The Harmonics of Life~*

Greetings Luscious Ones! Had a thought or two I wanted to share with you on this fine day, and it’s all around Harmonics; The Harmonics of Life, the Harmonics of Living, the Harmonics of Joy and the bounty that a Life of Harmonics brings to those, who vibrate in this Arena of Eternal Knowing and Blessings. There is an Energy that makes up a home, a family unit, a group of friends, a group of dancers, this delicious, social platform, in which we all frolic and play. The Energy that I uncover and unleash on these pages, is a direct extension of my heart and, how I am feeling. It cannot be anything less or more, as I am the tuner of my vibration; and, as such, the piano can only be tuned to the degree that the tuner is an adept at the process.

So Darlings of Love & Light, let’s Tune Up & Up & Up today. Let’s Up-Level our Pitch, our Energetic Tone; let’s flow ever forward, around obstacles and unnerving thoughts, pivoting when a thought that doesn’t serve surfaces; let’s direct our gaze toward the stars, our new and improved vantage point; let’s let nothing get in the way of our Exquisite Expansion; allowing our coalesced energy of joy and abandon to release a Chorus of Harmonic Resonance that undulates across the Omniverse – welcoming, encouraging, willing everyone within vibrational earshot to come and play with us – The Leading-Edge Most Extension of Source in The Universe!

Tag – You’re So It~*

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