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the light at the end  of the  tunnel is not an illusion

Creator… If you’ve been playing in Abe-Land for a while, then I know you’ve heard Abe say it many times – PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING! IOW – If you believe that a problem (contrast) is huge and insurmountable? Then so it is. If you believe that something you really, really want is going to be hard to achieve? Then so it is. And conversely, if you Believe, right down to the tips of your toes, that you can Be, Do, or Have whatever Desire that is powering through you at this moment? Then Creator, So too shall it be!!

The fruit of everything that manifests in your life is a result of your Perception; your health, your career, your friends, your lovers, all of it, is Directly Linked to your PERCEPTION! Your VIEWPOINT, on any given situation, will either open doors or slam them shut – BAMN, right in your face. Your OPINION/DISCERNMENT can either serve you well and make life easy breezy; or act as an anchor, energetically dragging down all that you do and think. It’s ALWAYS your Choice, ALWAYS! And it’s always linked to your Perception of the world in which you navigate!

Wanna be your own coach, cheerleader, best woman or man? Great, then start thinking like it. Start cheering yourself on, start giving yourself an atta-boy or an atta-girl when you pivot from thoughts that no longer serve, and turn toward the light. Start telling a New Story, IMMEDIATELY, around everything that isn’t going well; while beefing up the story around the manifestations that are to your liking!

The Quality of our Lives Is All Created by the Fictional Accounts we conjure up in our Imaginations! That’s why kids are so darn happy, they are playing in their imaginations and Fantasizing that they are Lords and Ladies Faire, adventurers in far away lands, successful pilots, astronauts, firemen, superheroes, or whatever they are conjuring up at the moment. Unlike us adults, their fiction isn’t riddled with negative outcomes and crappy reality! We learn that ridiculousness as we move through life. They only imagine THE GROOVY OUTCOMES! And that my darlings is what we need to do as well, that is if we want to feel good and manifest like the SuperHeroes We Are!

I’m off now, to Dream the Dream of The Gods. To Fully Own the Notion that I am King and Queen of My Life and Everything In It! You with me Creator? Oh I certainly hope so, after all, it’s so much more fun when we Co-Create On This Leading-Edge Together. All For One and One For All My Homies…~*



yellow eye visionary

Creator… You hold the key to Your Visions, Your Dreams, Your Manifestations. And, how do You keep them Fluid, Focused, and Flowing? Easy, first hold them close, mighty close. IOW – Be mindful of sharing your Creation! That is until You’re Vision is so darned solidified in your system, that wild horses couldn’t keep you from Creating it.

And when you do decide to offer your Vision to someone, remember this – What they think, their opinion, has absolutely NOTHING to do with your Vision (good, bad, or indifferent). Why? Because it’s Yours and it’s not supposed to make sense to others, at least not while it’s in its gestation period.

So Dream away, Focus Fiercely, Feel the Dream in all its splendor unfolding in your mind and imagination. Your job, should you choose to accept and embrace it, is to feel your Dream, take her for long walks, pamper her, uplift her, dance with her, and feel, feel, feel your Vision unfolding in your body and right before your mind’s eye!

We, as Leading-Edge Deliberate Creators, are among the few who have the tools available to us that allow us to Create Freely and Unabashedly, thanks to The Teachings of Abraham. And The Winning Formula is quite simple: Focus, Align, and Allow. Period. No work, no struggle, no stress, no kidding!

I for one can’t wait to see what delights you birth this year! What amazing leading-edge, cool, groovy ideas you have up your sleeve. And you know what I say? Go For It, that’s what! Take no prisoners, have at it, run don’t walk – straight on into Your Vortex of Creation! Where all your dreams reside, waiting for you to Align and Allow!

Tally Ho Creator, Tally Ho…~*

Oh, and here’s the quote from Abe that lit me up and prompted me to write this post. Much love…~*

“You have Sole Ownership of Your Vision. And The Universe will give you what you want within your Vision. What happens with most people is that they muddy their vision with “reality”.Their Vision becomes full of not only what they want, but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too. Your work is to clarify and purify your Vision so that they Vibration that you are offering can then be answered.”


Greetings Creator… So how many days of The NO NEGATIVE BLAH BLAH Campaign (that would be words, thoughts and deeds) have you been engaged in? Me? I’m embarking on Day 16 of my Eternal Lifetime of This Happy Habit and the results, well, let me tell you…

I have downloaded, aka, ALLOWED IN some really groovy information about a project that my love JasonĀ and I began conjuring up about 8 months ago. This, like many of our ideas, wasn’t ready to be unleashed YET! And then, the other evening while we were sitting and dreaming together (one of our favorite pastimes), our project came swooping in, landed with aplomb into the forefront of our brains and announced, “I’m Ready!” And so, we began the joyful process of taking this Creation to the next level. It feels so darn good to get my fingers in the clay once again.

Our Dance, Ecstatic Dance Berkeley, has been up and running since August 1st and she’s doing really, really well. Once something is running smoothly for me, I’m ready for a new project; as the beginnings of it, the nascent stages, the coordination, the downloads, the genius allowing, all serve to light me the heck up. And Abe is always chiding us to reach for more, not to become complacent with where we are, but to push out the boundaries, letting in new ideas, new playmates, new downloads!

If I had not ceased focusing on what doesn’t serve only 16 days ago, then I wouldn’t be in the driver’s seat of this current, fun playground. How could I? You can’t let in the fun, party guests, if the house is crowded with unwelcome, unwashed, unhappy vibrations. You must Spring Clean your vibe, and unlike your home, it’s a whole lot easier.

All you need do is open the windows and air out your mind. Inviting in the joy, the happiness, the hope, the upliftment, the groovy vibes that swirl and twirl around us constantly and continuously, patiently waiting for a window of opportunity, to slide on in to the home plate of our frontal lobe, and light us up from the inside out with emotions and ideas of grand proportions!

I invite all of you to get on board with this Challenge, it will change your life!!! And, if you can, get your pals to buy in as well. My daughter, boyfriend and best friend are also playing this game with me, and it really helps to have them around when I start tip toeing down that slippery slope to nowhere!

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams are Yours Creator, just clear out the clutter and bring in the sexy, refined, streamlined, focused, expansive side of YOU and watch what happens. It’ll take your breath away…

Tally Ho Humans…~*


“The reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire. That is the only reason – ever! So now, the only thing you need to do is gently and gradually, piece by piece, release your resistant thoughts, which are the only disallowing factors involved. Your increasing relief will be the indicator that you are releasing resistance, just as your feelings of increased tension, anger, frustration, and so on, have been your indicators that you have been adding to your resistance.”


Well Creator, here’s one of those – POW! Right In The Kisser Quotes -from our favorite teachers. I chose the accompanying photo because I believe it mirrors our resistance perfectly.

You and I are on the side with the water spurting through The Crack of Least Resistance. And yes it’s enough for a nice life, but then, take a look at the other side – that would be our Vortex! Say What? See all that water just sitting there waiting to be unleashed? Exactly!

So what the hell are we waiting for? Christmas? Of what year? When our kids graduate? When we find a lover? Loose 20 pounds? Get a better job? Travel to Paris? Jesus to show up on our door step? Last time I heard those 2 jokers were still “Waiting for Godot!” Isn’t it about damn time we loosed the cork of our inner resistance, our habits of thought, our ingrained BS and relax and allow? I’m thinking, yes, yes it is!

I’m feeling mighty frisky about this because, as I can only speak for myself, I’m thinking if not now, when? I didn’t come down here to pussy foot around. I came to expand and to reap the rewards of that expansion and the resultant clarity!

I’m off now, to live my life with as little resistance as possible. Think I’ll bring a can of WD40 along with me, sometimes a bit of silicone helps to loosen things up a bit!

Sending love, love and more kkkkrazy love your way…~*


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