Appreciation – The Red Phone to Source~*

Darlings of The Omniverse! I am filled up and brimming over with Love and Appreciation for you today! So much so, that I just had to share. Appreciation is calling to me – she is such a party girl – always wants to be out on the town, being heard and shared. And, who am I to say no? Does she ever disappoint? Never! Does she ever become too much? Never! Does she ever not deliver more than originally promised? Never! And Why not? Because that’s her inherent nature – she just can’t be less than who she was meant to be! She is the direct conduit to Source. She is the Red Phone to Knowing and Love. She is the bullet train into Source’s Soul. She is the highest decorated of our Emotions. She is gentle and yet brazen. She is delightful and brash; she is bold and sometimes a bit shy. She is childlike in her innocence. She is madd with love, crazy with love, adorned with love, over-the-moon with love. Her’s is the most efficient delivery system the Universe has ever devised to get the word out – to spread joy – to bring love into the moment!

And she has a two-fold purpose – one you might yet not be familiar with. She is reciprocal. That’s right – what you let fly, let loose, let pour from your heart and lips, comes back to you and not only does it return – like a boomerang – but it arrives festooned with more sparkles, more abundance, more love, more light, more joy, more, more, more! She’s just that way – love goes out with wings, on her flight plan from your heart to another’s, and when she returns to you, in the nano second it took for her to do her job and come home to mama; she is brighter, more luminescent, better dressed, wearing higher heels and showing more decolletage :-), she’s saucier, mightier, happier, clearer, she’s love squared, she’s turbo charged and she lands straight into your heart – amping up your life, your Love Moment. And then, this energetic sonic boom, becomes your fuel; as you move forward into the next love moment, and the next, and the next.

Because, Dear Delicious Ones – we all know that this Life is a string of moments, much like a sting of pearls and if we’re doing it right, if we’re living like the Gods We Are, our pearls have to be wrapped around our heads several times, so we don’t trip on them, after a lengthy day of Loving! And of course, we all have those days where we only have a pearl or two dangling from our throats – no matter, make a pair of stud earings from those and move on, because we always have tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, to glorify our love! This game never ends, these love moments are always available to us. We the tenacious, righteous, delicious Co-Creators dancing on the Leading-Edge of thought.

Can you feel how important YOU are to all things? Are you clear that you playing here, you appreciating, you applauding You, is what makes the Universe explode in quasars of love and light? That the Gods sing songs of your majesty and might? That every in take of breath, tinged with love and appreciation, expands the boundaries of this boundary-less Universe? Can you believe it? We’ve all felt small before – but that was because we had cut ourselves off from our largess! WE ARE ANYTHING BUT SMALL! We are the baddest asses in the Universe and it’s time we took out our best party outfit and began strutting about the place. It’s time we cast off the cloak of unworthiness and replaced it with a Cape of Swarovfski Crystals so that anyone gazing upon our beauty, would have to wear shades! It’s over due this self-love, this fete of self-appreciation. Really – screw being humble, being less than, being nothing short of all that you are. Because, you know why that NEVER works? As Abe says, you can’t get sad enough to help those that are sad; you can’t be poor enough to help the poor; and you can’t get downtrodden enough to help the downtrodden. If it is in your blood and bone to serve up and dish out the Love, as it must be, we are God’s of Love and Light after all – then get your party on! Become free with yourself. Allow yourself to dance on the head of a pin and revel in it! Because the more you Know you’re the coolest of the cool – the more you and those around you, will benefit! Heck – the world will benefit! The Universe will benefit!

So, when someone queries as to your occupation, what you do all day and night – tell them this! I am the Arbiter of Love and Appreciation in The Universe. My happiness has a direct correlation to every aspect of my life; therefore, I give it my full and complete attention. I do nothing, NOTHING that will keep me from aligning with the broader, richer, juicier part of all that I am. I am God – I am Knowing – I am the furthest most extension of source displaying herself in the Universe, I am God playing at humanity, I am invincable. And, all this before my first cup of coffee………. and what is it you said you do?

That ought to quiet the nay-sayers! And, if not – who gives a fig! I used to wonder what to say to the folks that live in the real world of poverty, crime and pollsters – now I delight in giving my version of life to them. And, when their eyes cloud over – I just smile, because I know how good I feel, I know how good my life feels, I know how deep and deliriously fecund my relationships are! These things I know – and the only person that can rob me of feeling delightful is me!

So, Darlings of All That You See and Meet – I must be off – off to dance with the Gods at one of my favorite venues in Oakland. Ready to take my bad self on to that dance floor and shake what my Mama gave me for all, or none to see! Doesn’t matter, because I know how good I feel! I am sending you tankers filled with love and appreciation. Because if there was no You, how could there be a Me? If I didn’t have you to bounce off of, to Love, to Appreciate – how would I know I am even here. Thanks for playing with me – tag your it!






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