Indulge Yourself – Abraham Style!

Greetings Darlings of all things joyful and abundant! My share today is around Indulgences (I’m not talking about The Catholic Church), but rather Me, indulging myself.  Now, as in all things, we have indulgences IN The Vortex – milking a person, place, or circumstance would fall into this category. And then there are those Out Of  The Vortex indulgent thoughts, i.e., repeating negative stories, being critical, judgmental, etc.; both verbally and mentally.

My life took a 180 turn toward excellence when I omitted the negative from my repertoire of commentary. My best friend Patty and I were ruthless in our commitment to keeping our thoughts and words focused on the sunny side of the street. The result?  Joy, abundance, & well-being like we never thought achievable w/so little effort.

Here’s the catch Dear Ones, this life’s journey that we’re committed to, as students of the laws of the universe and the good feelings that result, is not something that can rest on its laurels. It’s a PRACTICE; and, as such, requires a delicious kind of vigilance to stay on course.  In other words, you must become your own Chief of Personal Protocol!!

I’ve noticed myself as of late, reverting to indulging in icky stories or thoughts around my divorce. The direct consequence is more time out of The Vortex, out of alignment, feeling like pooh. You see, I have grown accustomed to the rain falling softly on my fields and the sun shining warm upon my face; anything less will be given no quarter in my life.

So, here’s my challenge to You and to Me: Let’s be fervent in our desire to Focus on what feels good, only indulging those thoughts that bring peace and harmony. And when your in a situation where you want to share the dregs, stop! Close your mouth, avert your attention, take your fingers from the keyboard, hang up the phone! It’s just not worth it! Let’s get our Practice On and then bask in the results that being a dedicated student to The Laws of the Universe will bring!

See YOU on the sunny side of the street my friends~*


One comment on “Indulge Yourself – Abraham Style!”
  1. Rosheen says:

    This is true what we send out in our vibrations we surely attract back in abundance so why not send out positive vibrations it is a non starter for me. Carry on your passion it is infectious love and light at all time Rosheen

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