The View From a Broader Perspective

Yesterday, I was attempting to find the proper terminology for my increasingly canny pinpointing of The Moment when I’m feeling resistance. And my newly found, delightful skill of melting it, once I become aware of its presence. And let me tell you, the process of identifying the resistance, then deciding to thaw it out, feels amazing.

I imagine that said resistance is an ice cube which I place in the sun, so that it gently melts away. What a rush that thaw produces, coupled with a keen sense of accomplishment which propels me – Whoosh, straight into My Vortex.

So, as I was saying, I was attempting to find a phrase, the perfect phrase, to describe my newly reawakened skill of melting old man resistance. My first thought was, “I’m getting so much better at…”

Nope, sounds too wishy-washy. Needs more punch. Then I thought what about, “I have gotten so good at…”

Hmmm, still not powerful enough. How’s this one, “I’m on the road to Mastery.”

Jeeze, it sounds like I’m never arriving. I mean, when does the road end? Well, the answer to that we know for double darn sure is, Never! That’s right, never, as we are Eternal.

Then I thought about how Abe says that all of Our Power, if properly acknowledged and claimed, is in This Present Moment; AKA, the Expansive, Sensual, Erupting, Eternal Now. And then it hit me, if the Journey is Eternal then so would my Mastery be. I am as much of a Master as I decide I Am, it’s that simple. And so, in that moment of clarity, the phrase, “I am on the road OF Mastery.” was born! Let’s say it again ’cause it feels so good, “WE, YOU AND I, ARE ALWAYS AND FOREVER ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY!”

I guess what I’m trying to convey is, if you don’t believe You Are A Master, and no, not a Master in perpetual training, but a FULL BLOWN MASTER, then neither will The Law of Attraction. And the result? The vibration you are emitting is not up to snuff, not up to the snuff of Master anyway. Law of Attraction will only collate, coalesce, formulate, and deliver to you that which you are vibrationally capable of attracting. Isn’t it time to upgrade our thoughts about who and what we are to match THE TRUTH of it all? We are Gods for goodness sake, and what I notice is, we don’t take credit for our heightened status often enough, if ever.

We came to this planet and continue to be, fully plugged in to Source. The only thing that’s happened between that moment of our birth and Now, is it we’ve gathered some resistance, a bit of light luggage, as we journeyed on our Physical Trail of Life. Isn’t Now the perfect time to start separating the wheat from the chaff, as we allow some of that resistance to melt in the sun? As we boldly embrace our majesty, our power, our might , sagacity, and the clarity that comes with being a Masterful Human here on this most leading-edge of thought?

Yup, that’s what I thought!! Haha! You and I Dear One, are most assuredly, without a doubt, no foolin’, ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY AS WE RECREATE, UPDATE, & FINE-TUNE IT TO MORE, with each glorious moment of our Eternal Expansion.

In closing, let me just say that it’s great traveling with you Masterful Creator. See you at the next stop. Over and out…~*


2 comments on “ON THE ROAD OF MASTERY..”
  1. I love this post!! Your saying of how resistance is like an ice cube and how it should gently melt in the sun… This is a great way to put it. I will have to borrow this in my thoughts. Thank you much for posting 🙂

    1. Constance says:

      So glad it resonated! Happy melting…😎~*

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