“Rage Clipping, The Antidote to What Ails You!”

Darlings, I want to share a vignette about my morning yesterday. It all began when I awoke with a burr under my saddle, sparked by my yard (the gardeners haven’t been doing their job. And yes, I realize that it’s all about my vibration, but come on, sometimes it’s fun to get your rage on!) I sprung from my bed, went into the garage, grabbed the giant hedge clippers and proceeded to stomp around the yard Rage Clipping the bushes and trees, growling and cursing the entire way. When I was done, the place looked great and I had a great big laugh with myself about myself!

There’s something to be said about Rage Clipping! For letting it rip. For core breaches. For a 10 on the Richter Scale of crazy! Not only does it have its merits emotionally and physically, but then, when you’re done and you realize how “coo-coo for cocoa puffs” you just were, its a wonderful launching spot for your next bounce into understanding, love and the realization that we can do it our way, whatever the hell our way is in any given moment! Here’s to rage clipping and the delightful fall out that happens when the God that we are gets her KKKKRAZY ON!

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