Fall In Love With Your Desires…~*



plane flying


Listen Up Creator – This is THE Essential Nugget of Deliberate Creation…… Birth a Desire and then….. FALL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOUR DESIRE! In other words: Preen for Your Desire, Dance for Your Desire, Cook for Your Desire, Buy Sexy Lingerie for Your Desire, Take Your Desire on Long Walks, CheerLead for Your Desire, Whisper Sweet Nothings in Your Desire’s Ear.

The Universe responds to Your Vibration and if you Flow the Love that is YOU toward that which You Desire. In other words, you will create a Runway of such Vibrational Splendor, that Your Desire can’t help but land at your feet.

Time to get about the business you came here to do – and STAT! Listen, I have it on The Highest Authority that there are a plethora of Your Desires Stacked in a Holding Pattern, awaiting Your Approval to Land. Focus that Love Deliberate Creator and then, watch The Universe trip over itself in response to your LOVE.

Thank you for flying – Frisky, Focused, & Feelin’ Good Airways. Once you fly us, well…. there’s no going back. And really, who’d want to? Love Loving YOU~*


One comment on “Fall In Love With Your Desires…~*”
  1. Vince Furfaro says:

    Excellent tip. I like your style of getting a message across.

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