minus 24 hours of GENERATING Good Feeling Thoughts and Words has officially begun! Tick Tock Creator…😎~*



Greetings Creator, I wanted to let you in on a 30 Day Challenge that my bestest friend Patty and I have recently embarked on. Ready? Set? Go…..


My girl and I did this challenge when we were just starting out with The Teachings of Abraham, and it changed our lives, COMPLETELY! The Universe just couldn’t stop raining down cool stuff upon us and we couldn’t stop appreciating and dancing in the effulgence of the juicy space that is created when negativity is ceased!

So, here are the tools you need – Awareness, Vigiliance, Consistancy and A Sense of Humor. We all have those right? Exactly. So, how do you handle the situations that are negative?

1. Walk away
2. Hit end on your phone
3. Unfollow that person that brings that negative stuff to your doorstep
4. Say, “Wow” or “OK” – they are both your friends and then be silent.
5. Swallow, swallow and then, swallow some more.
6. If your’e a smoker, take a drag of whatever you’re smoking and allow the moment to pass.
7. If you’re drinking something, keep sipping and swallowing.
8. Tell ’em you don’t speak The English! LOL

I’m not even kidding here when I say that this wee bit of personal observance will serve to bring you more joy, more space to play and create like never before, more uplifting thoughts and people, more of what makes your toes curl!

I’m on day 3 and I have been in a place of such grace for these last two days. It’s as though I’m on vacation from that which doesn’t serve. Hey, it’s never a bad idea to revisit the basics, especially since inculcating these Abe Teachings into our life is a practice; a daily practice, sometimes hourly and sometimes were hanging in there minute by minute.!

Abe is constantly telling us that the key to living lives of freedom, growth and joy is all in the ALLOWING! And you can’t Allow when your spouting or writing smack! Ain’t gonna happen! Conversely, designing this fecund space of Allowing by ceasing negative talk, creates a mighty landing field of ALLOWING! Now The Universe has somewhere to touch down and dispense all the Krazy Kool Stuff you’ve been dreaming of creating and doing!

So, who’s in? After all it’s a lot more fun when we all play and expand together…~*


Creator, I have some True Confessions to dish out to you today. I could hardly wait to get home to download the information knocking on my brain, so wanting to be shared.

These past 2 days have been a real eye opener for me. Yesterday I had a wonderful exchange of comments with one of our playmates at my Facebook Page: Abraham Hicks & You. The result? WOW! DID I EVER LEARN A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT ABOUT MYSELF. I came in the front door thinking I was teaching, and left through the back door being taught. Co-Creation at its finest.

And what is the subject of my lesson du jour? JUDGEMENT! That’s right, that 500lb gorilla of blah-blah that sits on my shoulder waiting to open it’s mouth about anything and everything that I deem: unworthy, unsightly, un-what-the-heck-ever, as it enters my purview. What I hadn’t realized until yesterday, is how far I had strayed from my hear-to-fore commitment to ceasing negative thoughts.

I spent these last two days acting as the Hall Monitor of the thoughts streaming through my mind, which enlightened me to my behavior. I noticed my negative reactions to posts, to people’s comments, to drivers, to folks crossing the street. And I am here to tell you, it wasn’t alignment that I was noticing, but rather a tremor in my juicy flow. On the heels of every thought that wasn’t aligned, I could feel the funky emotion that came with it.

The more the negative thoughts flowed, the more the clarity did as well. I came to understand that a whole lotta Wobble exists inside of me, much more than I had realized. That those times when I thought, “How the hell did this happen? How did I fall so far from Vortex-i-ness to basement like emotions, so fast, without warning?” has been asked and now, answered.

It’s the Wobble Creator, that insidious bit of mis-alignment that lives so close to the skin that it can remain undetected; until the desire for Alignment trumps ego, trumps embarrassment, trumps whatever might have been holding me back from acknowledging this unwanted passenger in my thoughts. And feeling these lower, echelon feelings sure as shootin’, isn’t even in the same ballpark, the same zip code, the same Universe, as Unconditional Love.

My interpretation of the definition of Unconditional Love is: The ability to keep aligned no matter where I am, no matter who I am with, no matter what I am seeing, no matter the conditions. IOW, conditions don’t need to be perfect for me to remain in The Vortex.

On my way home, I understood enough of what I am experiencing to talk about it to Jason (my love) and now to you. I explained that uncovering this chink in the flow, is going to make a grand difference in my life. Especially when it comes to SUSTAINED ALIGNMENT AND ALLOWING! Which we all know is the cornerstone and hallmark of Deliberate Creation. It was my conversation with him that tee’d up this missive to you.

The moral of this story? It seems Dearest Playmates, that sometimes our habits are so ingrained, have become such a part of us, that we can’t see them for what they are. It’s not until we pull up and back a bit and become more vigilant in watching our reactions, in noticing when our feelings begin to take that dive south, or when the blah-blah begins to flow. Then and only then, can we make the course change necessary to keep us flowing and blowing downstream, towards all we want and desire.

The process of Deliberate Creation requires our consistent attention. It’s a constant process of delicious fine-tuning, of surgical self-awareness, where once habits are uncovered and re-routed, then and and only then, am I able to discover a new road, a divine pathway, into the realm of Unconditional Love.

From my newest Perch of Knowing, I wish you all wisdom and curiosity into your behavior. The first “WTF am I thinking that for?” might take you a bit by surprise, but the clarity that follows on it’s heels, will take your breath away. Radical Insight – that’s what I have been gifted with today and I wish it for all of you~*

learn to say no without explaining yourself.

I Double Dare Your Creator, begin right now leaving off the post script to your NO. Can you do it?

It feels really weird at first, simply because we are programmed to defend, explain, update, account for, give a reason for, justify, give an excuse for, vindicate, legitimize…. blah, blah, blah. And it’s all in a effort to placate the Asker while circumventing how we really feel.

When I first began hearing Abraham talk about this, I was a bit frustrated with our non-physical teachers. “Really Abe? How the hell do you just say NO and leave it at that? ”

After a lifetime of my book-ending this smallest of words, uttering the word NO alone felt like half a word, half an answer, naked, missing a limb; like it’s hanging out in space dangling by a thread, begging to be saved by an excuse (usually fabricated!!!).

Well I’ll tell you, its just like anything you want to get good at,  you just “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” and do it. And you’ll find, as with everything you practice, it gets easier and easier. Soon the mirth you will have when the petitioner hears your lovely NO and gets that look of, “Did she just say that?” will carry you through any embarrassment you might initially have of standing in your power.

I started this NO routine when my daughter was still in elementary school. The other moms are geniuses at coercing you into taking on a project you loathe for “the good of the school, the good of the kids, the good of what-the-heck ever.” So I thought, if I can say NO to these woman, I can hold my own with anyone.

Here was my strategy, say it with a smile, NO 🙂 and add pleasantries as a post script – “No, Thank You.” And then, before my tongue could issue any more words, I’d shut my mouth, still smiling and walk away. That way I couldn’t see their incredulity over the nerve of me!!!

And now? We’ll I’ve gotten so good, so at ease, so aligned at issuing my NO response, that I actually stay to watch their reaction. Through practice I’ve become an adept at flowering up my NO by adding some lovely words (truthful and heartfelt) while making it more fun for me.

“No thank you. But I want to say how much I appreciate woman like you who give of themselves so freely”

Because you know what? I do appreciate them, big time. They’re doing they’re thing, and I mine.

So next time someone asks, “Hey Constance, could you make 100 fucking (my add) cupcakes for the class bake sale?” My answer, “No thank you, but I can’t wait to taste yours. Everybody says they’re the best around.”

Yes Creator, flattery will get you everywhere~*

iron man flying

Earlier today I “found myself” in such a state of misalignment that I was desperate for an answer. Luckily Source found a sliver of non-resistance with which to download an Abe quote that I had read earlier in the week, “How far are you willing to pull back into General to get away from Wobbling?”

My answer, “As far as it takes for relief and then a few feet more, just to be safe!”

Felt like a great idea, but even Going General seemed like a tough assignment in that moment, then another thought form came whizzing in… This time of me strapped into a jet propulsion device! Genius! Now the next time I find myself roiling around in Dante’s 6th Canto of Hell, I could just hit engage and voila, next stop The Balmy World of Generality! The visual that my imagination was running was so darn funny, that I laughed out loud!

After which I took solace in hauling out every Abe saying I could remember, in an attempt to douse myself in relief:  “Hang on, this will all be over soon.” “Everything always works out for me.” “Wow, just imagine the bounce when I get on the other side of this?” “Just hang on and this will be over soon.” “Other people have been where I am and have found their way out.”  HAHAHA, years of Abe has given me a monumental amount of reference material to sort through, when necessary.


lavender field


Fast forward 24 hours…  I’m happy to report that I’m on an vibrational up-tick, Thank The Gods, and I’ve decided to call Tony Stark and book my fitting. I’d like my Super Suit to be the color of a Lavender Field in France and Bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals. After all, if I’m going to streak across the sky toward my happy place, I might as well put on a show~*


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