Curiosity, The Key To An Interesting Life…~*

Star Ship Enterprise

Question: How does a Creator stay Creative and Become More Creative?

Answer: A Creative Creator is Consistently Curious, and overly alliterative it seems LOL!

But really folks, you know what kills the human condition? A Lack of curiosity. Also known as – Boredom! The hum-drum, the day after day, ho-hum of a life not lived fully!

In order to spark your daily content, you must add the necessary ingredient of inquisitiveness! Make today a day where you don’t do things “in their proper order.” Ruffle up your routine: brush your hair before your teeth; order something new at Starbucks (I like to listen in on other people’s orders, there are some really great ones out there. Make one yours today); take the subway to work, not your car (or vice versa); if you always take the train, park in an entirely new area, where red lipstick instead of nude; smile at strangers; find a different musical genre to explore; sprinkle your speech with foreign words and phrases; smell things before you eat and drink them. Be kooky, Be Crazy, Be Creative for Christmas Sake!

In other words: SHAKE IT UP! You didn’t come here to hit the reply button day after blooming day! You came to scan new vistas, meet new people, discover new opportunities, to sift and sort yourself into unique Creative Endeavors!

In the immortal words of James Tiberius Kirk, with a wee bit of editing and poetic license, “Creator… Your earthly mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no human has gone before.”

There you have it – from One Galactic Explorer to Another! Warp Speed Mr. Sulu – Engage…~*

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