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Top of The Morning Creator! I have a question for you. What’s your favorite Abraham Process for moving energy? Mine is the good ole Focus Wheel! I love the entire process, because usually when I remember/think to implement it, I am needing an up tick on my emotional scale. I also like to do it out loud, usually when I’m driving the car and I find that when my energy begins to speed up, so does my car LOL! 

I LOVE that as a “Feeler” of energy I can pin point the moment when I begin the ascent from what felt like stasis, into movement. Relief courses through me immediately, and it’s a cause for celebration, which begins the momentum up, up, and away! 

Don’t forget Darlings all the tools we have amassed in our Quiver of Life! When you’re not feeling so-great, or just want more good feelings – reach back, pull out and let loose the arrow that will pierce the heaven’s with your wanting, your new story, your utmost desires! We have the tools, we just have to remember to use them~*


My all time favorite tool from Abraham’s quiver of teachings, is The Focus Wheel! If u want more from ANY area of ur life, creating a Focus Wheel around said topic, will upgrade the vibration through focus and the resulting increased, positive momentum.
The absolute coolest part is when you feel the energy start to move. U’ll know it when it happens. It always makes me feel excited and then my ideas around the topic get clearer, smarter, more intuitive and in tune. I feel at that point that I wish I knew shorthand, as the ideas start to flow with a power and intensity previously untapped.
Know this Creator, there isn’t any subject that The Focus Wheel can’t handle. No matter how stuck you might feel now, give it a go and get ready to feel yourself turning in the direction of equanimity and alignment. Oh and the super, double bonus. It feels really, really good!!
Here’s a link to Abraham describing¬†The Focus Wheel Process:


fractal human










The other day I read an Abe quote, and one of the lines really stuck with me…

“We’re asking you to think with the Whole of Who You Are, rather than with a fragmented version of who you are.”

WOW! So I changed it up a bit and inserted my physical body as a metaphor for the whole of me. And then I asked myself, “If I were to leave a part of me home today, which one would it be? An arm, a leg, a¬†toe, my nose, what?” Well, you can see the dilemma right?

I am guessing that’s exactly what we do when we don’t flow and utilize the Fullness of Who We Are. Can you imagine the possibilities if we were actually steaming through our day, all burners on high, FULLY receiving the impulses of our non-physical cadre as they guide us on the path of least resistance? The brilliant downloads that would be zooming into our minds, directly from Source (you know those, “Gods, I am such a genius” moments you have from time to time?). Now imagine those moments strung together, Genius becomes your dominant vibration, your point of attraction, and now, as you bip through your day, you do it from your Genius Vantage Point. Clarity is your middle name, inspiration is your catalyst, rendez-vous’ of all types are actually seen and experienced by you. Why? ‘Cause Creator you’re living, breathing, thinking, experiencing, frolicking through this life with The Whole of Who You Are!

And how does a Deliberate Creator Flow the Fullness of Who You are? Through ALIGNMENT, that’s how. And how does a Genius, Deliberate Creator attain and sustain Alignment? There are a myriad of ways, here are few of my favorites:

1. Appreciation of anything and everything uttered at all points throughout your day: verbally, written or through thought – all equally as potent as it is the highest Vibe in the Universe;

2. Meditation – Abe’s Meditation CD is the only one that really does the trick for me, I turn the reins over to them and sink back into my Knowing for 15 glorious minutes;

3. Milking the good stuff;

4. Steering clear of the bad stuff – thinking, writing, or speaking it. You must shut that shit down Creator, if you want to soar with the Gods; and finally,

5. Focus Wheels to get those stuck spots, unstuck.

Listen, anyone can drag limbs around through this life’s experience (think Quasimodo); that’s not interesting or fun and you’ll never get yourself into the Diamond Lane of a Movin’ and Groovin’ Life. What Abraham is asking from us is to Up-Level, to Flow the Fullness of our Mighty Being through us and out the other side, into this glorious world.

I am uber inspired to take my WHOLE, darn, delicious body (toes and all, LOL) out and about with me today. To utilize the Fullness of Me, to mine my day for pockets of gold and gems. To bang into other delightful, fully embodied creatures who are also out for a good time! You with me Creator? Great! See you in the Diamond Lane~*

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