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Take a good look at your life Creator, do you dig what you see? Is it ALL to your liking? Is there room for improvement? Of course there is, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, always!

Do you understand that ALL the conditions you are currently experiencing, either wanted or unwanted,  were created by you? And your attention to these conditions keeps them in your experience?  Is it time to create new juice, new story lines in the areas that are lacking and up-level your status on the parts of your life that you enjoy? In other words, Do You Want More Out of This Life?

Good, then now is the perfect time to begin weaving YOUR New Story. Not your mother’s story of you. YOUR Story! Not your friends’ story of you. YOUR Story. Not the story you think others will approve of, or can handle. YOUR Story! The one that you hold deep inside and only dare bring out at night. The one that makes your toes curl, your breath catch, your heart fly! You know the one? The one that is not yet clearly defined; the one that shimmers in the sun like heat coming off hot pavement. The one reserved for your dream state. The one that lurks behind every compromise that you make; every statement that begins with, “Someday…”

Isn’t it time that You Became The Master of Your Story? I’m thinking yes, because really what are you waiting for?  Conditions to improve, people to change? Forget about all that, this story is about you, your desires, your passions, your expectations. And how does one go about the business of telling his/her story? Easy, you start by writing it, speaking it (I love doing this while I’m driving), keeping it simple at first and then, your practice becomes the recitation of it again, and again, and again. Each time adding to it, giving it depth, color, character, dimension, include a musical score, if that pleases you.

Remember, You Are The Author and Your Story can only be as good as you Dare To Dream It to Be.

So how about We get about the business of Dreaming Beyond The Bounds of Rationale and Reason, occupying and creating in that fecund space of limitless and endless possibilities? I’m so ready for this assignment and I’ll tell you what, I’ll meet you on the corner of Passion and Co-Creation and we’ll inspire each other to new heights, we’ll laugh, we’ll dream, we’ll dance the dance of The Gods, you and I. Because you see Creator, I am writing My Story too~*

Nature's Grid

tiffany box

Greetings Darlings of The Omniverse.  Hope this missive finds you basking on YOUR Leading-Edge of Creation; lapping up the cream, surrounded by all that makes this life grand! I have a fun idea for us today that was prompted by one of my facebook pals posting about a gift giving community that has a “pay it forward” message.  The idea being, you send cash out trusting that others are willing to do the same.  The result is lovely; you receive cash payments in your mailbox.  So, it got me thinking…..  this is an interesting notion as it totally changes The Vibration around getting the mail; which, if you’re like most of us, fetching the mail has been downgraded to “fetching the bills.”  And, we Abers know that when you up the Vibe, you up the Experience, and when you up The Experience, you Up your fun quotient and a whole lot more!

I did some investigating on the site in question, and felt that it didn’t resonate with me; although, what DID resonate was the idea of receiving money, fun, interesting ideas, etc. in my mailbox.  So, what’s a gal to do?  Easy – create a Grid around my mailbox (which is essentially Creating a Grid around my expectations, is it not?).  That’s right, A GRID! The ultimate tool for us Deliberate Creators.  Let’s take something that has become mundane and a wee bit painful for some of us and upgrade to a Christmas Morning type of feeling.  Let’s look at our mailboxes as though they were those delightful blue Tiffany Boxes with the White Ribbon, just waiting for us to come and open them to find what might spill out in our lives today!

Here goes, you with me?  Oh good…..

What do I want?

I want to feel excited about what The Universe (Law of Attraction) has in store for me, as they surprise and delight me through The Avenue of Creative Gifting known as My Mailbox!

Why do I want it?

Because any excuse to be in alignment, to upgrade my vibration, to bring more joy and proliferation into my life and most of all,  to feel really, really good – is a brilliant reason to create a Grid!

How will it feel when I get there?

 Oh, now for the fun part! Well, it’s going to be great! What’s better than the delicious anticipation of a trip that is just around the corner (could be sitting in there waiting for me today!)?  Or how about the feeling of wonder about LOA delivering JUST the answer to a query I have been having, or a wonderful bit of information that is plu-perfect  for a project that I’m working on? Or perhaps, the endless, unlimited, unparalleled plethora of ideas that will come to me by reading what I have found inside.

I love streamlining this new and improved Avenue of Creative Gifting, as I use my power of focus to give attention to this wee box that can hold within it the wonders of the world.  That can bring the news I’ve been waiting for, perhaps for so long that I’ve even forgotten that I WAS waiting! I will feel titillated, excited, eager. My strides will become longer as I make my way down the driveway! I will notice the sun on my face, and hear the birds as they serve up the perfect musical accompaniment to The Grand Opening of my Gift Box! I will imagine what scrumptious delights are sitting in that box, are they going to be apparent at first glance, or am I going to have to take a bit of time to comb through the treasures and feel which one is the one I’ve been waiting for?

 I feel eager, I feel open, I feel fluid, I feel passionate about being a Deliberate Creator and using my Power of Focus and pre-paving to serve me up an experience that will bring me great joy.  I feel lots of appreciation that I found this new Avenue of Expansive Creation through a Post of something that at first blush wasn’t interesting to me, but then, I put my twist, my special ju-ju on it et voila – I now have another way of creating on this blue ball of fecundity and fun!

There you have it Geniuses! We have just successfully upgraded our mailbox experience from fast food, to 5 Star Dining! We have upped the thread count of our Grid – making it more resilient, more pliable, more harmonious, more spirited, more of everything that makes a Grid a SUPER GRID! Once again, we have taken our Knowing and put it to work for us! That’s the brilliance of the Teachings of Abraham, they give us the righteous How-To’s and we as Students of Everything Juicy and Original, take that Knowing and put it to work for us!

Another Job Well Done – All is Well Darlings, All Is So Incredibly Well~*

Oh, one more thing….. A week or so ago, we had an amazing wind storm that blew the shingles off my mailbox, leaving the roof looking a bit well…. sad.  I had started looking into how to fix it, but now, I am so inspired to do something kooky, crazy, and fun with that damn box! Let’s see what ideas come flowing forward.  Should be fun~*



Lion in Focused Thought 2

Morning Genuises! How about today, we put our minds to the act of Pure, Positive Focus? Let’s work that focus muscle till it’s the six pack of muscles – sexy, strong and a complete show off (crop top anyone?).  Let’s set about Deliberately Creating through The Power of Our Minds; Setting Intentions, Creating Grids; Pre-Paving – The Works!!!  You in?  Thought so….~*


Welcome to the present moment...Pema Chodron

I love the notion of welcoming this moment, and the next, and the next, as though we invited it in to our world, because guess what? We DID! Our Vibration invited this moment and we get to welcome it, to allow it, to play with it, to love it, or to leave it – All Our Choice! We can take this moment and use it as a jumping off point to our next playful moment, all the while building on the momentum of our vibration. We get to discern how our guest makes us feel? Will we issue this one another invite? Or should we upgrade this guest and work on a higher, juicer vibe?

If you feel as though this guest has crashed your party, then it could be a situation akin to “don’t shoot the messenger,” although in this case it’s “don’t shoot the guest.” He is here because of us, making himself at home, feet up on the coffee table, spilling crumbs on the couch, belching his way into the evening as we stand by and wonder how the hell we get him out of our house. Simple really, You and I are Deliberate Creators and we have the tools available to us to change up our Vibration. Oh, I can hear you now, “Well then,” you might ask, “if we are Deliberate Creators, then how did this troglodyte wind up in my present moment?”

Easy answer is you created him through default, the exact opposite of Deliberate Creating, it’s what Abraham refers to as lazy focusing; the “I don’t how this happened to me” creating. The “I would never create anything like this for myself” creating.  It is a direct result of you randomly going through your day reacting to this reality, that situation, this person, that moment; effectively creating Grids of less than stellar vibrations to attract situations akin to our party crasher.

The quickest and easiest way to turn this situation around is to Deliberately Create a Grid of a Higher Vibration and that is done in 3 Easy Steps. Shall we?

1. What do I want?

Answer: I want relief from feeling poorly.

2. Why do I want it?

Answer: Because it feels good to feel good and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

3. How will it feel when I achieve a state of Relief?

(Before you dive into the answer, I’d like to ask that you take your time to feel the words that I am laying before you; play with them, repeat them if they feel good to you; chew on them, savor them like that first sip of coffee or bite of dark chocolate, get the most out of them, because it is their vibration that is going to bring you to a better feeling place. Ready? Good, let’s rumble….)

It’s going to feel like relief feels; easy……, smooth……., comforting……… I’m going to feel soothed……., invigorated…….., and energized……… I can feel it already, the energy flowing through me, enlivening me, lighting me up from the inside out. I love this feeling, of changing my point of attraction from unwanted to wanted. I love Knowing I can feel any way I focus on feeling, it’s just a matter of taking the time to focus, to prepare a Grid proportionate with the Divine Being that is ME! Can’t you just feel the momentum? I’m picking up speed as I feel myself opening to newer, higher, richer, more sublime vibrations of love and appreciation. I feel joy……., I feel powerful……, I feel receptive to all the love The Universe is flowing to and through me. I feel sublime……, sure……, strong…..  I feel Love, juicy, sideways, liquid, over the moon love!  Wow!  All is Well~*

Now how about that Boys and Girls? Do you feel as good as I do? Are you riding the wave we just created, The Grid we just established? Was it as good for you as it was for me? Oh, I certainly hope so. Hey, wait a minute. Who’s that sexy man on my couch? Gods he’s smiling at me and beckoning me over. Must act cool, nonchalant. Is this the caliber of Now Moment I can expect when I up my Vibe? If so, I’m in, in, in. Well, musn’t keep Mr. Delicious waiting, after all I did invite him and as the consummate hostess, it is my duty to make him feel welcome :-).

Love to all of you. Thanks for playing with me, it’s always a pleasure. Oh and…… don’t wait up~*

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