Up, Up, and Away into The Wobble-Free Realm of Generality~*

iron man flying

Earlier today I “found myself” in such a state of misalignment that I was desperate for an answer. Luckily Source found a sliver of non-resistance with which to download an Abe quote that I had read earlier in the week, “How far are you willing to pull back into General to get away from Wobbling?”

My answer, “As far as it takes for relief and then a few feet more, just to be safe!”

Felt like a great idea, but even Going General seemed like a tough assignment in that moment, then another thought form came whizzing in… This time of me strapped into a jet propulsion device! Genius! Now the next time I find myself roiling around in Dante’s 6th Canto of Hell, I could just hit engage and voila, next stop The Balmy World of Generality! The visual that my imagination was running was so darn funny, that I laughed out loud!

After which I took solace in hauling out every Abe saying I could remember, in an attempt to douse myself in relief:  “Hang on, this will all be over soon.” “Everything always works out for me.” “Wow, just imagine the bounce when I get on the other side of this?” “Just hang on and this will be over soon.” “Other people have been where I am and have found their way out.”  HAHAHA, years of Abe has given me a monumental amount of reference material to sort through, when necessary.


lavender field


Fast forward 24 hours…  I’m happy to report that I’m on an vibrational up-tick, Thank The Gods, and I’ve decided to call Tony Stark and book my fitting. I’d like my Super Suit to be the color of a Lavender Field in France and Bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals. After all, if I’m going to streak across the sky toward my happy place, I might as well put on a show~*


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