“You Can’t Fly On One Wing,” Vignettes from a Rarefied, Over-The-Top Childhood~*


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The View From My Favorite Warm Weather Writing Spot



So here’s the skinny Creators. two days ago, while foraging through files on my old Apple Computer, I “happened” upon a book I had written. That’s right, a book. Hahaha. Truth be told, I’ve written two books, one of which I remember, but this one, I wrote and then promptly forgot about. I began reading some of the chapters and I’m happy to report, I was impressed! They’re really good, and really funny. I read a chapter out loud to my embedded critics, Lily and Jason, and they loved it too!!

The subject matter is stories from my childhood. You see, I was raised by The Last of the Mohicans, that generation of Manhattanites where drinking was not only fun, it was de rigeur with ALL activities, save a nap. Smoking was not frowned upon, it was applauded and lauded. And fun was the operative word! My people were a bit crazy, no, they were completely crazy! And that coupled with me being an only child, means I was raised in a world of over-the-top adults with over-the-top experiences! As my parents used to say, “It’s easier to take you with us, then leave you at home!” And there’s no place that I wasn’t taken.

Case in point, I saw my first outrageously sexy, I mean sexy, Lesbian Show in a club in Quartier Pigalle, Paris, when I was 14! My mother said my mouth was open the whole time. And to complete my initiation, my father invited the star to our table to share a bottle of champagne. My memory of this woman’s beauty still travels across the decades, you know that je ne sais quoi that only French women have? She was a stunner; legs for days, short dark hair, deep red lips, a see-through, black silk top that revealed the perfect set of breasts (before they could be store bought). And then, when she sat down next to me and kissed me on both cheeks, I experienced my first swoon. Ooh la la!

After uncovering this book, I was a bit amazed that I had completely forgotten that I had written it.  And then, I realized that the timing was right, NOW. That my vantage point was spot on, NOW. That the cooperative components were ready, NOW!! That’s why this archaeological discovery happened, NOW!

So, armed with the understanding that the time is nigh, the next logical step was to locate a Literary Agent; which means it’s time to unleash my Universal Concierge. I typed “Literary Agents” in Google Search and the first one to pop up was a couple in San Francisco who hail from NYC – fucking perfect. They’ll get me and my sense of humor and after all, they’ve been vetted by LOA, so look no further.

They also wrote a book on how to submit your work to an agent, publisher. I thought it might be prudent to buy said book, to be sure I crafted my submission according to their requirements. As my good ole Irish Grandma Alice used to say, “If the cat wants liver, give it liver!” So liver it will be….

Last night, while I was reading this delightful book (the literary agent is funny and open, the perfect person for me to work with), I found myself not only focusing on the chapter dealing with submission details, e.g., font, spacing, chapters required, etc., but swam in deeper, getting caught up in the tentacles of the author’s advice on the copious amount of work (not the inspired kind) and effort that is required to become the most prolific, published, best paid, top-dog author that this world has ever seen. IOW, Advice For The Reality Based Human.

The first rule of thumb that was highlighted was, Know Your Competition. Well, that might work for others, but we Abers know that there is no competition, there is only Alignment, LOA and Abundance. It doesn’t serve me to write any more of the advice that was proffered, but what reading it did for me and the understanding of who I am, was perfect.

So, I’m scripting MY GAME PLAN of an author looking for an agent, from her high-flying disk. Here goes:


  1. Submit my work
  2. Script how this whole book thing is going to play out
  3. Pet my cat
  4. Pet my kid
  5. Pet my boyfriend
  6. Dream about the possibilities
  7. Wait for the phone call when they are dying to meet me
  8. Realize that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time
  9. Know that I have been planning/dreaming of this stream of events, this “next logical step,” from the moment I crafted my first story, “Mr. & Mrs. Pickle!” in the 2nd grade. (I remember thinking that it was pure genius! LOL)
  10. Make love to my delicious man
  11. Dance
  12. Walk my happy, bouncy, enthusiastic dog, Bogart
  13. Focus wheel
  14. Write lists of appreciation
  15. Visit my friends on facebook
  16. Go to the movies
  17. Eat yummy food
  18. Sit in my backyard, as I am doing now, listening to the birds sing, the golfers swear, and the planes fly overhead.

You see Dear One’s, WE KNOW THE REAL DEAL! We KNOW that the entire process of a delicious life unfolding, in its grandest fashion, is entirely up to us and our ability to Focus! We get to ignore the lists of “shoulds” and rather, Focus on what makes us feel good; using the Law of Attraction to our supreme advantage. IOW, Deliberate Creation.

I’ll keep you posted as to how this part of my life unfolds. It’s going to be lots and lots of fun, I can just feel it. And, because my life is already full and brimming with love and this experience is just more icing on my angel food cake, I know that the results are going to be superlative! Why? ‘Cause Creator, that’s just how we roll~*



2 comments on ““You Can’t Fly On One Wing,” Vignettes from a Rarefied, Over-The-Top Childhood~*”
  1. Ramon Sanchez says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you this is one I was atracting, after I saw the secret I knew that was my question answers.i know the loa it is real because I feel it in my heart, the best its on my way.

  2. AVE GUEVARA says:

    I LOVE your writing, oh delicious Constance!!! I too was raised in NY…..but out in the burbs, by smokers/drinker mom and smoker/concert violinist dad…..the odd couple to be sure. I was a middle child and did not call forth parents with the verve you did, but I’ve been making up for that once I launched myself out of their household. I LOVE this blog entry, as I am a writer myself, and from NY, it’s not just anyone who “gets us” – So happy to have this rendezvous with you!

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