Update On My No Negative Blah Blah Campaign! It’s A Doozy…~*


Greetings Creator… So how many days of The NO NEGATIVE BLAH BLAH Campaign (that would be words, thoughts and deeds) have you been engaged in? Me? I’m embarking on Day 16 of my Eternal Lifetime of This Happy Habit and the results, well, let me tell you…

I have downloaded, aka, ALLOWED IN some really groovy information about a project that my love Jason and I began conjuring up about 8 months ago. This, like many of our ideas, wasn’t ready to be unleashed YET! And then, the other evening while we were sitting and dreaming together (one of our favorite pastimes), our project came swooping in, landed with aplomb into the forefront of our brains and announced, “I’m Ready!” And so, we began the joyful process of taking this Creation to the next level. It feels so darn good to get my fingers in the clay once again.

Our Dance, Ecstatic Dance Berkeley, has been up and running since August 1st and she’s doing really, really well. Once something is running smoothly for me, I’m ready for a new project; as the beginnings of it, the nascent stages, the coordination, the downloads, the genius allowing, all serve to light me the heck up. And Abe is always chiding us to reach for more, not to become complacent with where we are, but to push out the boundaries, letting in new ideas, new playmates, new downloads!

If I had not ceased focusing on what doesn’t serve only 16 days ago, then I wouldn’t be in the driver’s seat of this current, fun playground. How could I? You can’t let in the fun, party guests, if the house is crowded with unwelcome, unwashed, unhappy vibrations. You must Spring Clean your vibe, and unlike your home, it’s a whole lot easier.

All you need do is open the windows and air out your mind. Inviting in the joy, the happiness, the hope, the upliftment, the groovy vibes that swirl and twirl around us constantly and continuously, patiently waiting for a window of opportunity, to slide on in to the home plate of our frontal lobe, and light us up from the inside out with emotions and ideas of grand proportions!

I invite all of you to get on board with this Challenge, it will change your life!!! And, if you can, get your pals to buy in as well. My daughter, boyfriend and best friend are also playing this game with me, and it really helps to have them around when I start tip toeing down that slippery slope to nowhere!

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams are Yours Creator, just clear out the clutter and bring in the sexy, refined, streamlined, focused, expansive side of YOU and watch what happens. It’ll take your breath away…

Tally Ho Humans…~*


One comment on “Update On My No Negative Blah Blah Campaign! It’s A Doozy…~*”
  1. vincefurfaro@comcast.net says:

    Hi Constance, great new post. I love all your posts, they’re so inspiring. attached is something you might find interesting about negative emotion.

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