Take a good look at your life Creator, do you dig what you see? Is it ALL to your liking? Is there room for improvement? Of course there is, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, always!

Do you understand that ALL the conditions you are currently experiencing, either wanted or unwanted,  were created by you? And your attention to these conditions keeps them in your experience?  Is it time to create new juice, new story lines in the areas that are lacking and up-level your status on the parts of your life that you enjoy? In other words, Do You Want More Out of This Life?

Good, then now is the perfect time to begin weaving YOUR New Story. Not your mother’s story of you. YOUR Story! Not your friends’ story of you. YOUR Story. Not the story you think others will approve of, or can handle. YOUR Story! The one that you hold deep inside and only dare bring out at night. The one that makes your toes curl, your breath catch, your heart fly! You know the one? The one that is not yet clearly defined; the one that shimmers in the sun like heat coming off hot pavement. The one reserved for your dream state. The one that lurks behind every compromise that you make; every statement that begins with, “Someday…”

Isn’t it time that You Became The Master of Your Story? I’m thinking yes, because really what are you waiting for?  Conditions to improve, people to change? Forget about all that, this story is about you, your desires, your passions, your expectations. And how does one go about the business of telling his/her story? Easy, you start by writing it, speaking it (I love doing this while I’m driving), keeping it simple at first and then, your practice becomes the recitation of it again, and again, and again. Each time adding to it, giving it depth, color, character, dimension, include a musical score, if that pleases you.

Remember, You Are The Author and Your Story can only be as good as you Dare To Dream It to Be.

So how about We get about the business of Dreaming Beyond The Bounds of Rationale and Reason, occupying and creating in that fecund space of limitless and endless possibilities? I’m so ready for this assignment and I’ll tell you what, I’ll meet you on the corner of Passion and Co-Creation and we’ll inspire each other to new heights, we’ll laugh, we’ll dream, we’ll dance the dance of The Gods, you and I. Because you see Creator, I am writing My Story too~*