Deconstructing The Language of Our Two Minds: Human and Source!

Greetings dancers, singers, musicians, artists of all shapes, and sizes. What creations are you bringing forth today? What’s your medium? A dance floor, clay, a hoola-hoop, tempura paint, an organ, a yoga mat, pen and paper? Are you the Creator of your reality? You betcha! Are you A Creator of worlds? Yes siree! Are you a Conscious Creator of your life in living color? Sometimes, you say? Well heck, that’s better than no times, but I do believe we can improve on those numbers. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

If you have been a student of Abraham’s Teachings for a while, you will have come to understand the basic tenets of those teachings; as they pertain to our sifting through the contrast: 1. Ask; 2. Source Answers; 3. You Allow. Now, if it were all as simple as it seems from our 3 Steps, we wouldn’t need to chat about it, deconstruct our habits, thoughts, etc. Simplicity is certainly at the nucleus of the 3-Step Process; but the challenge to the process comes when habits, flawed premises, negative thought patterns, caring what other people think, self-doubt, etc., get in the way. But, don’t for a moment think that I am using any of the aforementioned as an excuse for not proliferating with grandeur; I am just calling a spade a spade, and laying everything out on the table, for a good, long examination.

It’s safe to assume that you all have the Ask portion down; no need to expatiate on that one. Then, as far as the Source Answers part; well, that’s not even in our purview, so let’s skip that step and move on to Allowing; The Art of Allowing. Sounds easy enough, just let it be, right? Yes, but then you might be asking, “Why don’t I have my stuff? And/Or, How do I proliferate more joy and abundance in my life?”

All good questions. My answer lies within the notion, that if you are fully briefed on the core elements that comprise and drive the engine of whatever it is you’re endeavoring to more fully understand, in this case, The Art of Allowing; then you can become more proficient at using said Art to it’s best advantage; resulting in a more fruitful, fluid, and enjoyable process of Allowing.

That being said, let’s begin by looking at two, key elements or players in this Practice of Allowing: The Human Mind and The Universal Mind. It is through an integration of these two, distinct minds; a coalescing, a melding, a balancing, that we find an equilibrium, a peace, and a broader appreciation of The Process, but first, we must get clear on who does what! A delineation of tasks is in order.

Our logical, Human Mind is tasked with certain duties that fall into the category of discernment: knowing when the stove is hot; knowing to stop at a stop light; picking up your kid from school on time, etc. It is a manager of data, a cataloguer, a storer of realistic, day to day knowledge; our memory for people, places, and things. And, it is integral to our human experience, we need this part of ourselves to sift and sort, to detect, to recognize, to distinguish, etc.

Our Universal Mind, on the other hand, is beyond daily duties and chores; they are not her level of detail. The Universal Mind is the Mind of God, the Mind of Source, All That Is and, All That Ever Will Be! The Great Mind is our Fall Up Position; the fount of wisdom, clarity, balance, equanimity, capacious thought, meditation, creativity, the works. It’s the wellspring of who we are and, who we are Becoming. But, she sucks at balancing checkbooks!

It is my contention that our Human Mind or Logical Mind, has been given a host of tasks that far outweigh her capabilities! Through our socialization, schooling, various religious institutions, etc., we have been taught that God/Source is outside of us. Which, would then lead us to conclude that we don’t have access to The Mind of Source. Now, we all know NOW, that that thought is bogus; We Are God, no separation. So, of course we are going to have access to the Universal Mind. But more than access, it IS us, it dwells within us, it is our True North, our homing beacon; it is the Source of the flow of energy that moves through us. It is our provenance. It is Love!

As a result of the aforementioned flawed premise, our Human Mind has been charged with expectations that far outweigh what she can deliver. And intuitively, we KNOW this, which is why I think we feel a good deal of anxiety, fear, and the rest of the emotions that reside near the bottom of the emotional scale. Hell, it’s scary when you have $5.00 left in the bank and rent is due; no one can dispute that. But, it’s really scary if you think your resources are limited to those things that you can see, taste, touch, hear, and feel.

Our Human Mind is bound by the Time/Space Reality of our human experience. She is linear in scope, which means, she doesn’t have access to the “magic” that resides outside of her purview. She’s been burdened well beyond her limits, but now it’s time to reverse that scenario. Time to delegate those tasks that are the domain of the Universal Mind, to our Broader Aspect; who thrives in this environment, who is up for creating ANYTHING we can dream or desire; and does, instantaneously, when our request is launched!

Are you with me so far? Good, then let’s take this one step further, shall we? The next level of discovery I want to integrate into our discussion, is The Language of Our Minds. There is the language of words and logic; limited and linear in scope, that of our Human Mind. Then, there is the Language of The Gods, of Source; unlimited, boundless, unfettered by syntax; our Universal Mind’s patois. The unfolding of a delicious, Consciously-Created Life is directly tied to understanding the underlying principals that make up these two, disparate worlds. There is a key to every code, and once you become savvy with the key, then that flawed aphorism of, there is no heaven on earth; is literally, turned on its head.

The language of our God Mind is sublime, it’s surreal, it’s mellifluous, it’s feeling, it’s knowing, it’s powerful, it’s loving, it has no limits, it’s The Language of The Gods, period. In order to thrive, we must retune ourselves to the Language that thrums within all of our hearts. We must cease thinking, and open to feeling and receiving. We must trust in our feelings COMPLETELY, and go with that trust. We must asses each moment that is presented from that Godly Platform, how does this feel? How would it feel if I did that? Why am I not feeling good in this moment? etc. THE LANGUAGE OF SOURCE IS FLOWED THROUGH OUR FEELINGS! And, when these feelings become raw, we know that we have fallen from our Divine Self into the world of self-imposed limits and, ridiculous expectations.

Let’s go back to Step 2 for a moment: Source Answers. IOW – your desire has been fulfilled, it is done. And now, your Universal Majordomo, in concert with The Law of Attraction, develops and generates a lovely Road Map, for your journey toward the realization of said desire. Here’s the rub, the map is not logical, it’s not 3 Dimensional, it’s not reality based! Source is The Cartographer; which means, your map is constructed from the Vantage Point of The Divine; it is not bound by your “rules of the road.”

And, here is what I believe is the biggest hurdle we must move past, if we are to become Supreme Artful Allowers – the map doesn’t make sense to our pre-conceived, fully entrenched, fixed notions of “how things are supposed to happen.” Linear mind says, A to B, then B to C, then C to D, and so on. Source mind says, “Hey, let’s have fun with this, shall we?” Because Source is privy to something that we frequently loose sight of: The Fun IS in the unfolding; The Joy IS found in the Ah-Ha moments; The Excitement of Life lies in places, where we least expect to find it; And, most of all, most of all, most of all, what we came here to experience IS the unfurling of our dreams, not just the fruition of them. There is magic that resides within each vignette, that when strung together, makes up the total journey. By recognizing and embracing this concept, you naturally become an Unfettered Allower, by intuitively trusting the Language of Your Soul.

What if we could tune ourselves to the Language of the Divine and then, full-on play in the knowing that where we are being lead, being coaxed, being summoned, through our intuition, is the place where our dreams dwell? What if we could frolic alongside the unfolding, eagerly awaiting the next step to be shown to us, and the next, and the next? We can, all we need do is turn toward that which excites us, that which entices us, that which spurs us forward.

Now that we have determined that our Two Minds operate on completely different frequencies, we must also understand that we could NEVER translate the Language of Our Supreme Mind with the syntax of our Logical Mind. We need a Universal Translator, and, don’t look now, but we have one! It’s standard issue on all Human makes and models, it’s our Solar Plexus. Our Solar Plexus provides the feedback through our emotions, indicating whether we are in alignment, or not; thereby, giving us the opportunity to re-calibrate at any point during our day.

Becoming jiggy with this level of Mastery of our bodies, our emotions and, the signals they are sending, serves to shift us downstream, into the current of ease and flow. All you need to do now is; get in, sit down, shut up and hang on. IOW – Go With The Flow, Baby! Seriously, that’s it. So, now you might be asking, how do I know which way the flow is going? Easy, how does it feel? You are constantly given choices, from moment to moment throughout your day: to zig or to zag; to stay home, or go out into the world; to call a friend, or to meditate. Rather than default to your logical, habitual response to the aforementioned choices, I suggest tuning into your solar plexus.

Working with your Universal Mind is akin to playing The Hot/Cold Game we played as children. You, through practice, will become an adept at tuning into your feeling frequency; you will know when you are warm, and getting warmer, when you are cold and, when you are just right. Ooops, think we just popped into our own rendition of Goldilocks and The Three Bears!

So, let’s recap. Human mind is for daily functions, travel arrangements, shopping lists, dentist appointments. Universal mind is for dreams, conjuring, expansion, and the like. You already know how to translate the language of energy, we do it every second of every day, when we see, touch, taste, feel, and hear. We’re so darn good at it, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Let’s get that good at distinguishing the feelings that are being realized through our relationship to our Universal Mind; and thereby, creating a seamless process.

Sound good? Excellent! Well, I’m off and I’m taking my Solar Plexus with me. I will be checking in throughout the day to make sure I am on the path that FEELS right for me! Can’t wait to see what crazy business surfaces from my highly tuned relationship to the grander part of me! She never disappoints!

Love, love and more juicy, sideways, liquid love to you and yours!



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