Competition? Really? That’s So Last Century…~*

I'm not interested in competing I hope we all make it

Don’t you just LOVE THIS? We here in Abe Land KNOW that the Vibration of “competition” is fiction, a folly created by folks who didn’t/don’t dwell in The Vortex! It is designed to not only make you feel like shit (as though you’re always scratching and scrambling to get even crumbs in this world), but it is in direct opposition to the Laws of The Universe.

We Live and Create in a Quantum Universe whose basis is Love and Well-Bring. No hint of fighting for meager portions anywhere in that Knowing, is there? Our Benevolent Universe ALWAYS MAKES ROOM (expands) to include our Wanting and Desires and is Forever Inclusion Based! Now, doesn’t that feel good and true? Absolutely!

When you learn to revel in the success of others, then My Darlings, you will have discovered The Key To The Kingdom of Your Personal Manumission! And And And, you will up your Vibe to new heights, instantly!

So good for you, good for me, and good for them, whatever the heck any of us is up too! It’s One For All and All For One My Homies, Eternally…😎~*

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