The Placemat Process Redux…~*

placemat process

So the other day, I wasn’t feeling IT! You know IT, that groovy place that feeds your soul? Yea well, IT had left the building. And as I had sufficiently twisted myself around my own axle, I knew I needed help, so I searched out my Love Jason​ and asked him to stand in as Abe for me!

I took my position in the Hot Seat and shared my blah-blah (Because we know that’s all that negative thoughts are anyway, blah-blah LOL) with him and the cadre of Non-Physical Beings that I know must gather at times like this, calling out to one another, “Hey guys, over here, come and check this one out! It’s going to be another comedy show!”

Right? Can’t you just feel what they feel about us from their perspective? They must be busting up about our penchant for piling up and living with resistance.

Jason listened with grace, don’t know how he does it, and pronounced that I was taking The Entire Weight of My Life on my shoulders. That I was thinking that I had to do it all, be it all, get it all done, lickity damn split, or else! He suggested that this would be the perfect time to perform Esther and Abe’s Placemat Process, as I seem to be sticking everything under my column and leaving The Benevolent Universe with nothing to do.

I took his sage advice and grabbed my newest, favorite, big ass pad, and my new, favorite, big ass pen and created The Placemat Title Page. If you aren’t familiar with the process, I will post a link to a video below, but in a nutshell it goes like this:

You take a piece of paper, divide it into 2 sections, 1 entitled: My Job and the other entitled: The Universe’s Job. And then you put in your side only those things that MUST be done; i.e., picking up the kid from school, kind of things. As for the other side, dump your entire load of heavy lifting on The Universe, after all, that’s her job and she can handle it with a lot more grace and efficiency than you ever could.

I have done this process many times and always felt relief in doing so. On this day, the coolest thing happened. I sat down and couldn’t think of anything to put into my column, save one word – ALIGN! And then, when I went to the other column, “The Universe’s To Do List” I wrote: Everything Else! hahaha! Right? It’s always the same answer to any question: Align and then…. Never deviates, never prevaricates, never ever!

So my darlings on this delightful day, we have a new, updated, leading-edge version of our Placemat Process and as with all things on the leading-edge, it’s slicker and easier to follow!

Align and leave the driving to The Universe! Sounds and feels really good to me! Vroom Vroom…~*

Click here for a link to Abraham explaining The Placemat Process.


One comment on “The Placemat Process Redux…~*”
  1. Mary Myers says:

    That was fantastic!!! I’m keeping the URL, and when our 30 day practice group gets to the placemat exercise, I’m sharing this with them! Thank you!

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