Don’t Share That New Desire, Passion, Dream Until…

Not everyone will understand your journey

Creator, if you anything like me, then you’re acutely aware of sharing your hopes, dreams, projects, ideas, the uber cool stuff you’re working on/creating, before YOU ARE VIBRATIONALLY READY TO SHARE!

Birthing a new passion is akin to having a baby; in which case, most prudent folks wait till they’re pregnant for 3 months before sharing the good news! Why? Simple, prevailing wisdom dictates that once you’ve crossed into the second trimester of baking your baby into manifestation, then the odds for a full term pregnancy are more favorable!

Treat your ideas with the same care. Remember – NO ONE IS UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO SEE IT YOUR WAY. Meaning, when you share early or ever, the opinions are likely to fly, some in the good column, some not so favorable, and some downright negative. And the final 2 can cause a mighty wobble for you, drain the wind from your sails and leave you questioning the brilliance of your Idea.

Here’s the thing, although you’re bursting with pride and passion with your latest endeavor, I have found that KEEPING MY OWN COUNSEL is SO MUCH MORE REWARDING! I get to bake my project in my imagination. I line up with it more. I inculcate the fullness of it. In short, over time I come to OWN IT! And then, once you’ve crossed that threshold into the End Zone of feeling Mighty, Unflappable, and Fully Knowing about your latest Brilliant Creation, then by all means, share.

Although, one final word, even if you’re fully aligned and on board with your Creation, NO ONE will Ever be able to see it, feel it, get it, own it with the same degree of Fiery Fervor that you do! No one! Everything’s an inside job, so if something Feels Extraordinary to You, then by all means, go for it. Leave the opinions of others, the peanut gallery, out of it.

It’s a totally new way of living that we Abers have come to embrace. Our new and improved way of understanding the world and our place in it, is the antithesis of what 99.99% of the world around us believes and lives. And we’ve been brought up to take score, gather opinions, and use other people’s reactions to gauge the worthiness of our ideas!

What I know at my deepest level of understanding, is that I’m here for me, for my joy, to explore my creativity and needing someone, anyone else’s approval, mitigates my flow.

So here’s to us, Leading-Edge Groovsters doing it our way and figuring it out, one contrasting moment at a time! 3 Cheers as we move forward toward a deeper Understanding and Knowing of what this life’s journey is all about. We’re the bomb, but let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we? Haha! Over and out my Homies…~*

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