Allowing Your Inner Being To Think For You…

colorful human

What is the benefit of holding a thought for 68 seconds or more? So glad you asked, here goes…

By holding a resistance free thought for 68 seconds or more, you might just Connect With/Receive/Allow a Thought your Inner Being is Thinking about the same thing!

Say What? My Inner Being is thinking about what I’m thinking about? Hell yes! But in a bigger, bolder, more profound, more integrated, wiser, cooler way, than you or I ever could.

And how will you know that these thoughts are from Your Inner Being and not your logical, human based mind? Oh that’s easy. Anything you’ve ever thought before (the how-to’s, the why you want it, the reasons you deserve it, etc.) is a regurgitation of old ideas that you’ve run into the ground. My litmus test is, “If I’ve thought it before, then it’s old news!”

Now, A Source Based thought? That will be and feel new, refreshing, outlandishly fun, exciting, titillating, and make perfect sense as the next logical step. It might also be something you’ve never pondered in the way that it is presenting itself. Believe me, you’ll know it when it happens to you.

But don’t take my word for it, give it a go and see if you aren’t soon dancing in time with Your Inner Being and The Dynamic Energy of Your Vortex. Up, Up and Away Creator…~*




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