Divorce – Abe Style! ~*

Greetings Delicious Ones! I was pondering an aspect of my life this morning and was going to come to You Brilliant Creators for advice; but then, knowing I could come to you for an answer – the answer found me! I believe Abraham would call that – The Art of Allowing! Knowing I had someone to turn to for Abe advice, I found relief; the feeling of relief raised my Vibe, which allowed ME to hear/receive/feel my Inner Being’s answer, Perfect!

I am going to entitle this particular chapter in my life, The Belmont Stakes; after the longest dirt track, 1.5 miles, in thoroughbred racing. I’m The Thoroughbred and the race, is My Divorce! The Belmont is also the final race of The Triple Crown series; and, as such, is known as “The Test of Champions!” And, boy oh boy, do I feel like a champion today! Why, because I was vexed and now I’m not. Why? Because I asked and the answer was laid at my feet. Why? Because I know, like the sun coming up in the morning, that Source ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS has my back. And, when I rely on Me – not someone else to fill in my blanks – but Me – my highest and broadest aspect; Me, source energy; Me – the one with the perfect answer to my question. Then, I can never be vexed for very long!

I heard this delicious Abraham-Hicks YouTube video yesterday, where Abe addressed the issue of us kids relying on each other for praise, enlightenment, direction, etc. And while this avenue of query can be beneficial and feel good, when someone is holding you as the object of their attention; it can also feel not so good, when someone you love/admire is not in agreement with you. Their opinion can have a deleterious affect on you and then, where does that put your vibe? In the proverbial toilet, that’s where. And why? Because we gave our Power over to another – someone who is not privy to all we have lived, all we have amassed and, the grandeur of who we are! And, I want to be very clear on this – the person can be your bestest Abraham buddy in the world, but you cannot rely on others to light up your path! It is an inside job – period!

I have noticed on the Abe Forum and other FB Abraham Pages, folks write in to ask for guidance/assistance around certain areas in their lives. I have never felt compelled to do this, until this morning. And, that moment passed quickly, because the answer filled in the space. Now, Dearest Ones – don’t get me wrong – all avenues are groovy – you want to ask for assistance – do it! You want to talk about what’s not working? Do it! But, I think what I am getting at here, is that the solution is more fun to play with than the problem. I enjoy playing with all my FB/Abe Friends in the playground of their solution, I’m really not interested in what lead them to that delicious knowing – I just like frolicking in the Knowing. And again, I respect that we all have our way of seeking direction and that, all roads lead home! And, I know, sure as shootin’ – that many of us are co-operative components for each other. But for me, I was so delighted when my Broader Aspect showed up, and dealt me the royal flush of answers to my question of the moment; which is/was – How Does One Wrap Up Her Divorce – Abe Style?

You see I am rounding the final turn at Belmont. I’ve run the race with grace, dignity and aplomb – employing all the teachings of Abraham into what could be construed as a “dirty business.” My divorce attorney and the gals who run the office are always amazed at the happiness and joy that I bring when I visit with them. And, why shouldn’t this stage in my life be joyful when it is SO the next logical step for me? Now, here’s the rub:

1. When I dip my toe into the subject of my divorce, it feels icky, as this reality is really old news. I moved on before I even initiated proceedings; what I am experiencing now is just a legal formality. Emotionally, I felt divorced the minute I knew which way I had to proceed to keep joy in my life – the law is just a bit slower than us leading-edge creators 🙂

2. Dwelling in this cantakerous, step-one world, can be an uncomfortable place to reside, even for a moment. Going over what was, is so yesterday! So banal! So mundane. And, we are Genuis Creators for crying out loud – we weren’t meant to stay put, or too even look back. We are ALL ABOUT the forward motion! And,

3. When you understand, down to the marrow of your bones, that this reality you are focused upon is old, and that the joy, the oozing, the creative jou-jou is in our Vibrational Reality, our Vortexual Reality, our Feeling Forward Reality – it becomes a balancing act, which, at times, requires a great deal of energy.

There is a “final” offer sitting in my in-box, it’s been there for quite a while! I am loath to read it and, as a result, I just can’t bring myself to hit the open button. When I’m in my V – I can’t do it. When I’m out of the V – I won’t do it. So, there you have the conundrum – what’s a gal to do?

Well, I’ll tell you – nothing. Keep pushing out the phone call with my attorney, until I feel I can get in my Vortex and then read the letter from a place of knowing. Done – have pushed it out a couple of times and I don’t give a fig what the other side is up to; they have screamed, I hang up or don’t answer. They have sent nasty grams, I don’t participate. Because you know what? This is my race damnit! And I’m going to run it the way I choose, when I choose, and how I choose. I am going to pick the perfect conditions under which I can make the wisest choices for me, period. I don’t care what anyone else’s schedule is dictating; I don’t take dictation!

And, here’s the answer that bubbled up this morning, because I am about to sign a piece of paper that says – THIS IS THE FINAL AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WILL EVER RECEIVE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!! What I realized was that this piece of paper and my soon to be former husband, are one delivery system. And, when I fall up into my Vibrational Reality – the myriad of endless possibilities and delivery systems are felt completely by me! I don’t have to know what they are today! I don’t have to identify them, today. I don’t have to figure it all out, today! All I need do is to get into my Vortex and then…… bask, go general, dream, bask some more, feel, ooze, feel forward, etc.

I’ll tell you, this entire divorce process has been a bit odd – but the expansion has been outrageous! I have learned a ton and one of the biggest rewards has been fine-tuning my ability to focus on what’s working and to disregard the disgruntled folks screaming from the bleachers!

I want to thank you dear readers, from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my Vortex, for being here to listen/feel me, while I take this grand life’s journey! Thank you for holding me as the object of your attention, if only for a moment, I can feel it, and it feels good. Thank you one and all, for being co-operative components in this life’s journey. My appreciation knows no bounds!

And to Source – my Broader Aspect (I always new I was one hell of a Broad!), I say thank you! I love knowing your always here with me, intractable, unwavering, constant, consistent, and loving beyond my wildest dreams. And you always deliver the goods – the perfect answer – in the perfect time – wrapped in the most delightful of feelings.

Oh, and you better get that blanket of White Carnations ready for me. I’m going to give a call tomorrow, take the final steps, and cross the finish line to cheers, hoots and hollers from my Vibrational Family. I am going to sign the divorce papers with my Abraham-Hicks Alaska 2012 Pen, which we were given on the Alaskan Cruise! Won’t that be fun? And, the best part, I’ll be the only one in on it – well, not counting the non-physical posse that loves to play with me! And, it is my promise to you, that this is one old story that I will be happy never to unearth again!

And the Winner, by thirty-two lengths (wanted to beat out Secretariat’s record!) –


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