Blending Is For The Birds, Not Us Glorious Humans…

Thank The Fucking Gods that my wish of “blending” wasn’t answered. Haha! When I was in grammar school at Marymount School for Girls in Manhattan, you might appreciate that the nuns had their way of doing things and you’d better get in line, or else. Well you know what? I would have if I could have, but it’s just not in my DNA to twist myself into someone’s perception of what a “proper young lady” looks, acts, and sounds like.

I remember the first day of school vividly, all of them. I would get out of bed, hit my knees and pray to God to help me blend, to act like everyone else. Satisfied that he was on it, I’d get about the business of putting on my uniform and heading off to school. Once there, I was brimming with self-confidence as God was on my side! How could I loose?

Fast forward a few hours into the morning when Sister Mary I’ve Had All I Can Take, would call me out and send me to press my nose into the corner for an indeterminate period of time. And you know what? The best part is I never got frustrated or mad at myself, or God for that matter. Haha! I took it all in stride. After all I had given it a go, but somethings are just not meant to be. And I would reassure myself by saying, “Well, there’s always next year!”

Next year never came and now here I am, Loud, Proud, Uniquely Me, and playing the game my way. As Abe would say, “And really, what choice do you have?” None, not if you want to feel good and be true to yourself. Up, Up and Away Creator…

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