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Morning Creator, here’s a little “Pow, right in da kissah” to go with your morning coffee. You know why I love this quote? Because it puts the onus for my feelings on me, right where they belong. 

Remember it’s NEVER about the other guy, it’s about your reaction to the other guy, always. And the best part is, you can change how you feel/react about anything by changing your habitual thoughts and attitude. While conversely, you will NEVER successfully change another person. 

So when you feel hurt, get pissed, or react in a negative way toward a fellow human or situation remember, this is a golden opportunity to enact a personal upgrade, lay new pipes, and create new habits that serve. Listen, reacting is a knee jerk response, but not giving a shit and rolling with life, now that’s how The Gods Play! Haha. See you on Mt. Olympus…😎~*


Greetings Darlings, Well I’m on fire today and I had to share, share, share this delicious, new-to-me-technique of boosting up my momentum, my inner fire, my fun with You, my Enchanting Cadre of Co-Creative Geniuses!

It all began yesterday with a wee meme I read; in a nutshell, it was about acknowledging what you dig and leaving the rest behind! We Aber’s know all about this little nugget of info, but then through the course of my day, I took it even farther…

…Why not use these delightful moments of Contrast to boost our energy and fuel our Inner Creativity and Knowing?

Think about it, as Abe constantly reminds us, “Without Contrast There Would Be NO EXPANSION!” That means that CONTRAST wields mucho power! It’s the Energy That Fuels UNIV-FUCKING-VERSAL EXPANSION for Christmas’ Sake! So how about we hop aboard this Rocket Ship of Momentum and use it to our advantage? Rather than just having a Contrasting Moment and using it to Pivot Towards What Feels Good, why don’t we apply an upgrade by Acknowledging and Appreciating Its Presence; thereby giving it more heft and weightiness, and use it to propel ourselves deeper into the V?

If we get into the Divine Habit of Appreciating Contrast when it surfaces, becoming more aware of it; then it becomes our Ally, Our Comrade, Our Buddy. In addition, by acknowledging its place as a Superior Player in our Lives, we become more adept at catching it early and not wallowing in the pooh for even a nano-second!

After using this Booster around Contrast all day yesterday, when I arrived home, I had a moment where I felt resistance come a creepin’ to my back door! The minute I felt it, I had a moment of, “Nooooo! I don’t want you here!” But then, I heard the guidance that My Non-Physical Cadre Of Mighty Helpers downloaded to me, and it wasn’t about using the traffic cop signal of stop! (which we know only invites more of what we don’t want), but rather, to welcome it! Welcome Resistance, has she gone mad? Haha! Perhaps, but I took it as a signal of where I was vibing.  And if we want to keep Vibing at the Level of The Gods, these moments of early detection are our touchstone to a SourceLike Level  of Awareness and Creativity! Rather than get sucked in, we turn it on it’s head!

So I said to that sly visitor known as Resistance, “Wow! I love feeling you. Because by feeling you, it means I am in touch with my emotions, like a Boss. So guess what Ole Man Resistance (sorry fellas, a old worn out cliche I know, but here it works 🙂 ), we are going to add some fuel to your visit. I am going to use YOU as my Booster Into More, More Upliftment, More Understanding of Me, More Intuitive Awareness of Where I Vibe on a moment to moment basis.” And let me tell you, I went Rocketing so deep into My Vortex that it took my breath away! Haha!

I’m a child of The City of Manhattan and growing up there, I used to see adventurous boys “catch a ride” on the back bumper of busses cruising down the street! They were having a ball, and I thought how fun it would be to have the courage to hop aboard and take a ride. Well, NOW I know what that feels like. There are always two busses going by, The One That Takes You Upstream, to The Land of Where Nothing That You Want Resides, and then there’s the one that takes you DownStream, to all your Desires, Hopes, Dreams, Endless Possibilities, Creations, RendezVous, and the like.

So Creator, when next you are visited by Contrast or Resistance, how about you reach out and grab onto the back of da Bus that’s heading your way, toward More! How about you acknowledge this delightful moment of self-awareness where you made the conscious decision to turn this moment around. And then for the capper, how about you say to The Universe, “Hey, Check Me Out!! I so got this! I am a G, I am a God, I have come to this place where I can instantly manifest more through my choices! Oh, and hit the gas, I want to go faster!”

Now that’s what Living, Thriving, Abounding on The Leading-Most Edge of Thought is all about! I am triple darn sure that’s how we thought we’d do this gig before we landed here. We can either let someone else drive our Interstellar Ship/Bus/Vortex, or we can take Control and steer her towards the rising sun, every darn time!

I am taking my leave now, time to go for a walk with my delightful dog and feel all that I can feel about this incredible life on this calm, misty, autumn morning! But, before I go, might I just say that I appreciate you, my cadre of homies, more than words can convey! I LOVE sharing what I am learning, day by day, moment by moment with all of you! It gives me more delight than words can convey! But hey, that’s not going to stop me from trying. All for one and one for all! I am, Constance Todd Smith, over and out…~*

resistance is futile

Greetings Creator, I have some information I’d love to share with you. Lately I have been pondering the purpose of Resistance and why it’s necessary to our Creative Process? What lead me to this Internal Investigation was that I was noticing Resistance, I mean Really noticing it, when it revealed itself in the form of negative emotion. And, truth be told, I had a good deal of it pop up during the course of the day. What? Me? The Happy, Aligned, Leading-Edge Vixen that I am? That’s right!

So, I got on it immediately. I don’t like speed bumps, especially when I’m cruising along at Warp Speed, as they have a tendency to knock me off into a completely different galaxy. I needed to have some clarity around the subject.

What’s a gal to do when she has a question for Abe and there’s isn’t a hot seat and a mike available? Well simple – head over to YouTube and type in what I want to know, in this case: Abraham-Hicks Resistance, et voila, the video I am posting here in the comments section, revealed itself to me. Have a listen, you’re going to dig it.

Allow me to summarize and put my spin on it. First, doing away with Resistance is Futile (Yes, The Borg knew what they were preaching) as it is one of the main ingredients in The Creative Process. IOW – It’s the “what we don’t want” that is sitting right next to the “what we do want,” that is present in all our contrasting moments. And Abe tells us that if Resistance ceased to be, so would expansion and that could never happen.

Hmmm, already I am feeling relief around this topic. It doesn’t feel as heavy or unwieldy; as it’s been brought down into my sphere of influence where I can manage my relationship to it. It doesn’t Happen To Me, its a marker, a litmus test, a directional indicator. By George, I think we’re getting somewhere.

Since we can’t do away with it, we must learn how to manage it. Here’s the plu-perfect formula for us Creators when it comes to managing our resistance: Have Contrast, see two sides of the coin, pick the side that feels good, move on. Next…

Where you and I get hung up is in the picking the positive and leaving behind the negative. Why? Because we are still nursing habits of thought that who knows or cares the provenance of, as we sit in the resistant energy depriving ourselves of good feelings and other juicy manifestations that are ours by birthright! Whereas Source, faced with the Contrasting Moment, has already gone down the road and is playing around in the solution, while we sit depriving ourselves of that solution, because we can’t/won’t move on.

Isn’t now the perfect time to become The Vibrational Equivalent of The Outcome That We Desire, rather than it’s counter-intuitive equivalent? If your answer is yes, then the first step in becoming a Master of Discernment is to understand your Emotional Guidance System. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT EMOTIONS YOUR EMITTING IN ORDER TO START UP-LEVELING YOUR THOUGHTS TO MATCH THE THOUGHTS OF SOURCE.

When I began this odyssey of self-discovery with Abe, I thought I had 2 emotions. I was a New York City kid and the way we rolled was we either loved the idea, or the person, or hated it, period. Who knew that there were a host of other emotions laying in between those two? LOL.

And another huge catalyst to my self-inquiry was that Abraham had chided some hot seaters about their supposed time “In The Vortex” versus their “Out of The Vortex” time. Seems that we like to fool ourselves that we are IN, when in actuality, we’re not. That hit me like a ton of bricks! If I am bullshitting myself, I want to know that too.

So in order to better understand this Amazing Guidance System that is my path to clarity and all I desire, I printed out Abe’s Emotional Guidance Scale from their book, “Ask and It is Given,” and put them everywhere; at my kitchen sink, bathroom mirror, wallet, dashboard of my car, you name it. And then, when I became aware of wanting to identify my feelings, I would sit with the feeling and then look at the paper and see which one resonated with me.


This practice served me well, as now I don’t need the paper, it is clear when I am in the vicinity of hope or not. When I am flowing clarity or blame. When I am bipping down the road of Optimism or lugging around boulders of discontent.

And now, armed with this data, I can be my own Teacher. I can feel when something is off and who do I call upon to change how I feel? ME that’s who. As I am the only one who throws resistance in my path. No one else.

The knowledge that I have gleaned today is that Resistance is not the enemy, to the contrary, she’s my friend, my ally, my go to gal when I want to know better what it is I desire. When she lands on my doorstep, I know it. She walks like a storm trooper and takes no quarter! The negative vibrations she throws about cannot be ignored, and so this allows me to pivot toward the sun, toward good feelings and all that I desire.

My hope is that we all become Masters Of Our Lives! Someone asked me the other day how I explain The Teachings of Abraham and I said, “Simple… Identifying and Understanding The Laws of The Universe and Using Them To Our Advantage!” And for today’s lesson on Resistance – It’s understanding our Emotional Guidance System and using it to our advantage.

Game… Set… Match…~*

The Joy In The Journey

Creator are you jiggy, are you clear, are you up to speed with why YOU came to the planet? Do you get that The Fun, The Supreme Satisfaction IS The Journey from the “not having” place to the “Having” Place? The Aligned Place? The Allowing Place?

The Energetic Journey begins when you recognize what isn’t working and turn your attention to what is. And then, VOILA, like magic (although it isn’t LOL), your world becomes filled with color, you feel better, cooler people arrive in your energy field and you say to yourself, “Wow, that thing that was bothering me isn’t anymore! And, what WAS that Thing anyway?”

Yes My Darlings, that’s it, that’s why You and I came… for The Joy of The Journey! For the ride from the not-feeling-good-place to up, up, up and away! So, when you’re down, know that Contrast IS The Catalyst for greatness. It’s the yeast in your dough! After all, we are Gods For Christmas Sake, and, and, and – your power is ALWAYS available to you, except when you focus on what’s not working, or engage in negative talk, and thoughts. Lamenting is not what we are here to do, unless, and this is a big UNLESS, you are poking at it to find The Solution.

If you find that something isn’t going as swimmingly as you would like, then stop thinking about it. Stop talking about it. Stop typing about it! Stop, Stop, Stop! And then, turn your attention to what is working, and milk the heck out of that and feel your vibration begin to ascend, to shift, to up-tick to the realm of higher-vibrational, quality feelings! The MOMENT you begin this process, you become a beacon for extremely groovy shit to come your way; up-leveled feelings, righteous downloads from your non-physical posse and more!!!

Think of it like this… You have a garden in your back yard. One side is filled with weeds, dead grass, and funky, slithering critters that only come out at night. And the other side? Oh, that side is filled with fragrant flowers, humming birds; busy buzzy bees; soft, plush grass; moss so deep you can swim in it…. You get the picture. Now, which side of the garden do you want to give you attention too? Which one do you want to cultivate? To nurture? To show folks that come by for a cup of coffee? Ex-Fucking-Xactly!

My wish is that all of us, all of us, all of us – get this! As this wee bit of knowledge IS The Key To Your Kingdom of personal satisfaction, success, feeling really good and triumph! This is why we came…. I know, that story got a bit lost over time, but you’re here now and you can change on a dime! Isn’t it time to dump the old, flea worn, dank and dusky and put on your best threads and let this life rip for all it’s worth?

I’m so excited about the infinite possibilities that are swirling and twirling, beckoning us to give them our attention, to play with them, to engage with them. They are close as the nose on your face, even closer actually! This is The Work of The Gods, that can ONLY happen from the inside out. Isn’t it time to put on your Big Girl and Big Boy Boots and Step, Skip, Sashay into The Sunshine of Your Life? I’m thinking YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Oh, and finally, I thought my love Jason’s, Abraham’s, Esther’s and My song entitled, “Don’t You Just Love Being Physical?” is the plu-perfect accompaniment to this missive of hope and glory! Hit the title above and turn it up loud Creator, as they are talking to you!

To The Infinity and Beyond…~*

P.S. – The quote below is what set me on fire this morning. I got it from one of our FB Abraham-Hick’s & You Members, David Tftu‘s Website, Thoughts Become Things… http://thoughtsfromtheuniverse.com  It’s so much fun to visit any old time and hit the button – Receive Your Thought – that brings up a pertinent quote that’s perfect for you. Another Delightful, Deliberate Avenue for LOA to swoop in and have it’s way with you!

“Are you supposed to reach your pinnacle of creative power and be able to deliberately manifest a material reality completely aligned with your utmost desires overnight? Of course not. You are here to grow into that power, in steps and stages, by going on a journey.

The journey to become your desires by aligning your beliefs with them is the real treasure of human existence. You are here to unfold and expand into full enlightenment of who and what you really are — a part of the quantum field who is learning to more intentionally align her beliefs with her desires so she can contextually create a more pleasing material reality.”

Greg Kuhn



Greetings Creator, I wanted to let you in on a 30 Day Challenge that my bestest friend Patty and I have recently embarked on. Ready? Set? Go…..


My girl and I did this challenge when we were just starting out with The Teachings of Abraham, and it changed our lives, COMPLETELY! The Universe just couldn’t stop raining down cool stuff upon us and we couldn’t stop appreciating and dancing in the effulgence of the juicy space that is created when negativity is ceased!

So, here are the tools you need – Awareness, Vigiliance, Consistancy and A Sense of Humor. We all have those right? Exactly. So, how do you handle the situations that are negative?

1. Walk away
2. Hit end on your phone
3. Unfollow that person that brings that negative stuff to your doorstep
4. Say, “Wow” or “OK” – they are both your friends and then be silent.
5. Swallow, swallow and then, swallow some more.
6. If your’e a smoker, take a drag of whatever you’re smoking and allow the moment to pass.
7. If you’re drinking something, keep sipping and swallowing.
8. Tell ’em you don’t speak The English! LOL

I’m not even kidding here when I say that this wee bit of personal observance will serve to bring you more joy, more space to play and create like never before, more uplifting thoughts and people, more of what makes your toes curl!

I’m on day 3 and I have been in a place of such grace for these last two days. It’s as though I’m on vacation from that which doesn’t serve. Hey, it’s never a bad idea to revisit the basics, especially since inculcating these Abe Teachings into our life is a practice; a daily practice, sometimes hourly and sometimes were hanging in there minute by minute.!

Abe is constantly telling us that the key to living lives of freedom, growth and joy is all in the ALLOWING! And you can’t Allow when your spouting or writing smack! Ain’t gonna happen! Conversely, designing this fecund space of Allowing by ceasing negative talk, creates a mighty landing field of ALLOWING! Now The Universe has somewhere to touch down and dispense all the Krazy Kool Stuff you’ve been dreaming of creating and doing!

So, who’s in? After all it’s a lot more fun when we all play and expand together…~*

Greetings Darlings of all things Expansive and Knowing – I so appreciate that we get to spend this time together. As I write, I imagine all of you here with me, each of us pouring our unique blended-ness into the soup that is this luscious life experience. So what’s got me sharing today? The Art of Receiving, that’s what. Most of us have grown up with the axiom – It’s Better To Give Than To Reveive. Well, I know, as do you, that spreading appreciation to anyone within earshot, is amazing and totally reciprocal. And, as Abers, we have become Gold Medalist Appreciators. So now, I want to turn our attention and focus on being a receiver, a genius receiver, an unabashed receiver, a receiver extraordinaire!

I read this wonderful book a few years back by Annie Sprinkle on Tantric Sex. The section that affected me the most, was on giving and receiving. We are amazing givers, it comes easily and mostly it averts the attention from ourselves. Some of us find it difficult to receive the accolades we so richly deserve, the compliments, the atta-girl/atta-boy shot in the arm. When Annie spoke of giving and receiving, she was referring to the sexual union, and how we are not as comfortable in the role of a receiver. I realized that I can fall into that category – and have since put into practice her brilliant suggestion to become a genius receiver. Here’s the cool part – not only will your sex life improve dramatically, but also that of your partner. As givers, we can feel it when someone is not completely relaxed and comfortable, so, when the giver feels you surrender into unabashed receiving, it becomes extremely gratifying for both partners. Yummy squared…..

Now that we’ve got our sex lives percolating, let me ask you a question. How do you receive compliments? Do you allow them to wash over you like the wave of love they are meant to be? Or are you the great deflector, throwing the compliment back at the issuer with caveats added, yea buts, you look great too’s, etc.? I thought so, it’s really a pandemic – this habit of downplaying our gifts, our grandeur, our nobility. Well, you know what I have to say about that – Enough Already! Or in the words of Abe – Just Stop It! That type of behavior is beneath your station – you are a God for Christmas sake. You know what makes Gods, Gods? I’ll tell you, they are not humble about it! No sir – they strut their stuff with their heads held high. They have a Knowing, not an out-of-the-Vortex, egotistical, Cock of The Walk thing, but a Divine Knowing! There is a HUGE difference. You can see it in their eyes, their mien, the way they carry themselves – the feeling of I AM WORTHY literally pulsates off of them.

So Dearest of All Friends, what do you say we make this International Receiver’s Day? Let’s receive everything around us as though it was made for our pleasure, our excitement, our basking, our delight, our entertainment, our self-indulgence – because it was and is!!!!

Self-love is often the most challenging to realize. It’s so darn easy to love others, to appreciate their gifts, to espouse our love of their majesty and might. Let’s take today, and each day forward, and begin to appreciate all that we are; The Leading Most Extension of Source in Human Form, who has made a commitment to love herself, to like himself, to appreciate her gifts, and to cheer himself on. After all, who is more worthy than You and me of this? No one. And why the heck wouldn’t we take the time to sooth our own souls, to caress our own hearts, to bask in our own goodness?

I’m a righteous giver, got that one covered. Now, I want to become the best receiver in the Universe. It isn’t a secret that I Love Loving all of you; and now, from this moment forward, I am going to Love Loving Me too!

In Love, Always~*

Greetings Luscious Ones! Had a thought or two I wanted to share with you on this fine day, and it’s all around Harmonics; The Harmonics of Life, the Harmonics of Living, the Harmonics of Joy and the bounty that a Life of Harmonics brings to those, who vibrate in this Arena of Eternal Knowing and Blessings. There is an Energy that makes up a home, a family unit, a group of friends, a group of dancers, this delicious, social platform, in which we all frolic and play. The Energy that I uncover and unleash on these pages, is a direct extension of my heart and, how I am feeling. It cannot be anything less or more, as I am the tuner of my vibration; and, as such, the piano can only be tuned to the degree that the tuner is an adept at the process.

So Darlings of Love & Light, let’s Tune Up & Up & Up today. Let’s Up-Level our Pitch, our Energetic Tone; let’s flow ever forward, around obstacles and unnerving thoughts, pivoting when a thought that doesn’t serve surfaces; let’s direct our gaze toward the stars, our new and improved vantage point; let’s let nothing get in the way of our Exquisite Expansion; allowing our coalesced energy of joy and abandon to release a Chorus of Harmonic Resonance that undulates across the Omniverse – welcoming, encouraging, willing everyone within vibrational earshot to come and play with us – The Leading-Edge Most Extension of Source in The Universe!

Tag – You’re So It~*

So Darlings of The Omniverse -had to share these thoughts with you!  This is my form of a Tweet!~*

Appreciation – the Red Phone to Source has something to say:

Use me early and often. Take me with you wherever you roam. Throw me about the room – like party confetti! Take me out and parade me around, wave me over your head! Share me with strangers, lovers, kitties, kids. Dress me in sparkles, spangles and high, high hee

ls! Cast a spot light on me, and throw shadows of my largess on the wall. Open your heart and let me spill out on the floor – I will make friends easily. Never, ever leave home without me – it just wouldn’t be as much fun for either of US!Hey you crazy Abers – my delicious friend Appreciation and I want to tell you how much we love and appreciate all of you on this fine day! Love, love and more sideways, liquid, juicy love!!!! ~*

Darlings of The Omniverse! I am filled up and brimming over with Love and Appreciation for you today! So much so, that I just had to share. Appreciation is calling to me – she is such a party girl – always wants to be out on the town, being heard and shared. And, who am I to say no? Does she ever disappoint? Never! Does she ever become too much? Never! Does she ever not deliver more than originally promised? Never! And Why not? Because that’s her inherent nature – she just can’t be less than who she was meant to be! She is the direct conduit to Source. She is the Red Phone to Knowing and Love. She is the bullet train into Source’s Soul. She is the highest decorated of our Emotions. She is gentle and yet brazen. She is delightful and brash; she is bold and sometimes a bit shy. She is childlike in her innocence. She is madd with love, crazy with love, adorned with love, over-the-moon with love. Her’s is the most efficient delivery system the Universe has ever devised to get the word out – to spread joy – to bring love into the moment!

And she has a two-fold purpose – one you might yet not be familiar with. She is reciprocal. That’s right – what you let fly, let loose, let pour from your heart and lips, comes back to you and not only does it return – like a boomerang – but it arrives festooned with more sparkles, more abundance, more love, more light, more joy, more, more, more! She’s just that way – love goes out with wings, on her flight plan from your heart to another’s, and when she returns to you, in the nano second it took for her to do her job and come home to mama; she is brighter, more luminescent, better dressed, wearing higher heels and showing more decolletage :-), she’s saucier, mightier, happier, clearer, she’s love squared, she’s turbo charged and she lands straight into your heart – amping up your life, your Love Moment. And then, this energetic sonic boom, becomes your fuel; as you move forward into the next love moment, and the next, and the next.

Because, Dear Delicious Ones – we all know that this Life is a string of moments, much like a sting of pearls and if we’re doing it right, if we’re living like the Gods We Are, our pearls have to be wrapped around our heads several times, so we don’t trip on them, after a lengthy day of Loving! And of course, we all have those days where we only have a pearl or two dangling from our throats – no matter, make a pair of stud earings from those and move on, because we always have tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, to glorify our love! This game never ends, these love moments are always available to us. We the tenacious, righteous, delicious Co-Creators dancing on the Leading-Edge of thought.

Can you feel how important YOU are to all things? Are you clear that you playing here, you appreciating, you applauding You, is what makes the Universe explode in quasars of love and light? That the Gods sing songs of your majesty and might? That every in take of breath, tinged with love and appreciation, expands the boundaries of this boundary-less Universe? Can you believe it? We’ve all felt small before – but that was because we had cut ourselves off from our largess! WE ARE ANYTHING BUT SMALL! We are the baddest asses in the Universe and it’s time we took out our best party outfit and began strutting about the place. It’s time we cast off the cloak of unworthiness and replaced it with a Cape of Swarovfski Crystals so that anyone gazing upon our beauty, would have to wear shades! It’s over due this self-love, this fete of self-appreciation. Really – screw being humble, being less than, being nothing short of all that you are. Because, you know why that NEVER works? As Abe says, you can’t get sad enough to help those that are sad; you can’t be poor enough to help the poor; and you can’t get downtrodden enough to help the downtrodden. If it is in your blood and bone to serve up and dish out the Love, as it must be, we are God’s of Love and Light after all – then get your party on! Become free with yourself. Allow yourself to dance on the head of a pin and revel in it! Because the more you Know you’re the coolest of the cool – the more you and those around you, will benefit! Heck – the world will benefit! The Universe will benefit!

So, when someone queries as to your occupation, what you do all day and night – tell them this! I am the Arbiter of Love and Appreciation in The Universe. My happiness has a direct correlation to every aspect of my life; therefore, I give it my full and complete attention. I do nothing, NOTHING that will keep me from aligning with the broader, richer, juicier part of all that I am. I am God – I am Knowing – I am the furthest most extension of source displaying herself in the Universe, I am God playing at humanity, I am invincable. And, all this before my first cup of coffee………. and what is it you said you do?

That ought to quiet the nay-sayers! And, if not – who gives a fig! I used to wonder what to say to the folks that live in the real world of poverty, crime and pollsters – now I delight in giving my version of life to them. And, when their eyes cloud over – I just smile, because I know how good I feel, I know how good my life feels, I know how deep and deliriously fecund my relationships are! These things I know – and the only person that can rob me of feeling delightful is me!

So, Darlings of All That You See and Meet – I must be off – off to dance with the Gods at one of my favorite venues in Oakland. Ready to take my bad self on to that dance floor and shake what my Mama gave me for all, or none to see! Doesn’t matter, because I know how good I feel! I am sending you tankers filled with love and appreciation. Because if there was no You, how could there be a Me? If I didn’t have you to bounce off of, to Love, to Appreciate – how would I know I am even here. Thanks for playing with me – tag your it!





Greetings Delicious Ones! I was pondering an aspect of my life this morning and was going to come to You Brilliant Creators for advice; but then, knowing I could come to you for an answer – the answer found me! I believe Abraham would call that – The Art of Allowing! Knowing I had someone to turn to for Abe advice, I found relief; the feeling of relief raised my Vibe, which allowed ME to hear/receive/feel my Inner Being’s answer, Perfect!

I am going to entitle this particular chapter in my life, The Belmont Stakes; after the longest dirt track, 1.5 miles, in thoroughbred racing. I’m The Thoroughbred and the race, is My Divorce! The Belmont is also the final race of The Triple Crown series; and, as such, is known as “The Test of Champions!” And, boy oh boy, do I feel like a champion today! Why, because I was vexed and now I’m not. Why? Because I asked and the answer was laid at my feet. Why? Because I know, like the sun coming up in the morning, that Source ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS has my back. And, when I rely on Me – not someone else to fill in my blanks – but Me – my highest and broadest aspect; Me, source energy; Me – the one with the perfect answer to my question. Then, I can never be vexed for very long!

I heard this delicious Abraham-Hicks YouTube video yesterday, where Abe addressed the issue of us kids relying on each other for praise, enlightenment, direction, etc. And while this avenue of query can be beneficial and feel good, when someone is holding you as the object of their attention; it can also feel not so good, when someone you love/admire is not in agreement with you. Their opinion can have a deleterious affect on you and then, where does that put your vibe? In the proverbial toilet, that’s where. And why? Because we gave our Power over to another – someone who is not privy to all we have lived, all we have amassed and, the grandeur of who we are! And, I want to be very clear on this – the person can be your bestest Abraham buddy in the world, but you cannot rely on others to light up your path! It is an inside job – period!

I have noticed on the Abe Forum and other FB Abraham Pages, folks write in to ask for guidance/assistance around certain areas in their lives. I have never felt compelled to do this, until this morning. And, that moment passed quickly, because the answer filled in the space. Now, Dearest Ones – don’t get me wrong – all avenues are groovy – you want to ask for assistance – do it! You want to talk about what’s not working? Do it! But, I think what I am getting at here, is that the solution is more fun to play with than the problem. I enjoy playing with all my FB/Abe Friends in the playground of their solution, I’m really not interested in what lead them to that delicious knowing – I just like frolicking in the Knowing. And again, I respect that we all have our way of seeking direction and that, all roads lead home! And, I know, sure as shootin’ – that many of us are co-operative components for each other. But for me, I was so delighted when my Broader Aspect showed up, and dealt me the royal flush of answers to my question of the moment; which is/was – How Does One Wrap Up Her Divorce – Abe Style?

You see I am rounding the final turn at Belmont. I’ve run the race with grace, dignity and aplomb – employing all the teachings of Abraham into what could be construed as a “dirty business.” My divorce attorney and the gals who run the office are always amazed at the happiness and joy that I bring when I visit with them. And, why shouldn’t this stage in my life be joyful when it is SO the next logical step for me? Now, here’s the rub:

1. When I dip my toe into the subject of my divorce, it feels icky, as this reality is really old news. I moved on before I even initiated proceedings; what I am experiencing now is just a legal formality. Emotionally, I felt divorced the minute I knew which way I had to proceed to keep joy in my life – the law is just a bit slower than us leading-edge creators 🙂

2. Dwelling in this cantakerous, step-one world, can be an uncomfortable place to reside, even for a moment. Going over what was, is so yesterday! So banal! So mundane. And, we are Genuis Creators for crying out loud – we weren’t meant to stay put, or too even look back. We are ALL ABOUT the forward motion! And,

3. When you understand, down to the marrow of your bones, that this reality you are focused upon is old, and that the joy, the oozing, the creative jou-jou is in our Vibrational Reality, our Vortexual Reality, our Feeling Forward Reality – it becomes a balancing act, which, at times, requires a great deal of energy.

There is a “final” offer sitting in my in-box, it’s been there for quite a while! I am loath to read it and, as a result, I just can’t bring myself to hit the open button. When I’m in my V – I can’t do it. When I’m out of the V – I won’t do it. So, there you have the conundrum – what’s a gal to do?

Well, I’ll tell you – nothing. Keep pushing out the phone call with my attorney, until I feel I can get in my Vortex and then read the letter from a place of knowing. Done – have pushed it out a couple of times and I don’t give a fig what the other side is up to; they have screamed, I hang up or don’t answer. They have sent nasty grams, I don’t participate. Because you know what? This is my race damnit! And I’m going to run it the way I choose, when I choose, and how I choose. I am going to pick the perfect conditions under which I can make the wisest choices for me, period. I don’t care what anyone else’s schedule is dictating; I don’t take dictation!

And, here’s the answer that bubbled up this morning, because I am about to sign a piece of paper that says – THIS IS THE FINAL AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WILL EVER RECEIVE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!! What I realized was that this piece of paper and my soon to be former husband, are one delivery system. And, when I fall up into my Vibrational Reality – the myriad of endless possibilities and delivery systems are felt completely by me! I don’t have to know what they are today! I don’t have to identify them, today. I don’t have to figure it all out, today! All I need do is to get into my Vortex and then…… bask, go general, dream, bask some more, feel, ooze, feel forward, etc.

I’ll tell you, this entire divorce process has been a bit odd – but the expansion has been outrageous! I have learned a ton and one of the biggest rewards has been fine-tuning my ability to focus on what’s working and to disregard the disgruntled folks screaming from the bleachers!

I want to thank you dear readers, from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my Vortex, for being here to listen/feel me, while I take this grand life’s journey! Thank you for holding me as the object of your attention, if only for a moment, I can feel it, and it feels good. Thank you one and all, for being co-operative components in this life’s journey. My appreciation knows no bounds!

And to Source – my Broader Aspect (I always new I was one hell of a Broad!), I say thank you! I love knowing your always here with me, intractable, unwavering, constant, consistent, and loving beyond my wildest dreams. And you always deliver the goods – the perfect answer – in the perfect time – wrapped in the most delightful of feelings.

Oh, and you better get that blanket of White Carnations ready for me. I’m going to give a call tomorrow, take the final steps, and cross the finish line to cheers, hoots and hollers from my Vibrational Family. I am going to sign the divorce papers with my Abraham-Hicks Alaska 2012 Pen, which we were given on the Alaskan Cruise! Won’t that be fun? And, the best part, I’ll be the only one in on it – well, not counting the non-physical posse that loves to play with me! And, it is my promise to you, that this is one old story that I will be happy never to unearth again!

And the Winner, by thirty-two lengths (wanted to beat out Secretariat’s record!) –


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