Never Compare Your Journey Creator…~*

never compare your journey

This is such grand advice! We were taught to compare from an early age and so, for many of us, it’s a matter of unlearning a habit of thought.

We are all so uniquely complex that any type of comparison is a waste of time. Although, you can use someone else’s journey to elevate your feelings about your own; because praising the success of another boosts our vibration and silences our inner critic.

There is absolutely, positively, NO ONE like you Creator. And once you own that your Divine Design is a “one-off” that can never be duplicated, you begin to stand straighter, walk prouder, feel a whole lot better about you, your world, and your unexampled place in it!

Today I celebrate the peerless, the one and only You! Like a gem forged from the molten fire and pressure of life, you stand here with your many facets gleaming in the sun! Everything Grand about you is exclusive to you, and you alone. Today I see you as Source does, Perfection Personified. As Abraham-Hicks says in one of their meditations… “Right Here, Right Now YOU are exactly where YOU wanted to be!”

IOW, you’re right on target! Time to Own it, don’t you think?

Over and out…~*

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