Appreciation – From my Heart to Yours~*

So Darlings of The Omniverse -had to share these thoughts with you!  This is my form of a Tweet!~*

Appreciation – the Red Phone to Source has something to say:

Use me early and often. Take me with you wherever you roam. Throw me about the room – like party confetti! Take me out and parade me around, wave me over your head! Share me with strangers, lovers, kitties, kids. Dress me in sparkles, spangles and high, high hee

ls! Cast a spot light on me, and throw shadows of my largess on the wall. Open your heart and let me spill out on the floor – I will make friends easily. Never, ever leave home without me – it just wouldn’t be as much fun for either of US!Hey you crazy Abers – my delicious friend Appreciation and I want to tell you how much we love and appreciate all of you on this fine day! Love, love and more sideways, liquid, juicy love!!!! ~*


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