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Creator, do you want to know how to Effect Change, big, big change? Want to start a Movement in the name of your most ardent Wantings and Desires? Want to Take Thought and Inspired Action well beyond its current state? Well then, the answer is in Alignment, NOT PUSHING BACK! The answer is in Meditation, Visualization, delving into your Imagination, Not In Pushing Back. 

I know it’s seems counter intuitive to be seemingly passive, when the rest of the world is marching, shaking their fists, issuing battle cries, pointing fingers, and calling out those that they feel have wronged others, but Alignment and Visualization are anything but passive. Rather it is Pure, Focused Energy in Action. Every idea, every movement, every bit of change we now accept as common place began in someone’s imagination. Every single one! Here’s one of my favorite Abe quotes on the topic…

“Two or more people in Alignment are more Powerful than millions who are not!”

Say what?! Haha! Take a second and let that sink in. Let’s read it together again, “Two or more people in Alignment are more powerful than millions who are not!” Wow! Right?

Take it from someone who back in the day, marched for everything and anything you can imagine, and had a ball doing it by the way! But that was then, before I Understood that I wasn’t precipitating change, I was actually adding to the momentum of what I was against. I was Sisyphus, pushing that damn bolder up, up, up the hill, only to have it roll back down so that I could start all over again. Welcome to the Law Of Attraction in Action! Screaming No at something is energetically tantamount to Screaming YES!! And so more of what you don’t want shows up, in droves, piles of it. 

Today it seems there is pushing back in the name of everything; The President, The Government, other Governments, Drugs, Health Care, you name it. Well if you’ve been watching you might notice that the older movements, The War on Drugs for example, have done nothing to eradicate their targeted offenders, rather it has increased the energy around this issue!! 

Where My Power Lies, Where Your Power Lies, Where Our Power Lies isn’t in bitching, pushing back, denigrating others behavior, or vociferously pointing out and posting about what’s not working. The easiest, most stress free, and the most efficacious way to Effect Change is through Focus and Alignment. PURE Focus and Alignment. Lets see what Abe has to say on the subject…

“It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone.”

— Abraham

Cool right? So get on a topic that you can hold within a pure, focused state and then, watch the Universe bend the knee to make it happen! Marching and Rallies are fun, but Alignment is where The Power Is Creator. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in this game to be The Most Powerful Damn Deliberate Creator on the Planet and Take Thought and Inspired Action way beyond its current status! Want to join me?…~*

Abraham says, “Get out of bed on the right Vibration.”

Great idea Abe, but how does a Conscious, Deliberate Creator do that? So glad you asked… Begin by Appreciating before your eyes even open; your comfy bed, the day ahead, your relaxed body, your delicious sleep state, the sexy human and/or warm animal beside you, etc.

And then, meditate for 15 minutes to consciously align with your Vortex and Inner Being. I LOVE Abraham’s 15 minute meditations which prompt me to breath deeply and allow me to Fall Up Into My Vortex seamlessly and with ease. Click here for Abraham-Hicks Guided Meditation.

And finally, cap it all off by writing lists of appreciation, or focus wheels, or love letters to humans and /or your non-physical posse; which all serves to prolong your time in communication with your Inner Being and Alignment. Thereby establishing a deeper, firmer Vibrational Beachhead from which to blastoff into your day.

That’s it, and all it takes is one half hour of your time (as Abraham says, “15 minutes of visualization is more productive than 16 hours of hard labor!”) And now you have a juicy, high vibing foundation from which to launch into the waiting day. I do it every single morning, it’s akin to brushing my teeth and it makes ALL the difference in the world. But don’t take my word for it, give it a whirl and get ready Creator, your Life is going to upgrade right before your very eyes! Haha! Just sayin’…~*

edmund-tarbell-girl-writingI just finished listening to the video included below, which answered An Asking I have had for some time about getting on a better vibrational footing around and with my former husband. In the recap, Abraham was speaking about how we put people we no longer want to be with (especially past lovers, husbands, wives etc.) into the Ex Category. I have never referred to Scott, my former husband, as my ex, because it never felt good. And knowing what I Know, when you attempt to EX-Out anything, it only causes it to remain more firmly in a funky feeling vibration. This has been a wanting of mine for a time, in that I desire all of my relationships, past and present, to shine vibrationally and I find that when I am around Scott, I feel a bit off. So Abe to the rescue!!

They’re suggestion to us is that we take all of those that we no longer are married too or dating, but might still harbor a wee resentment toward or feel an awkwardness around, and put them into a Pile of Appreciation.

I have transcribed this wee excerpt, because I wanted to herald it for myself and I have addressed it to my former husband the father of our daughter, Lily…

Dear Former Husband…

“You were there when I needed you. You were a vibrational match to that which I was. You were part of the contrast that helped me to identify what I want. My present and future experience is what it was because of my relationship with you. It was never your job to be a specific way so that I could feel better. We all were doing the best that we knew how to do as we went along the way. I love the fact that we had this relationship and I believe we will always have a relationship. And from now on. I am not going to let my thoughts about you, hurt my feelings anymore. I’M NO LONGER GOING TO DISRESPECT MYSELF BY TWISTING MY THOUGHTS ABOUT YOU AND MAKING MYSELF FEEL BAD ABOUT THEM!” (My favorite part, hence the caps!)

Wow! Right?! Feels so darn good. Off I go to play around in this juicy new Vibration I just created! This is what being a Deliberate Creatrix Feels Like!! Aligned and Allowing! All for one and one for all! Tally Ho Homies…~*

Your Job Creator Is Not To Fix The World

You only have one job Creator, do you know what that is? It isn’t to fix the world, ’cause it’s not broken. It isn’t to fix your friend, kid, lover because we ALL live in a Universe that Provides, Distributes, Flows Connectivity/Love Equally, to us all. Tapping into that flow is the job of the individual, period! There are no understudies, body doubles, or stand-ins available.

No matter your income, social standing, educational level, age, sex, country, city, or abilities, Divine Guidance is always available and flows forth to each of us with Grace, Equanimity, and Magnanimity – Constantly! Source, Your Inner Being, NEVER sleeps, gets tuckered out or doesn’t show! Ever!

So how do you “get your fair share?” Easy… Line Up Creator!! Not at the grocery store check out, not at the car wash; rather, Line The Heck Up at the Nexus Point where You (physical human you) and YOU (Mighty Source Non-Physical all the time connected and flowing, Party Animal YOU) Meet, Coalesce, Dance, Make Love and Merriment You, dwells! What our Teachers’ Abe call The Sweet Spot of Alignment.

You Know The Processes! You understand The Law of Attraction. You Know down to the tips of your toes, how to Tune-In, Tune-Up and Flow like The Genius Creator/Creatrix You are!

So can this life ALWAYS be better? Heck yes it can! Reaching for More is our middle name! So how about Right Here, Right Now You do just that? Reach for the stars and when you have them firmly in your grasp, reach again, and again, and again! It’s Your Time To Live! You feel me Homie? Can I get a witness? Haha! Lordy, I hope so…😎~*

Sometimes I want to be alone

Oh Oh Oh, this is sooo me! I Adore Being Alone! Really! Always have and by the looks of things, always will! I am an only child, born of 2 only children in The City of Manhattan. My life was always solitary, which might seem counter to being a City Kid, but knowing what I know, you can be more blissfully alone in a City than anywhere else on the planet.

There was a code when I was growing up in NYC that you give each person a wide berth, no unusually long eye-contact (more than a nano second), and no prying into other people’s affairs. After all, that’s what the doorman was for haha! Rather, You Kept Your Own Counsel and that my friends is where the power lies.

Keeping your own counsel. Hmmm, what does that mean anyway? To me it means seeing how I feel about a particular subject before jumping into a “group on” about it. It means honoring the tacit arrangement that although we are living on top of one another, literally, we can give each other privacy and space. It means keeping my opinions to myself! Bingo, there’s the big one, KEEPING MY OPINIONS TO MYSELF!

Through the constant and consistent practice I have adopted of inculcating The Teaching’s of Abraham into the marrow of my bones, I have come to the delightful realization that my opinion is just that, mine. And that my way of seeing something is again, my way and perhaps not at all germane to the person whom I’m focused upon.

Do I know their story? Do I have a clue about what they’ve lived, their desires, their gaps, their dreams, anything? NO! Not even my own kid! I don’t have a bloody clue, ’cause guess what else I know? That sometimes I don’t even know what’s best for Me, so why oh why would I take my Super Power of Focus and use it frivolously? Why not turn that Focus back on me? How am I feeling? What’s brewing and stewing in my life? What do I want more of? Less of? How do I want to Create today?

Although now my home is situated smack dab in a suburban landscape, I still live by my NYC code of honoring everyone’s space. It’s in my blood and now that I KNOW the benefits of Keeping My Own Counsel, or as my father Clyde used to say to me when I would weigh in on a subject, “Tend to your knitting back there!” (Usually it was when I was doing hard time stuck in the back seat of my dad’s sport’s car while he smoked cigars and my mom her cigs! Haha)

So Creator, how about this? Let’s make today a Tend To Your Knitting Day. Tend to Your Vibration Day. Tend to Your Wants and Desires Day and leave other people to tend to theirs? I’m thinking that’s a genius plan.

I’m off now to knit one, pearl two on this delightful day. And if I drop a stitch or two, so be it. I can always recalibrate, pivot, hit the reset button on my focus and vibration. After all WE ARE MASTERS for Christmas’ Sake and that means EVERYONE! Not just us guys and gals who like to swath ourselves in The Knowing That The Teachings of Abe afford us! EVERYONE! Leave them to find their connection in their way and let’s tend to ours lovingly and with care!

You with me My Homies?

Life of alignment

Finding The Teachings of Abraham when my daughter Lily was in 1st grade was a win/win for both of us! I was always outta da box anyway, but Abe gave me the tools to sustain my groovy feelings and Allowed Me To Allow My Delightful Kid to flourish in her own, unique way!

When people ask me about parenting, my answer is succinct and never prevaricates, “First and foremost, DO YOU with aplomb! Show your kid what it’s like to be a righteous happy joyful fun interesting curious Creator on the leading edge.”

And then they say, “I asked about parenting and you told me about you.”

And my answer, “Haha, exactly!”

‘Cause what we know in Abe Land is the most effective parenting is teaching by YOUR example! The method of teaching with which most of us are familiar is one way and comes in the form of speeches, dictates, dictums, decrees, and directives and sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher… blah blah blah ditty blah blah. And guess what? It never, never, never fucking worked.

Rather than a sermon or a soliloquy, show your kids that they have all the tools necessary to be, do, or have whatever they desire by you the parent, living the life of your dreams!

Start with your Alignment first Homies, and then the parenting literally takes care of itself, no fooling…~*

humphrey bogart

The intonation of my father Clyde’s speech and character were infused with the essence of two distinctive worlds: part old school New Yorker and part shipyard worker. Clyde was born, bred and raised in a powerful family in Brooklyn, New York. As a kid and under an alias, he had worked the docks of the shipyard that his grandfather founded, so that he might learn about the business and become friends with the men, without their being aware of his family connections.

He was 6’2” tall, barrel chested, and had the posture of a marine, although he was never in the armed forces. He was a Man’s Man, brimming with self-confidence and at total and complete ease in his skin. He was powerful, generous, open, curious, spontaneous, witty, gregarious and all with his de rigeur cigar planted firmly between his teeth. His DNA reeked of being a New Yorker; bold, brash, the best of the best, although without being cocky. He was King of all he surveyed and everyone wanted to bask in the umbra of his magnanimity; the women all wanted to sleep with him and the men wanted to be his best friend.

He wasn’t classically handsome rather, he had a strong resemblance to Humphrey Bogart, which only added to his appeal. He exuded the good breeding and manners that one would expect of a millionaire’s grandson coupled with street smarts: cunning and smooth. He was a man who had never smelled fear or defeat and was sure of his place in this world… front row center.

Clyde had a plethora of sayings that peppered his speech. There were the ones that came straight from the docks, my all time favorite being, “I wouldn’t piss on his leg if it was on fire!”

And some that could be categorized as truisms, describing life as he saw and lived it. One in particular has played a large part in my life and is the catalyst behind this story,

“Walk in like you own the place kid, and no one will stop you!”

I have conjured up this phrase and used it to cross thresholds into unknown situations, board rooms, parties, job interviews, negotiations, anything that required that I take the next step armed with the self-confidence of The Gods. I have pulled it out in storms when I needed a boost and in calm seas, when I was formulating a plan to do it “My Way,” and wouldn’t take no for an answer. It is my suit of armor although it is not constricting, rather its essence is one of absolute freedom of thought, word and deed. Of standing in my Power and owning it, not with bravado or flashiness, but with the kind of style that oozes from the inside out and cannot be forged.

I have been thinking a lot about Clyde lately and in particular about the ramifications and positivity of the phrase, “Walk in like you own the place kid.” I have been appreciating his unusual parenting style as he took me to places and introduced me to people who dwell and thrive “way-oh-way” outside of the mainstream. He opened my eyes, mind and heart to the whole world, not just the class that breaths rarified air, but all the stratas of air that are available for us to sample, while appreciating the gifts that each offers.

As I type my thoughts, I am feeling a tremendous amount of pride and love surging forth from Clyde in his non-physical playground. The headiness of his love is mingling with the love, admiration and appreciation that I feel for myself. I have lived what one friend described as “a very big life.” Big in emotion, big in adventure, big in never following the rules but rather, heeding the call of my “True North,” no matter the consequences. I have never blended, which come to find out is a blessing. I used to think otherwise, looking at those folks who seemed so at home in “normal.” Who had their lives mapped out from childhood, who didn’t make waves. But hell, what fun is there in that? After all, we didn’t come here to blend, to regurgitate, to vacillate, to legislate, to obfuscate, to stand outside of our “true nature” and allow for anything less. We came to boldly and confidently stride forth, to Create from the lofty perch of our unique vantage point. In short, we came to

“Walk This Earth Like We Own The Place!” 

And when we do, when we are true to our intentions, our passions, our desires, there isn’t one person or a million, who can distract or dissuade us from our heading of True North. This stance of Being In Our Power feels like we are breathing rarified air, but in this case, it’s the air of Our Personal, Singular Strata of Knowing and Intention. Now I ask you Creator, what is sexier than that?

I must be off now, to stride forth on this earth, like I own the place. To plant my flag on each spot that my feet touch, my mind reaches, my hands caress, my lips kiss. To take ownership of each unique experience, in its fullest and most complete capacity. To firmly, eternally, and unabashedly embrace my place in the unfolding and artful becoming of this, my precious life…~*

The Placemat Process Redux…~*

placemat process

So the other day, I wasn’t feeling IT! You know IT, that groovy place that feeds your soul? Yea well, IT had left the building. And as I had sufficiently twisted myself around my own axle, I knew I needed help, so I searched out my Love Jason​ and asked him to stand in as Abe for me!

I took my position in the Hot Seat and shared my blah-blah (Because we know that’s all that negative thoughts are anyway, blah-blah LOL) with him and the cadre of Non-Physical Beings that I know must gather at times like this, calling out to one another, “Hey guys, over here, come and check this one out! It’s going to be another comedy show!”

Right? Can’t you just feel what they feel about us from their perspective? They must be busting up about our penchant for piling up and living with resistance.

Jason listened with grace, don’t know how he does it, and pronounced that I was taking The Entire Weight of My Life on my shoulders. That I was thinking that I had to do it all, be it all, get it all done, lickity damn split, or else! He suggested that this would be the perfect time to perform Esther and Abe’s Placemat Process, as I seem to be sticking everything under my column and leaving The Benevolent Universe with nothing to do.

I took his sage advice and grabbed my newest, favorite, big ass pad, and my new, favorite, big ass pen and created The Placemat Title Page. If you aren’t familiar with the process, I will post a link to a video below, but in a nutshell it goes like this:

You take a piece of paper, divide it into 2 sections, 1 entitled: My Job and the other entitled: The Universe’s Job. And then you put in your side only those things that MUST be done; i.e., picking up the kid from school, kind of things. As for the other side, dump your entire load of heavy lifting on The Universe, after all, that’s her job and she can handle it with a lot more grace and efficiency than you ever could.

I have done this process many times and always felt relief in doing so. On this day, the coolest thing happened. I sat down and couldn’t think of anything to put into my column, save one word – ALIGN! And then, when I went to the other column, “The Universe’s To Do List” I wrote: Everything Else! hahaha! Right? It’s always the same answer to any question: Align and then…. Never deviates, never prevaricates, never ever!

So my darlings on this delightful day, we have a new, updated, leading-edge version of our Placemat Process and as with all things on the leading-edge, it’s slicker and easier to follow!

Align and leave the driving to The Universe! Sounds and feels really good to me! Vroom Vroom…~*

Click here for a link to Abraham explaining The Placemat Process.

never compare your journey

This is such grand advice! We were taught to compare from an early age and so, for many of us, it’s a matter of unlearning a habit of thought.

We are all so uniquely complex that any type of comparison is a waste of time. Although, you can use someone else’s journey to elevate your feelings about your own; because praising the success of another boosts our vibration and silences our inner critic.

There is absolutely, positively, NO ONE like you Creator. And once you own that your Divine Design is a “one-off” that can never be duplicated, you begin to stand straighter, walk prouder, feel a whole lot better about you, your world, and your unexampled place in it!

Today I celebrate the peerless, the one and only You! Like a gem forged from the molten fire and pressure of life, you stand here with your many facets gleaming in the sun! Everything Grand about you is exclusive to you, and you alone. Today I see you as Source does, Perfection Personified. As Abraham-Hicks says in one of their meditations… “Right Here, Right Now YOU are exactly where YOU wanted to be!”

IOW, you’re right on target! Time to Own it, don’t you think?

Over and out…~*

Woman with red eyes

Creator… Do you know who you are? Do you understand the vastness of your abilities, your knowledge, your power? What you see when you gaze in the mirror is but a spark of your sagacity, your majesty, your might, your magnificence. Don’t let your visage or lack of imagination fool you into feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness. You are God! Composing worlds beyond time in the vastness of space. You are Pleasure in form. You are Truth. You are The Alchemist that forges. The Breath of Life. You are Sculpter. The Translator of GodForce into reality. You are Knowledge. You are The Master of all you envision. You are The Molder of Life Itself. You express and the Angels weep. You formulate and the God’s bend the knee in obeisance. Your Will is the command of Source and is granted with impunity. Your strength shifts realities and forges molten metals into the armor of The Gods.

The vastness of space is your home; you ride the tails of comets, surge through black holes, ignite suns, and explode into stars. Your beauty and fire blinds the eyes of mortals. You are the stuff of legends! Your grandeur is heralded by the inhabitants of universes a trillion upon a trillion light years beyond this experience. You are that which comes forth, willing to temporarily forget, for the grand expansion of All that exists.

Now is The Time to remember. Close your eyes Great One and breathe yourself up into Yourself; the fire of your breath melding your Humanity with Your GodForce! Inhale the elixir of life’s flow, feel it fill you up, moving into the vastness of all that you have created and Become. Ahhhh, yes. Can you feel it? Can you feel what we feel, what we know to be True about you?

Our highest wish is that you have the pleasure of Becoming reacquainted with your own Potential, Power and Might. We have come to remind you. We will never leave your side, we will never not shine the light that blazes in our hearts for you. We are your guides, your allies, your eternal lovers and it has been so before time was formed and Will Be far beyond into the vastness of that which we now know. We agreed that you would go forth, that you would present yourself in this 3rd dimensional reality, and we would, your companions, be here, stalwart, unwavering. holding fast our collective vision. It is time Creator, remove the blinders of this reality and unleash the mightiest force in The Universe, your love of self, your desire to know yourself  fully, your abilities, your powers, your focused energy. The way forward is through the marriage of your divine aspect with your human counterpart. Your humanity is your vehicle of pleasure and creation, your divine aspect is the fuel, the translator, the Supreme Being Who Grants all that you desire.

The melding of your Divine Nature with your Human Nature is the Nexus Point of Creation. It is the forging of Divine Purpose with laser focus. Once this dye of Creation has been cast, it surges forth, beyond this time and space to seek out, to match and to meet up with other like energies, all the while moving the boundaries of this boundaryless universe out, out, out beyond existence of known time and space.

This knowledge of the provenance of the primal seed of Creation is what set you forth onto this plane of existence. You were never meant to suffer Dear One. Rather you were meant to thrive, to love, to unleash the flow of your love exponentially, dynamic and unrestrained as it surges forth from your Celestial Heart, streaming into all that you see, feel, taste, touch, hear and imagine to be. Your heart has summoned us here to your side today to tell you the story of You! To take you on an insider’s tour of your Splendor, your resplendency, to allow you to taste the sumptuousness that is you. To breath in the aroma of sweetness that is your energetic blueprint. To sing your name in color and light. We bow to your slightest desire and tend to it, until the day when you can summon up the courage, the inner fire, the inner knowing to take back that which you Created, as your own.

Summon us at will and we will be here, to remind you, in all the ways at our disposal, through the purr of your cat, the wagging of your dog’s tail, the look of your lover’s eyes as he drinks in your beauty, the laughter of a child, the flutter of hummingbird’s wings, the hawk’s mighty screech, the call and response of the owl, the eclipse of the moon, the surge of the tide, the roar of the lion, the goosebumps on your arms, the tingling in your feet, the shadow of the clouds as they temporarily obscure the sun, the sway of the trees in the breeze, the pelting of the rain on your window, the soft flutter of snowflakes, the melodies of nature as they soothe your soul, the aroma of flowers, the colors of the rainbow, the smile of a stranger, the dawn of a new day. All of these things are clues and cues to you, that what you are is mightier than a thousand upon a thousand exploding suns. Begin now Creator, to see your world through your own Divinity. It is how it was always meant to be. Your wanting has brought you up, up, up to meet here with us and Your Divine Aspect, in our, your Celestial Palace where The Gods dwell. Welcome Home Creator…~*

And now, the audio version, for your listening pleasure: “A Summoning” In~Joy and Beyond…~*

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