Whose Reality Are You Facing?

Old Chap I've got my reality and you yours

Creator, do see the confused look on our dapper man on the left? Haha! That’s because he is under the misguided impression that there is Only One Reality! And not only that, that we must All Buy Into, own, and promulgate that Singular Reality, as though it were our own. Sorry Old Chap, but it seems you haven’t met Abraham.

As Abe puts it, ” There Are As Many Realities As There Are Perceivers of Reality!!”

Yowza! And the thought of us all getting together, holding hands, swaying to and fro, and singing Kumbaya to one reality, is not only farcical, it’s Bloody Impossible!

You see Creator, our unique vantage point is just that, unique. And as such, we can NEVER be fully aligned on all topics with another human. And really, who would want to try?

So it goes like this, I’ve got my reality and you’ve got yours. I don’t have to agree with yours, and you don’t have to agree with mine. As I used to say in business negotiations when we came to loggerheads on a topic, “Let’s agree to disagree and move on!”

Now doesn’t that make more sense then trying to jam your beliefs down another’s gullet or conversely, have someone else attempt to do it to you?

And remember Dearest Leading-Edge Human, if someone ever accuses you of not facing Reality, puff up your chest and give them a big knowing smile as these delightful words come tripping off your tongue, in an upper class British accent of course, “Oh I most certainly do face reality Old Chap, but it’s My Reality I face, not yours. And mine is ever so much more pleasant!”

Up, up, and away.


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