Thoughts Become Things…~*


thoughts become things


Creator – I have an idea… How about we begin our sentences with The Vibration of Where We Hope To End Up? Rather than the “I used to.., I was always…, It wasn’t easy… opening line. Cause guess what?! The only value of those adventures is that they brought you here, into this Delicious, Now Moment. And what we know is, This Moment is the Vibrational Set-Point of what our next moment is going to feel like, and the next, and the next. It’s our jumping off point, so why begin in the basement of Vibrations (which is only a ploy we use to Validate how we got here!), when you can begin from the Penthouse of Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations and move up and out from there?

There is NEVER a need to describe the experiences that brought you here, unless they are funny and uplifting. It doesn’t matter where you were, that’s so old school. Begin your TALE WITH NOW! THE HERE AND NOW! So tell me Creator, Where Are You Now? And more importantly, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Now that’s a story I’m interested in…..~*

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