My Morning Process of Deliberate Creation…~*

It might look like I'm doing nothing

Creator, I must share my delight at this being the 4th morning in a row where I have awakened with a blissfully quiet mind. Rather than the moment of bliss I usually encounter upon awakening, which is disrupted by thoughts soon thereafter, I now am finding myself enveloped in a dreamy Sea of Silence. And not only that, it remains that way for longer and longer periods of time into my day!

I equate waking up shrouded in this pervasive sense of Well-Being, to the Loving Work I’ve been engaged in. Here’s my Daily Practice, Abe Style…

-Take those first moments in bed to milk and appreciate everything you can think of.

-Soon after awakening, A morning meditation from Abe’s Meditation Series (You want to take advantage of your quiet mind from your sleep state in order to extend this feeling as long and as deep as possible.)

-A morning practice of writing lists of appreciation, creating focus wheels, & pre-Paving my day.

-Pre-Paving the heck out of each daily segment.

And how do I remember to do that? Easy, I have created reminders (3×5 cards with Pre-Pave written on them) at my kitchen sink, the dash board of my car, my bathroom mirror, and sprinkled all around the house, to tee me up To Create This Next Experience to the highest vibration possible!

-Listen to Abe videos daily! (There are always genius nuggets of information to be found in everything that they say, and the funny thing is, it always seems directed at me. Perfect timing coupled with the perfect information.)

-Milk everything, until there’s nothing left. Laugh with abandon,  and take NOTHING seriously.

This Alignment/Allowing Game isn’t a “once you’ve got it, you done son!” kinda deal! Haha! Hardly! Rather, it’s a garden that requires constant, focused commitment and care to create the fertile soil where LOA can bring to you all that you desire. And if you’re doing it LIKE A BOSS, then Yesterday’s High Vibe can serve as your jumping off point of today; meaning, You keep building a momentum of Well-Being that only The Gods can dream of!

So darlings, have you committed to taking the quality of your life’s direction in hand? Are you carving out the time at the beginning of your day, to make all the difference in the world? The big payoff of getting discipline around your Daily Practice is not only do you feel really, really good, but you will be blown away by the rewards of seemingly so little work, with an outta-site, exponential payoff!

I must be off now, there are adventures waiting, fun people and rendez-vous’, cool Synchronicities, and groovy feelings to ride upon! I hope to see you on my journey. You’ll know it’s me as I am wearing a smile as wide as the sky, indicating that I’ve discovered the secret of living and thriving, and guess what? I have! Thanks to The Teachings of Abraham and my being a kick-ass, on it, committed student!

Yup, that’s how we roll here on THIS, The Most Leading-Edge of Thought in the whole darn Universe!! Over and out My Homies…~*

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