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Creator, do you want to know how to Effect Change, big, big change? Want to start a Movement in the name of your most ardent Wantings and Desires? Want to Take Thought and Inspired Action well beyond its current state? Well then, the answer is in Alignment, NOT PUSHING BACK! The answer is in Meditation, Visualization, delving into your Imagination, Not In Pushing Back. 

I know it’s seems counter intuitive to be seemingly passive, when the rest of the world is marching, shaking their fists, issuing battle cries, pointing fingers, and calling out those that they feel have wronged others, but Alignment and Visualization are anything but passive. Rather it is Pure, Focused Energy in Action. Every idea, every movement, every bit of change we now accept as common place began in someone’s imagination. Every single one! Here’s one of my favorite Abe quotes on the topic…

“Two or more people in Alignment are more Powerful than millions who are not!”

Say what?! Haha! Take a second and let that sink in. Let’s read it together again, “Two or more people in Alignment are more powerful than millions who are not!” Wow! Right?

Take it from someone who back in the day, marched for everything and anything you can imagine, and had a ball doing it by the way! But that was then, before I Understood that I wasn’t precipitating change, I was actually adding to the momentum of what I was against. I was Sisyphus, pushing that damn bolder up, up, up the hill, only to have it roll back down so that I could start all over again. Welcome to the Law Of Attraction in Action! Screaming No at something is energetically tantamount to Screaming YES!! And so more of what you don’t want shows up, in droves, piles of it. 

Today it seems there is pushing back in the name of everything; The President, The Government, other Governments, Drugs, Health Care, you name it. Well if you’ve been watching you might notice that the older movements, The War on Drugs for example, have done nothing to eradicate their targeted offenders, rather it has increased the energy around this issue!! 

Where My Power Lies, Where Your Power Lies, Where Our Power Lies isn’t in bitching, pushing back, denigrating others behavior, or vociferously pointing out and posting about what’s not working. The easiest, most stress free, and the most efficacious way to Effect Change is through Focus and Alignment. PURE Focus and Alignment. Lets see what Abe has to say on the subject…

“It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone.”

— Abraham

Cool right? So get on a topic that you can hold within a pure, focused state and then, watch the Universe bend the knee to make it happen! Marching and Rallies are fun, but Alignment is where The Power Is Creator. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in this game to be The Most Powerful Damn Deliberate Creator on the Planet and Take Thought and Inspired Action way beyond its current status! Want to join me?…~*

Woman with red eyes

Creator… Do you know who you are? Do you understand the vastness of your abilities, your knowledge, your power? What you see when you gaze in the mirror is but a spark of your sagacity, your majesty, your might, your magnificence. Don’t let your visage or lack of imagination fool you into feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness. You are God! Composing worlds beyond time in the vastness of space. You are Pleasure in form. You are Truth. You are The Alchemist that forges. The Breath of Life. You are Sculpter. The Translator of GodForce into reality. You are Knowledge. You are The Master of all you envision. You are The Molder of Life Itself. You express and the Angels weep. You formulate and the God’s bend the knee in obeisance. Your Will is the command of Source and is granted with impunity. Your strength shifts realities and forges molten metals into the armor of The Gods.

The vastness of space is your home; you ride the tails of comets, surge through black holes, ignite suns, and explode into stars. Your beauty and fire blinds the eyes of mortals. You are the stuff of legends! Your grandeur is heralded by the inhabitants of universes a trillion upon a trillion light years beyond this experience. You are that which comes forth, willing to temporarily forget, for the grand expansion of All that exists.

Now is The Time to remember. Close your eyes Great One and breathe yourself up into Yourself; the fire of your breath melding your Humanity with Your GodForce! Inhale the elixir of life’s flow, feel it fill you up, moving into the vastness of all that you have created and Become. Ahhhh, yes. Can you feel it? Can you feel what we feel, what we know to be True about you?

Our highest wish is that you have the pleasure of Becoming reacquainted with your own Potential, Power and Might. We have come to remind you. We will never leave your side, we will never not shine the light that blazes in our hearts for you. We are your guides, your allies, your eternal lovers and it has been so before time was formed and Will Be far beyond into the vastness of that which we now know. We agreed that you would go forth, that you would present yourself in this 3rd dimensional reality, and we would, your companions, be here, stalwart, unwavering. holding fast our collective vision. It is time Creator, remove the blinders of this reality and unleash the mightiest force in The Universe, your love of self, your desire to know yourself  fully, your abilities, your powers, your focused energy. The way forward is through the marriage of your divine aspect with your human counterpart. Your humanity is your vehicle of pleasure and creation, your divine aspect is the fuel, the translator, the Supreme Being Who Grants all that you desire.

The melding of your Divine Nature with your Human Nature is the Nexus Point of Creation. It is the forging of Divine Purpose with laser focus. Once this dye of Creation has been cast, it surges forth, beyond this time and space to seek out, to match and to meet up with other like energies, all the while moving the boundaries of this boundaryless universe out, out, out beyond existence of known time and space.

This knowledge of the provenance of the primal seed of Creation is what set you forth onto this plane of existence. You were never meant to suffer Dear One. Rather you were meant to thrive, to love, to unleash the flow of your love exponentially, dynamic and unrestrained as it surges forth from your Celestial Heart, streaming into all that you see, feel, taste, touch, hear and imagine to be. Your heart has summoned us here to your side today to tell you the story of You! To take you on an insider’s tour of your Splendor, your resplendency, to allow you to taste the sumptuousness that is you. To breath in the aroma of sweetness that is your energetic blueprint. To sing your name in color and light. We bow to your slightest desire and tend to it, until the day when you can summon up the courage, the inner fire, the inner knowing to take back that which you Created, as your own.

Summon us at will and we will be here, to remind you, in all the ways at our disposal, through the purr of your cat, the wagging of your dog’s tail, the look of your lover’s eyes as he drinks in your beauty, the laughter of a child, the flutter of hummingbird’s wings, the hawk’s mighty screech, the call and response of the owl, the eclipse of the moon, the surge of the tide, the roar of the lion, the goosebumps on your arms, the tingling in your feet, the shadow of the clouds as they temporarily obscure the sun, the sway of the trees in the breeze, the pelting of the rain on your window, the soft flutter of snowflakes, the melodies of nature as they soothe your soul, the aroma of flowers, the colors of the rainbow, the smile of a stranger, the dawn of a new day. All of these things are clues and cues to you, that what you are is mightier than a thousand upon a thousand exploding suns. Begin now Creator, to see your world through your own Divinity. It is how it was always meant to be. Your wanting has brought you up, up, up to meet here with us and Your Divine Aspect, in our, your Celestial Palace where The Gods dwell. Welcome Home Creator…~*

And now, the audio version, for your listening pleasure: “A Summoning” In~Joy and Beyond…~*

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