Don’t Let The Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace…

Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace

No one story, person, event, or the like, has the Power to get under your Vibrational Skin. That is, unless YOU Allow Them Access to your Internal Kingdom of Peace and Tranquility by Focusing Your Attention there.

In sailing parlance, when someone wants to board your vessel, they query, “Permission to come aboard?” And it’s up to me, as Captain of My Ship and Soul, whether or not I grant them access.

So next time you see, hear, witness a low hanging vibe, ask yourself, “Do I want this in my life? Am I willing to compromise my good feelings because decorum dictates that I can’t just turn and walk away from this person/conversation (yes you can), or hit delete on my phone (yes you can), or radically change the subject (yes you can), or turn off the offensive news, show, whatever?” Yes! Yes! Bloody well Yes! You Can!!

You want to feel good mostly? To thrive? To tap into, Align and Flow the Energy That Creates Worlds more readily, consistently and for longer and longer periods of time? Great! Then it’s time to Focus on what gives you joy, period. That’s It! That’s all you need do.

It’s simple, maybe not easy at first, as habits good or bad can seem like old friends. But soon, very soon, after a bit of practice and gleaning the positive results of your Independence, you won’t hesitate to deny permission to anything or anyone who isn’t up to your Vibrational Standard.

So Creator let’s set a new course today. The heading? Well Freedom, Growth, and Joy of course. The weather’s on our side, so let’s weigh anchor and Sail Beyond The Sunset! You with me? Oh I certainly do hope so…😎~*

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