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Creator… When you hear a voice inside your head using the words “should” or “can’t” when referring to something you are contemplating, then you know it’s time for a really good laugh! Why? Because now we know that voice is fiction, farcical, and has nothing to do with our Divine Guidance. Rather, it’s some left over detritus from grammar school, or church, or mother’s endless books of rules on decorum, or, or, or, what-the-fuck ever! 

Listen Up! Your Inner Being doesn’t work with rules, regs and bullshit decorum, nor does she/he dictate, naysay, put you down and the like. Those days of listening and taking advise from old habits of thought with no bearing on who you are and even more importantly, WHO YOU HAVE BECOME are, Thank The Gods, Over!! The only voice that is Right & True is the one laced with love, kindness, the one that feels like soothing music, an uplifting melody, compliments, sweet guidance, accolades, atta-boys and atta-girls, cheerleading, inspiration, titillation and oodles of appreciation.

So get out there, try new things, entertain new thoughts, feel new joyful highs! After all, that’s why you and I came to this delicious planet and today, I am celebrating this kind of Freedom for us all…😎~*

I’m on fire to share this Gem of a Quote with you Creator! Abraham is proffering a Newest of New, Leading-Edge, Top Tier Process for living a fuller life. And what is my definition of a fuller life? Oh that’s easy to answer and it also happens to be my #1 Daily Goal/Mantra – To Be The Best, The Baddest Ass, The Most Consistent, Fucking Allower On The Planet!!! Haha! 

In other words to shed resistance wherever I can and open to the Genius of My Inner Being. ‘Cause when I Allow her take the lead, our dance is always divine, sublime, new, clarifying, edifying, exhilarating, uplifting, and filled with numerous Ah-Ha moments!  And I ask you, what’s not to love about that?

So without further ado, I give you the Genius that is Abraham…

“We’ll tell you a little trick that will work very well for you: 
-Every time you are considering doing something , stop and say, “I want to feel good, how does this fit in with that?” 
-Every time you are thinking about calling someone, say, “I want to feel good, how does this fit in with that?” 
-Every time you are thinking about something, ask yourself, “I want to feel good, how does this fit in with that?” 
-Every time you are thinking about saying something, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “I want to feel good. How will these words affect my feeling of feeling good?” 

And what you will discover is there are many things that you are moving forward in out of habit that are not in harmony with your wanting to feel good, and that is what is causing negative attraction. It’s not because you’re bad, it’s not because you’re stupid, it’s not because you don’t know better, it’s because you’re thinking thoughts that don’t harmonize with what makes you feel good. It is as simple as that.

It’s a big issue feeling good, isn’t it? Do you know that there are a whole bunch of people around who don’t think it is alright to feel good? They’ve been convinced that feeling good is frivolous, childlike and that you should grow up. “Grow up and feel bad,” they say. “Grow up, feel bad, face the facts, look at reality and then you die.” 

And we say nothing is more important than that you feel good, because when you feel good you are resonating with your greater power. When you feel good, and only when you feel good, are you here doing that which you came here to do. When you feel good, that means you’ve chosen thoughts that vibrate at a frequency that is bringing things to you that you want. Nice to know, isn’t it?”


Cup of Chai and Journal

I’m spending this Sunny Saturday morning with My Divine Inner Being as I sip a cuppa delicious Oregon Chai and write Positive Affirmations & Lists of Appreciation to raise my Vibe to the Level of The Gods.

I love acknowledging my Soul Sista, My Inner Being, My Bestest Buddy, Playmate, Mentor, Guide, and Eternal Other through the Gift of Writing. As Abe says, our connection with Non-Physical as opposed to our Human to Human Connections, is more subtle; IOW, not as overt and in your face, as our 5 Senses World. So accessing this fecund playground requires a more subtle approach.

I call upon my Inner Beloved by using my Super Power of Focused Thought, as I scribe Feeling Words that beckon her out of The Shadows and plants her firmly in My Now Moment. Gods it feels grand to Consciously Play and Co-Create with Non-Physical. And as I spend more time here: I can access this Blessed Field of Play more readily, with ease and alacrity; I remember that This Oasis of My Heart is Always Available to Me and I stop in and say Hello more often; I Feel her knocking on The Door of My Heart asking me to come Up and Play; I Feel her Whispering Sweet Everything’s into my ear; and I feel loved and taken care of, no matter the circumstances!

I read An Abe Quote this morning that said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Your Inner Being NEVER has a negative thought about You! Ever! Never!!!”

So why wouldn’t we want to evoke this Vital Stream of Love into our lives? I know, it can be a bit overwhelming to Allow yourself to be Loved and Flow Love like that, but hey, isn’t it time to let that Lovin In? To let It enfold you? To swim in the Effulgence of Source?

So go ahead Creator, stick your toe into The Stream of Love and Well-Being, take a moment – at least 68 seconds worth – to Focus Your Mind by Appreciating Anything and Everything. Write it, think it, but whatever you do MILK IT ’till there’s nothing left. And keep doing it again, and again, and again!! All day, on into the deep night and beyond. Instantly, you’ll Feel the difference in how you Feel, and see the results of this work, through the manifestation of the caliber of the people, places, and events that are drawn to you!

I’m off Now, My Beloved and I have some exploring to do. I’ll meet you later Creator, on The Corner where Divine Knowing meets Our Heart’s Desire. Where once you get there, you’ll realize that You Never left. Up, Up, Up and Away…~*

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